Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Odinist Creed

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1. As Odinists, we remember and honor our Divine Ones, and are true and loyal to them, our folk, and ourselves. This is reflected in our actions in a multitude of ways. For example, we enjoy the blessings of regular rituals and fellowship with our Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, and folk in our holy temples, whether they be made of stone or earth.
2. There are beliefs we share in common which essentially make us one people, but, in general terms, our people embrace true intellectual and spiritual inquiry and freedom, not dogma. We always question, reason, seek the truth, and think for ourselves. Great Odin has sought both knowledge and wisdom, and we follow his example.
3. We strive to work with Nature, rather than against it. In our view Nature is alive, and we embrace it fully. We are free to think, feel and experience any emotion, or have any thought we please, and to seek prosperity and happiness without reference to governments or nationality.  On religious grounds, we do not recognize the authority of any agency to enact rules against free speech, thought or emotion, or to criminalize them in any way.
4. In our religious tradition, the right of association and self- determination for ourselves, our families, and our tribe is ours alone. We reserve the right to send our children to schools run by our own people, or to homeschool them, without undue interference, and the right to choose who to allow into our schools, assemblies, and organizations, religious and otherwise, and who not to include.
5. Our lives are Gods’ given, not government given, and were not meant to be wasted in immoral wars for the benefit of foreign nations and peoples.  We consider cooperation with such aims and the spilling of our sacred blood in such ignoble cause, not only a frivolous waste of energy and effort, but  blasphemy against our Gods and our tribe. We do not fight Brother Wars. We protect and defend only our own people and land, from physical, cultural and spiritual assaults of any kind.
6. Our Gods and Goddesses and Ancestors both love us and have expectations for us. They expect us to go forward towards better things, not regress towards ignorance and de-evolution. We acknowledge our right to live in an environment that promotes and rewards merit and honor, not the reverse. We shall strive to promote these freedoms and responsibilities in whichever part of the Nation of Odin we reside. The time of mandatory Cultural Marxism and the enforced marginalization of our folk is at an end. Affirmative action and the replacement of Nordic people in our own countries by non- Europeans through hostile immigration practices is anti-European discrimination. Our religion is one of sanity and we do not cooperate with attempts to annihilate our race.
7. We seek to be healthy and reject utterly any attempt of any  government  to enforce vaccinations, GMO’s  and other tainted food or drink, such as fluoridated water upon us;  to demand any damaging processing procedures on anything we consume; or,  to require any harmful medications or treatments for ourselves or our families.  In accordance with our religious beliefs, we do not acknowledge the authority of any agency to legislate away our inalienable rights to own land, or water, or to make use of seeds, or any other product of Nature in the way our Gods intended.
8. We refuse to be a tool or slave of any government or of any other ethnic group, or to support alien organizations and peoples in any way, and if such is required by corrupt laws, we will do all we can to overturn them, since the unlawful taking of our resources is in every way unacceptable to any free people.  Apathy is a disgrace to our ancestors and our Gods. If so inclined, we contribute time, funds and other resources to schools, scholarships, Odinist temples, social clubs, businesses, charities, and other organizations and causes that benefit our own people only.  Where possible we should always aid those of our own kind who need help and offer them hospitality. Other people are free to look after themselves and their own people in the same fashion, but it is not our task to do so.
9. The concept of diluting our blood by race mixing is unthinkable to us because to do so would be to sever the connection between us and our Divine Ones, our Ancestors,  and to destroy our own folk. It is the supreme act of ingratitude and a sin against the Gods and ourselves. This is something that no moral man or woman of our kind would ever do, and any who behave thusly will no  longer be recognized by us as part of our folk. The same also applies to other unnatural and damaging vices that our Ancestors did not tolerate in their communities out of simple common sense.  We believe in the protection of the family first, which we hold sacred.
10. We recognize the importance of European culture and religion, which are central to the heart and soul of our people. Odinism is not an accessory or fashion for us. We are a tribal people and our religion is the basis of who we are. We value the freedom to practice our ways and worship our Divine Ones, and to be a people, and we act accordingly. If ever we allow our religion and culture to be destroyed, we also will cease to exist.
11. Men and women are not enemies in our tradition as they are in the Semitic cults. We are beloved companions. We seek the best mates of our kind because we are a people who believe in friendly competition and striving for excellence in all things. A noble and great man should seek to win a virtuous woman who is beautiful in body, mind, spirit and character, while women should seek to be worthy of such regard, and to select the best possible man as a husband. It goes without saying that Odinist men do not tolerate disrespect of worthy women of their own kind, especially by skraelings. We consider children a great gift from our Gods and where at all possible, seek to fully enjoy the blessings of a large family, as the Gods wish this happiness for us. As a tribe, we are all an extended family and  bear great love for one another. We hold consideration of nationality and governments a distant second to the bond of blood.
12. We realize that when we are dealing with other people who wish us ill and have no honor, both aliens, and traitors of our own kind, we must act accordingly, and do whatever it takes to defeat them in their destructive aims with a determination and cunning equal to, or exceeding, theirs. We must act to prevent them from harming our future generations  in mind, body and prospects as well. However, in the sanctuary of our Brotherhood we shall try to preserve that joy of true  companionship and the spiritual bond of honor we have as a tribe. We do not envy those of our people who work hard and excel, but support and honor them and their efforts. We do this in accordance with the idea of arete our Ancestors  and our Gods taught us, not with the Cultural Marxism of the false semitic religion. Each of us gives respect, honor and credit where it is due to our Brothers and Sisters, and strives to back up the noble virtues with action, since it is substance and achievement that matter.
13. We do not avoid dealing with difficulties or consider meekness, or willful ignorance, virtues. If we fail, it assuredly will not be for lack of trying, from not being on our own side, or not taking due effort and forethought so that we are more likely to win. The Divine Ones decide our fates, and we feel awe at the mystery of it. At the same time, although we are a people of great character and fortitude, we are not fatalistic in the sense of being defeatist.
14. Our Gods and Goddesses are not mere intellectual constructs. They are real. They possess great power, and we see evidence of their intervention and creative force all around us. We seek their guidance,  wisdom and strength,  and honor them, and ourselves, by our deeds.


Yea! So help me Odin!

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