Thursday, 4 July 2013

Jihad against Moms with Buggy-strollers in Denmark?

An Original translation by Kitman TV

In Denmark, two assaults on Danish moms quietly strolling along with their little ones took place within a single week. And it appears that Muslim invaders have begun using this very innovative strategy in their ongoing quest to “strike terror” into the hearts of the infidels.
Whereas latest incident was granted a short article in Jyllands-Posten, the earlier, much more cruel attack, did not make it into the MSM at all. And this in spite of pleas to help find the perpetrators from friends, relatives and some 34.000 concerned Danes, who shared the story on Facebook.
Such reports involving dying toddlers do tend to lower popular support for further Arab mass-immigration into Denmark, and apparently ALL Danish television- and newspaper-editors find this prospect to be so terrifying that they’d rather not help the poor mother catch the perpetrators.

From Flemming Riismøller’s initial Facebook status update.

“Dear FB friends, I have a plea to you.
Saturday afternoon the daughter of a friend of mine was attacked near the small pedestrian paths around Jersie Station. She was walking along with her 6-week-old son in the buggy. 2 youths of a different ethnic background come by and tip the buggy over, throwing the little one out.
He is not breathing anymore and she has to give him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. When the ambulance arrives, they insist the baby be examined on the spot by an emergency doctor and approval given before moving him to the hospital.
Mom and child are still at the hospital for medical observation.
Two weeks ago she was approached by the same two people. They grabbed her shoulder and said it “would be fun to steal a baby”. She turned around and resolutely kicked one of them before running off.
This is so terrible I just cannot even begin to describe it.
I do not care if it is Danes or people of another ethnic background doing this or similar things. You just don’t do something like that. How brave is it to throw over a baby carriage and then run away? If this is some kind of way to test their manhood, then they will never become men in my eyes.
What is going on here ?
How can anyone bring themselves to do this?
It’s absolutely monstrous and sick.
I hope the people who did this are caught and punished severely.
I therefore ask you dear FB friend to share this, in the hope that someone who knows the people who did this, will enable the authorities to catch the perpetrators and lock them up for a very long time.”

The latest story from Jyllands-Posten.

Assault on Woman with baby carriage.
Three young girls cut off her hair and her clothes.
Friday evening on the 14th of June at 18.30 a 34 year-old woman with a buggy was assaulted on Bredkilde Street by Risskov.
“Three Arab-looking girls between 14 and 17 assaulted the Danish woman of 34 entirely without motivation – first with verbal insults,” says Klaus Hvegholm Møller, officer at East-Jutland Police, to Jyllands-Posten. He continues, “Thereafter the 34 year-old woman had parts of her hair and jacket cut off, apparently with scissors.”
“Fucking Danish Bitch”
The 34 year old woman was taking a walk with her child in the buggy and when she first heard the girls yelling, she did not think it was directed towards her.
“At first they yelled cuss-words at her, “fucking Danish bitch” among other things. Suddenly they approach and grabbed her and while laughing, began to tear at her hair. She then started to run away with the child in her buggy. As they grabbed her they cut off parts of her hair and clothing, but due to the shock she first noticed this at home,” Klaus Hvegholm Møller explains.
The police still have no clue as to the reason for the attack.

 Vlad Tepes


Time for retribution. Do unto others... eye for an eye.

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