Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Italy to probe doctor with Holocaust-denial material in waiting room

Police to investigate self-declared 'Nazi-inspired fascist’ radically opposed to all 'aberrant Jewish religion and philosophy.’

Italian authorities have said they will investigate an anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying doctor in northern Italy who keeps a bust of Hitler in his office and displays fascist propaganda in his waiting room.
Jewish lawmaker Emanuele Fiano in a statement last week to the Italian Parliament called on Italy’s interior and health ministers to investigate whether the behavior of Dr. Gianantonio Valli, 64, is compatible with that of a national health physician.
Fiano said Valli was “one of the principal theorists in our country of Holocaust denial, declared himself to be a ‘Nazi-inspired fascist,’ and publicly manifests xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic ideas.”
The daily La Repubblica quoted Valli as saying “I see myself in the tradition of the pagan realism, and I’m radically opposed to all aberrant Jewish religion and philosophy.”
La Repubblica described a variety of xenophobic and Holocaust-denying pamphlets and other material on display in the waiting room of Valli’s office in the small town of Cuveglio, near the Swiss border.
Valli, who has authored a number of such publications, confirmed to the newspaper that he had a bust of Hitler on display in his upstairs library. A year ago, at a rally in Milan, Valli gave a lengthy speech accusing a Jewish-run lobby of plotting to take over the world.
La Repubblica said Italy’s national medical association also planned to probe Valli’s activities, to determine if they were in line with guidelines for medical professionals.
The newspaper said that in Cuveglio, local citizens were circulating a petition in support of Valli.


Vulgar display of kike power: italian media and politics totally run by jews in order to shut down any free thinker in Italy. Dr. Gianantonio Valli has also spoken against syrian "rebels" on jewish payroll, that is another reason to accuse him of "antisemitism", being the accusers the worst zionist warmongers in Europe.

I wish he was my doctor :-) Good for the locals supporting him. About time 'real' people stood up and supported those brave enough to be totally open and honest. I will wear my full length Gestapo 'Valli' leather coat in his honour!

Dr. Gianantonio Valli, i want him as my doctor!
“I see myself in the tradition of the pagan realism, and I’m radically opposed to all aberrant Jewish religion and philosophy.” : pure gold! Paganism for the win! I would like some of his pamphlets. The jews trying to take over the world. I would also like to sign the petition in support of the good Doctor. He is a brave man.

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