Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Golden Dawn hails poll boost among the young

The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which shot to prominence at last year's elections, is hailing new polling figures showing the strength of its position among younger voters and that it remains the third most popular party in Greek politics.

Golden Dawn, whose rallies feature Nazi style right arm salutes, and which actively promotes hostility to Jews and non-white immigrants, has seen its popularity soar amid the growing social chaos associated with austerity and economic crisis.
According to the most recent poll by Pulse RC, Golden Dawn has 13 percent support, putting it behind New Democracy on 19 percent and top placed SYRIZA on 21 percent. Polling was conducted among a representative sample of voters between July 11 and 17.
Golden Dawn's "International Newsroom" website is also hailing more detailed polling figures on the strength of the party's position among younger sections of the population. Among 18-29 year olds it has 14 percent support. Among 30-44 year olds it has 16 percent. Among 45-59 year olds it has 14 percent and among voters over 60 it has 8 percent.
"From those polls we can see," the website said, "that Golden Dawn is the second party among the age groups of the active population (ages 18-44) and that the old parties (PASOK - New Democracy) survive largely because of the elderly. Additionally, the polls reveal that 11% of New Democracy's voters and 7% of Syriza's voters are moving towards Golden Dawn.
"Hail Victory!"
Analysts say that "victory" is highly unlikely, though there is wide concern across Europe that a neo-Nazi party should remain in such a strong position.
Overall unemployment stands at around 27 percent while youth unemployment in Greece is over 60 percent.
As an indication of the kind of people the party attracts, the person who posted up the article goes by the title "BlueEyesWhiteSlav".

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