Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Reconnection with our past

For many of our people history has become the subject that bores them, I know from my own experience that my children are sickened by the historical inacuracies they have been told and taught throughout the years. It is fair to say that most nations teach in their schools that their nation only ever fought a battle or went to war to defend the nation from invasion or takeover of some kind. When we take a look at history for ourselves with FACT we can in fact say that many times we provoke the war in question ourselves. Of course you must never question your leadership because they will have you portrayed as a traitor. To say that Britain was wrong to fight against Germany in the war isn't to say I am a traitor to my land because for me the only reason I say this is because those tens of millions that died on both sides and from all over Europe could have lived and given Europe tens of millions of more Europeans.

Less room for open borders and a stronger chance of racial survival than we have right now. Its true to say that if these two wars had never taken place we would have saved the lives of an estimated 100 million White Europeans. This 100 million is the difference between where we are today and where we would have been had we spared a moment to consider the lies and propaganda that was being spun in those days. If any man from that ere could see what we see in this year 2011 he would I believe have fought for a Nationalist pride and dignity over this "Democracy" we are faced with today. The idea to any European that we are somehow in a better position for having killed 100 million of our own people is the idea of a mad man and a individual that is far beyond the realm of being saved. On all sides war machines grew and industry gathered orders just as their men inside governments provoked both sides with cunning and masterful manipulation. Any man involved with his military knows that if a battle is coming you prepare for that battle and you don't have time or rights once your "signed up" to question any order and this is where the harm comes in right away.

You may well feel proud fighting for your flag or your patch of land but if all flags of Europe do not see clearly that preservation is everything then those flags and land become what they were all along. False idols. Of course it is true a man can have pride in his flag, but what flag? The flag put forth to him since his birth? Its one thing to have faith in your flag but to have an insight into the true origins of that flag would make many men turn away in disgust at what it represented. It isn't the flag created by tyrants that we raise high with pride, it should be the flag of political triumph that we honour on national holidays. The banner is that of your folk, the line you come from. The banner you raise high is the banner instilled in you from generations long passed some honour you gained from those you knew in this life and much of who you are came from those you never knew in this life, those who passed long before you from this place and those you may never get to thank for all that you are and all that you will pass on to your future children to be.

The flag you hold high isn't the one your masters gave you to salute and fold neat and tidy and worship. It is the flag that generations before you raised that made it clear who they were and what they stood for. A banner so wide that at one time is spread across all of Europe a message so loud that it echoed through the Carpathian mountains and all other continents took note of the warning. We carry the flags of old the flags of of ancestors. Our flags are not colours in strict formation but are symbols of this land we call Europe. Symbols of real power like the Russian bear, symbols of real loyalty like the Romanian Wolf two species that Europeans can and should learn much from. The protection element of bears within family circles speaks for itself, if you even attempt to cross a bear with a cub you can expect the full force of rage to stand and fight to protect the young. This should be the moral for just how far we would go to protect our young and it is my belief that as a people we have that element within us. The enemy has tried with flouride and other methods to make us docile but it is still a common European value that you do not F*** with the family of any man.

As for the wolf, in any pack a wolf will always stand with the others of the pack no questions asked. There is no more loyal group who do everything and anything to survive as a unit than wolves. It should be said that for family or friendship to grow in strength loyalty is something we all rely heavily on. Maybe you have a deeply concerning issue you could only speak to someone loyal about. You would hope all within our people have someone they can call "Loyal" A wolf knows nothing but loyalty to its pack but in the example that a pack is abandoned by some wolves then those wolves make a decision to be cast out forever. Not a decision that can be made lightly in the example of wolves and not a situation we can ignore in our everyday reality. Can you trust those who turn they back on you? Can you, or would you trust anyone who planned to bring harm to you? Of course not and its the same in the example given. If a wolf left its packed roamed for 6 months amongst rouge wolves and tried to return to its pack half a year later strong chances are that the pack would tear him apart. Its also more than likely that the wolves haven't forgotten who he is but have lost all faith in allowing him near or close to what they consider vital to protect. The pack and those who remained loyal within that pack.


I will live and die under the White horse Invicta flag of my men of Kent ancestors. whom with the king blessing had the privilege of meeting the enemy first. Above my bed hang the two flags I'm proud of. The white horse and the white dragon.

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