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“Please, men of Germany. Do something!”

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment. .

Seasoned Feminist Not So Tolerant After Being Raped By ‘Syrian’ Refugees

Amanda Crosby was like many other Western girls, emotional and completely naive to human behavior as she was taught from a young age that everybody is equal. “I thought, you know…If they just came here they might stop gang-raping women and torturing homosexuals,” she explained to our reporters

Was there really a holocaust

The Holocaust has become the greatest instrument of sympathy which any nation has ever been able to use to gain support for wars, expansion and foreign-aid: This has made Israel the world's sixth strongest military power. .


“In Germany shall divers sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.”


The chief of firemen stands in front of a blazing house. A sobbing woman says her child is still in there. She implores him to send a fireman into the inferno to save her child.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Student priests sacked for Hitler salutes

Two student priests were on Wednesday kicked out of their German seminary for telling anti-Semitic jokes and making Hitler salutes. Priests at the Würzburg seminary in northern Bavaria were tipped off at the end of May about far-right behaviour from some of their 18 trainees.

The student priests were suspected of carrying out Nazi rituals, celebrating Adolf Hitler's birthday in a beer cellar and telling anti-Semitic jokes during meetings.

Head of the seminary Herbert Baumann, who supervises young priests as they prepare to serve parishes in Würzburg and Bamberg, immediately called for an in-depth investigation into the matter.

On Wednesday the investigation committee released the 204-page report, which stated that of the four trainee priests under suspicion, two have been removed from the course. A decision is yet to be made on a third.

Both were found to have made anti-Semitic jokes, in which they “made fun of the factory-like slaughter of Jewish children, women and men during the Third Reich,” head of the investigation panel Norbert Baumann told a press conference, broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk said.

The trainees also were found to have imitated Hitler and greeted each other with the Hitler salute, reporters at the conference heard. Yet the court found no evidence confirming they had celebrated the dictator's birthday.

The now-ex-trainees also attended the concert of German rock band Frei.Wild in April - without informing the seminary. The band is believed to have links with the far-right neo-Nazi scene.

However, Baumann stressed there was not “a brown network or brown cesspool in the Würzburg seminary.”

“The Würzburg seminary distances itself from any form of political extremism, antisemitism, racism and xenophobia," wrote the seminary in a statement on its website put up on June 1st.

"Such attitudes are are completely incompatible with the services and life of Catholic priests."

DPA/The Local/jcw

Why is Italy still so racist?

The verbal attacks on Cécile Kyenge are shocking, even in a country where racism is part of everyday life
Cécile Kyenge listens during at a debate on immigration
Cécile Kyenge at a debate earlier this month. Despite many Italians' love of all things foreign, racism is common. Photograph: Massimiliano Schiazza/EPA
The events of the last few weeks have proved, beyond doubt, that Italy has a serious problem with racism. Bananas have been thrown at Cécile Kyenge, Italy's first black government minister. A (female) councillor for the Northern League has said she should be raped. A Northern League senator has likened her to an orangutan. Last week the AC Milan footballer, Kevin Constant, walked off the pitch after a barrage of abuse, just as Kevin-Prince Boateng did earlier this year.
The Northern League is, admittedly, a minority party, usually gaining only between five and 10% of the national vote. And other political parties have expressed solidarity with Kyenge. But anyone who has listened to Italian political debate, or worse, stood in an Italian football stadium, knows that Italy simply isn't a tolerant place. This is a country where a recent prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, thought it hilarious to joke that Obama had a decent suntan. The racism isn't restricted to right or left, old or young, rural or urban: it is noticeable everywhere.
The reasons are pretty obvious. As Italians will constantly tell you, theirs is an incredibly provincial country. Campanilismo – the attachment to one's local belltower – is one of the reasons the place is so charming: people often stay put, they're rooted rather than rootless. All over the country, even in a tiny village, you'll see caput mundi graffitied on walls, suggesting that this sleepy place is considered the capital of the world. The downside is that outsiders are treated as aliens, if not enemies.
Through the centuries Italy has been, not a colonial power, but a colony, a plaything of the superpowers. So with the exception of small parts of Somalia, no other country speaks Italian. Unlike France, Britain, Portugal or Spain, there's no large diaspora of Italian speakers who can immediately integrate into the "mother country", knowing already its literature and history. So the peninsula remains insular, an astonishingly monocultural, monoconfessional place.
There are other reasons for the racism: the legacy of fascism and the continuing adulation of Benito Mussolini; the tangible insecurity, even sense of inferiority, of many Italians; widespread economic misery for at least the last decade; and a political class that is absurdly ignorant. But perhaps the most interesting explanation for racism comes from an Italian mate of mine who's an armchair anthropologist. He maintains that in a country that is famously lawless, in which rules are often wilfully ignored, everyone is oddly very conformist in other ways: all wearing the same fashionable colour, or eating the same food at the same festivals. Italy simply isn't a country of eccentricity, or a place where difference or diversity are accepted, let alone cherished. I once tried to experiment by putting an unorthodox topping on my pizza and was harangued by irate mates as if I'd committed a terrible crime.
The conundrum of Italian racism is that Italy, ever a country of contradictions, is also a place of remarkable generosity and hospitality. I know it's easy for a white Englishman to say that, but centuries of visitors have noted Italians' esterofilia, their love of all things foreign. The dignity and intelligence of Kyenge in the face of recent attacks may yet remind Italians that they have a reputation for loving, rather than fearing, those from afar.
Tobias Jones's Italian novel, Death of a Showgirl, has just been published by Faber


Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Italy to probe doctor with Holocaust-denial material in waiting room

Police to investigate self-declared 'Nazi-inspired fascist’ radically opposed to all 'aberrant Jewish religion and philosophy.’

Italian authorities have said they will investigate an anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying doctor in northern Italy who keeps a bust of Hitler in his office and displays fascist propaganda in his waiting room.
Jewish lawmaker Emanuele Fiano in a statement last week to the Italian Parliament called on Italy’s interior and health ministers to investigate whether the behavior of Dr. Gianantonio Valli, 64, is compatible with that of a national health physician.
Fiano said Valli was “one of the principal theorists in our country of Holocaust denial, declared himself to be a ‘Nazi-inspired fascist,’ and publicly manifests xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic ideas.”
The daily La Repubblica quoted Valli as saying “I see myself in the tradition of the pagan realism, and I’m radically opposed to all aberrant Jewish religion and philosophy.”
La Repubblica described a variety of xenophobic and Holocaust-denying pamphlets and other material on display in the waiting room of Valli’s office in the small town of Cuveglio, near the Swiss border.
Valli, who has authored a number of such publications, confirmed to the newspaper that he had a bust of Hitler on display in his upstairs library. A year ago, at a rally in Milan, Valli gave a lengthy speech accusing a Jewish-run lobby of plotting to take over the world.
La Repubblica said Italy’s national medical association also planned to probe Valli’s activities, to determine if they were in line with guidelines for medical professionals.
The newspaper said that in Cuveglio, local citizens were circulating a petition in support of Valli.

Anger as Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke celebrates 100th birthday at home

SCUFFLES erupted outside the Rome home of Erich Priebke on Monday as one of the last living Nazi war criminals celebrated his 100th birthday.
Police had reinforced security at the address where Priebke is under house arrest, but the measure failed to prevent minor clashes.
Several dozen demonstrators from the Jewish organisation Project Dreyfus were at the protest, confronting a family member of the former SS captain, identified as Priebke's grandson, when he arrived with a bottle of champagne.
Insults and a scuffle followed and the man was eventually led to safety in a police car to avoid the angry protestors.
Priebke was sentenced to life in prison in 1998 for his role in the massacre at Rome's Ardeatine caves in March 1944, which left 335 people dead, including 75 Jews.
They were executed with a bullet to the neck, killed by the Nazis in retaliation for an attack by the resistance movement on SS soldiers.
The former officer had been arrested in 1994 after fleeing to Argentina at the end of World War II. He had lived there for more than 40 years before being extradited to Italy in 1995.
Nazi war criminal Erich Priebke celebrates 100th birthday
Protesters outside the Rome apartment building of Priebke, who has been living under house arrest for the last decade. Picture: Andreas Solaro/AFP
In 1998, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the massacre. A year later he was allowed to serve out his sentence at home because of his advanced age and ill-health.
In April 2011, the Italian magazine Oggi sparked a scandal with photographs showing the former Nazi officer dining at a restaurant with friends, riding a motorbike and shopping at a supermarket.

Edward Snowden: Solar-Flare ‘Killshot’ Cataclysm Imminent

snowvotel 300x193 Edward Snowden: Solar Flare Killshot Cataclysm Imminent
Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower, speaking from Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel, revealed the CIA’s Project Stargate was a complete success. (Photo: The Internet Chronicle)

by Oliver Wilis
MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, hacker-fugitive and former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, revealed Tuesday that a series of solar flares is set to occur in September, killing hundreds of millions of people. Documents provided by Snowden prove that, as of 14 years ago, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) remote viewers knew that the event was inevitable. Ever since, the world’s governments have quietly been trying to prepare for the sweeping global famine to result.
Speaking from his room at Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel, Snowden revealed that government preparations for September’s catastrophic solar flares have been “to only limited avail.” The flares’ results, he said, are known casually throughout the global intelligence community as “the killshot.”
Remote viewers employed by the CIA’s Project Stargate use their ability to perceive geographically and chronologically distant events to protect America. Since 1999 they have known about the solar-flare event but have been threatened into silence by enforcers on the secret government’s payroll.
As a part of hiring Snowden as a contractor, the NSA granted the 30-year-old access to all communications on earth. Now he has provided The Internet Chronicle with top-secret Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) documents outlining just how terrible the solar flares’ results will be. In just two months, “the killshot” is set to disable all electronic food and water delivery systems.
Ever since the late 20th century, hundreds of millions of people have begun to rely on technological automation to enable their very lives. Solar flares release electromagnetic pulses, hazardous to electronic circuits. The smallest electronic circuits, such as those in computers’ central processing units, will be the most vulnerable.
Snowden said FEMA and the National Disaster Reduction Center of China have been taking steps for 14 years in light of the findings of Project Stargate. FEMA’s own documents, provided by Snowden, lay out how the organization plans to round up tens of millions of the poorest Americans for housing at secure locations “to better facilitate feeding and provision of consumer goods.”
Snowden, for years a CIA contractor, released testimonials from hundreds of remote viewers. Many of those remote viewers are still on the payroll of the governments of the United States and the Russian Federation. Those testimonials, though written independently by the analysts, are comprised of 4,472 pages, every single one of which, alarmingly, evince Snowden’s account.
“The massive electromagnetic pulse from the solar flares, or ‘the killshot,’ will shutter most of the world’s electrical systems,” said Snowden. “The Americans whose lives are most at risk are the elderly and the infirmed, those who depend on technology to enable their receiving home care or life-sustaining medical treatment.”
Throughout the 1970s and the 1990s, Russia and the United States were desperate to track and monitor the construction and maintenance of each other’s nuclear silos. The nations’ governments openly admitted having poured billions of dollars into the training of elite teams of remote viewers. With their powers, the remote viewers were able to deter nuclear launches and, ultimately, bring an end to the Cold War.  In the mid-’90s, the CIA simply pretended to close its remote-viewing program, so that it could operate more effectively.
Snowden said he hopes that his coming forward will allow Project Stargate’s participants to be able to live normal, open lives again, “instead of as circus animals, instead of as freaks.” He added, “[Significant others of Project Stargate employees] have to get Q clearances just to cohabitate with, without even marrying, their loved ones. That’s tantamount to slavery.”
Humanity is about to pay a most dire price for its technological dependence. That price, said Snowden, proved a leading factor in his decision to come forward to the press – about both the global Holocaust to ensue, as well as NSA analysts’ power, on the slightest whim, to listen to the phone calls of any person on earth.
Snowden said, with regard to CIA remote viewers, “I have seen too many brave whistleblowers become subjects of smear and ridicule for using their talents to expose the truth.” Added Snowden, bitterly, “Well, we’ll see who’s Mr. Chuckles when ‘the killshot’ goes down.”
WikiLeaks attorneys; and Anatoly Kucherena, Snowden’s own counsel, together produced a video calling for calm and global preparedness. Monday, Snowden sent the video, below, to the Russian Federal Migration Service as part of his call for asylum. Update Edward Snowden Safely Lands In Venezuela Where He Was Granted Asylum To Avoid U.S. Extradition

The Scum of the earth Discusses about Golden Dawn (VIDEO)

Colleagues shun lawyer for defending neo-Nazi

The lawyer defending a woman accused of being in a neo-Nazi terror cell thought to have murdered ten people, is leaving her firm in Berlin after being ostracized by her colleagues for taking on the case. Anya Sturm, one of three lawyers representing Beate Zschäpe, is leaving her office in Berlin and moving with her family to Cologne after suffering abuse from her co-workers who claimed she was ruining the reputation of the firm.

Sturm told the Tagespiegel daily on Monday that she was "disappointed" with the reaction she had got from her colleagues. One staff-member even likened her defence of Zschäpe to the firm issuing a "mandate to kill."

Sturm recently suffered a major defeat when she ran as a candidate to sit on the board of the left-leaning association of defence lawyers in Berlin. The website of Der Spiegel news magazine reported that members of the board had threatened to quit if Sturm were to become a member of the board.

Sturm is now joining the firm of fellow Zschäpe defence lawyer Wolfgang Heer in Cologne. The third member of the defence team is Wolfgang Stahl who is based in Koblenz in western Germany.

Heer was quoted by the online edition of Der Spiegel as saying he was looking forward to working with Sturm on other cases which had nothing to do with the NSU in the future. "I see good prospects for both of us," he said.

Despite encountering widespread hostility, Sturm is not without her defenders. Christian Ströbele, a Green Party politician and lawyer, said nobody should be criticized for agreeing to defend a person. "When it comes to crime, defence is a duty according to the law. Every person accused must have a lawyer," he told Der Spiegel website.

One experienced defence lawyer, referring to the three lawyers who agreed to defend Zschäpe, predicted that they would "go through hell."

The Local/kkf

Monday, 29 July 2013

United Against Fascism hold protest at UKBA asylum-seekers’ headquarters

British anti-racism protesters have held a counter-rally against the far-right English Volunteer Forces (EVF) demonstration outside the UK Border Agency’s asylum-seekers’ headquarters in London.

The Unite Against Fascism (UAF) gathered outside the Lunar House building in Croydon, London, on Saturday to condemn EVF’s preaching of Islamophobia and racism and their campaign for what UAF described as “scapegoating migrants” for the problems facing the British society.

UAF protesters said the EVF’s call for an end to the current levels of immigration into Britain, mainly targeted at foreign national from Muslim backgrounds, is whitewashing the real cause of social problems aimed at stoking up anti-Muslim hatred.

Lunar House is the UK Border Agency building where all asylum-seekers have to attend to have their applications examined.

The anti-fascist group said the EVF are more “openly and virulently racist” than their parent group, the far right English Defense League (EDL), and want to capitalize on the recent wave of anti-Muslim hatred following the killing of a British soldier in London to … Islamophobia.

The conservative MP for Croydon Richard Ottaway had earlier censured the EVF saying they seek to “divide our community by deliberately stoking up hatred against Muslims”.

The call for a counter-protest against EVF at Lunar House was initially made by the Croydon Trades Union Council on behalf of the many Home Office employees who work at the border agency building.

Anti-white Racism has Reached Critical Mass in America (Video)

UK Internet Porn Censor to Also Block Conspiracy Theories

Big Brother Weds the Nanny Who's Pregnant with Internet Censorship.

Here is the real problem with the Internet
Dees Illustration
Eric Blair
Activist Post

The totalitarian tip-toe is tap dancing to tyranny with the proposed Internet censorship bill in the United Kingdom. In the name of keeping children safe from porn, the UK law will impose Internet filters on far more than just porn.

According to Wired:
As well as pornography, users may automatically be opted in to blocks on "violent material", "extremist related content", "anorexia and eating disorder websites" and "suicide related websites", "alcohol" and "smoking". But the list doesn't stop there. It even extends to blocking "web forums" and "esoteric material", whatever that is. "Web blocking circumvention tools" is also included, of course.
The definition of "esoteric" makes clear that censorship of broad topics is the goal of this so-called ISP filter:
es·o·ter·ic [es-uh-ter-ik] adjective
1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest;
2. belonging to the select few.
3. private; secret; confidential.

Translation: anything outside the acceptable mainstream narrative will be filtered. In short, the free flow of information is under assault with this law.

The organization Open Rights Group refers to this totalitarian tip-toe as "sleepwalking into censorship":
What's clear here is that David Cameron wants people to sleepwalk into censorship. We know that people stick with defaults: this is part of the idea behind 'nudge theory' and 'choice architecture' that is popular with Cameron. 
The implication is that filtering is good, or at least harmless, for anyone, whether adult or child. Of course, this is not true; there's not just the question of false positives for web users, but the affect on a network economy of excluding a proportion of a legitimate website's audience.
Open Rights also says the law could be used to play economic favorites, thus undermining the free market on the Internet:
There comes a point that it is simply better to place your sales through Amazon and ebay, and circulate your news and promotions exclusively through Facebook and Twitter, as you know none of these will ever be filtered.
It seems Western government's voracity for Internet censorship has increased many fold since the Snowden revelations about digital spying.

Direct Internet censorship was imposed on millions of U.S. government computers blocking them from viewing any material related to the Snowden leak, which at the time of the leak and even now represents a large percentage of all political and technical news stories.

And as John Naughton of the Guardian points out today, the real story about the Snowden leak that everyone is ignoring are the implications on Internet freedom, which he lists as the following:
The first is that the days of the internet as a truly global network are numbered. It was always a possibility that the system would eventually be Balkanised, ie divided into a number of geographical or jurisdiction-determined subnets as societies such as China, Russia, Iran and other Islamic states decided that they needed to control how their citizens communicated. Now, Balkanisation is a certainty. 
Second, the issue of internet governance is about to become very contentious. Given what we now know about how the US and its satraps have been abusing their privileged position in the global infrastructure, the idea that the western powers can be allowed to continue to control it has become untenable. 
Third, as Evgeny Morozov has pointed out, the Obama administration's "internet freedom agenda" has been exposed as patronising cant. "Today," he writes, "the rhetoric of the 'internet freedom agenda' looks as trustworthy as George Bush's 'freedom agenda' after Abu Ghraib."
As a final note, porn filters already exist for parents in the private marketplace if they choose to use them.  So, there is no need for governments to make them mandatory, which indicates that the real agenda behind these new proposed laws is much more about censorship than protecting children.

Two people charged over book of Hitler's speeches

Brno, July 26 (CTK) - The Czech police suspect two men of denying, challenging, approving and justifying genocide by publishing a book of selected speeches of Adolf Hitler, police spokeswoman Petra Vedrova told CTK Friday.
The book, Adolf Hitler: Projevy (Speeches), appeared in Czech bookshops last year.
The publisher, Pavel Kamas, told CTK that he and his aide Lukas Beer, who wrote the preface and some comments, are the suspects in focus of the police.
Kamas previously said the book's goal is to offer Hitler's hitherto practically unaccessible speeches to readers as a chance for them to make their own opinion.
Vedrova said the two men are suspected of misdemeanour and their trial may start within two weeks.
In the past months, the book came under the criticism of experts, who said Hitler's speeches were an instrument of Nazi propaganda and may be misleading if published without any comments of experts.
Kamas has defended the book from the beginning.
"Lukas Beer is a top quality author and an expert in the problem at issue, he is no ideological criminal. As for me, I'm a mere publisher. We both view the accusation as a gross violation of the freedom of speech and expression, which is guaranteed by the constitution," Kamas wrote in a statement for CTK.
The controversial book was issued by the Guidemedia publisher's house. Some sellers have withdrawn it from bookshops recently.
It is a book of selected speeches Hitler gave in 1939-1942. It has 650 pages, the print run was 10,000 copies and it has been available via the Internet sale only.
A text promoting the book on www.hitlerovyprojevy.cz says Hitler spoke about Czechs with respect and appreciation, that he respected Slovaks, sought peace, wanted to have mass destruction weapons liquidated, wished sincere friendship with Britain and had nothing against Russians.
Czech political analyst Miroslav Mares said it is still uncertain what is a crime in similar cases and what not.
"This is an interesting case. In my opinion, [the court verdict on] it will define the activities punishable as criminal [in this area]. It may define the framework of what is punishable and what not. By all means it is a controversial case," Mares told CTK.
The Guidemedia publisher's company has been mentioned by the Interior Ministry's report on the situation on the extremist scene in the first quarter of 2013.
It says the comments related to the book of Hitler's speeches directly and indirectly defend Nazism. Guidemedia's publishing plan, for its part, directly confirms the promotion of these ideas under the veil of publishing historical books and works, the ministry wrote in the report.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A Home of Our Own

F. Roger Devlin, American Renaissance, June 21, 2013– The new direction for white activism. Those who attended the 2013 American Renaissance conference saw a change in mood and emphasis from previous gatherings—probably the result of watching Barack Obama coast to reelection with just 39% of the white vote. The new feeling is that the strategy of “awakening” whites and gaining power through democratic electoral means is not working. The demographic shift is too fast and our own progress is too slow; the opportunities we thought we saw are vanishing, and a strategic reorientation is becoming inevitable.
This reorientation will be toward the creation of autonomous white territories that can eventually become independent states, and Arthur Kemp’s Nova Europa is a fine introduction to this subject. The starting point and greatest strength of his thinking is a firm grasp of the territorial nature of politics. In Mr. Kemp’s own words:
Political power comes from physical occupation: not historical rights, not title deeds, not moral rights—only occupation. Those people who occupy a territory determine the nature of the society in that region.
In Mr. Kemp’s view, a failure to recognize this reality was the Achilles heel of South Africa’s apartheid system. The Afrikaner electorate believed that a stable European society could be built in a majority-black territory, and that with the right laws they could enjoy forever the benefits of cheap black labor while preventing blacks from determining the nature of South African society. Far from preventing black majority rule, this system was an incubator for it. Apartheid made whites dependent on blacks, even as it multiplied the numbers of blacks.
Immigrant “rioting” in Europe today is also to a large extent a political struggle over territory, an attempt by hostile aliens to impose their own sovereignty in areas where they are the majority. Like apartheid, the multicultural thinking that led to mass immigration is a fantasy because it ignores the fundamentally territorial nature of political power.
So what must whites do to ensure their physical and cultural survival? They must establish homelands where they are the majority and can protect their racial and cultural integrity. Blacks have many such homelands; the Chinese have a homeland; even Jews now have a homeland. Only white people no longer have a place to call home, and that is why only our survival is threatened.
When mainstream journalists discuss demographic change, they like to call it “the mass movement of peoples,” a conveniently neutral phrase that masks the reality that all this “movement” is in one direction—into white homelands. Although many whites are unaware of it, the norm in most of the world is for dominant majorities to enjoy special legal protections. As Mr. Kemp notes:
Japan, China, India, most sub-Saharan African states, most north African states, most middle-Eastern states and, of course, Israel, are ethnostates with varying degrees of legal enforcement designed to ensure that they keep their homogeneity.
This sensible policy prevents ethnic conflicts before they can arise.
Even many white liberals favor such policies—as long as the beneficiaries are not white. They will happily help protect the Tibetans or the Indian tribes of the Amazon from alien incursion. Why is it so difficult for such people to see that it is fair and right for their own race to enjoy the same protections?
A cause any liberal can support.
Europeans today even fit the definition of those who wear the ultimate badge of fashionable victimhood, indigenous people. Europeans have a continuous historical link with a particular territory, are characterized by large degree of homogeneity, and are being colonized by aliens.
“Indigenous homelands,” in which natives enjoy special status and protection, have been established all over the world. Brazil alone has 672 such territories; tiny Belize has found room for eight; and dozens more can be found in Australia, Canada, the United States, India, Pakistan and all over Latin America. The United Nations has issued a “Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples” and maintains a “Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.”
The permanent forum would do well to expand its horizons. As Mr. Kemp points out, for several decades now the tables have been turned, and Europeans are in retreat from the peoples they once colonized. Mr. Kemp offers the following facts:
• More than half the residents of Brussels, the “capital of Europe,” are of Third-World origin.
• In 2012, 53 percent of children in Viennese schools were of immigrant origin.
• In the United States, by 2019 a majority of schoolchildren will be non-white.
• The foreign population of Spain rose from 3.2 percent in 1996 to 13.4 percent 11 years later.
• According to a 2004 study, there were 14 million persons of foreign ancestry in France, more than 20 percent of the population.
• In 2009, the Dutch government reported that about 20 percent of the population had “non-Western” roots.
• A 2011 census revealed that the white share of the British population is falling by nearly 8 percent of the total each decade.
Muslims praying on the street in France.
As Mr. Kemp notes, “there is currently no area on earth which has been specifically set aside for European people.” Why aren’t the heirs of Western civilization being afforded protections routinely granted to the hunter-gatherers of the Amazon jungle?
It cannot be because such protection would be “white supremacy.” This fashionable bogeyman—imagining for a moment that anybody really advocated it—would be incompatible with the ethnic nationalism Mr. Kemp advocates: “self-determination specifically eschews the claim to rule over others.” Mr. Kemp—a strong critic of apartheid—argues that the demand for black self-rule in South Africa validates white self-rule in Europe and North America.
Nor must a program of territorial independence involve any claim to superiority. Mr. Kemp argues that “the contribution of European man to the world and the well-being of all people is unsurpassed,” but he demands no more for his own people than he would be prepared to grant to pygmies or bushmen.
So far, resistance to mass, non-white immigration has come from nationalist political parties, which have tried to enter government through democratic means. Nowhere have they achieved much success. This is largely because Western democracy has, in Mr. Kemp’s words, “turned into rule by the wealthy elite and powerful lobbies.” While mass immigration is unpopular among ordinary Europeans, social and political elites are fanatically committed to it.
Furthermore, non-whites everywhere vote as a block for the most pro-immigrant parties. Whites not only do not vote along racial lines, but even view such block-voting as somehow morally wrong. This means it is unlikely that any nationalist party will attain power within the brief time whites can be expected to retain their majorities.
Whites must not reject democratic participation. As Mr. Kemp writes, it “remains the best and easiest way to spread the message of ethnonationalism, which is vital for any potential solution to the crisis.” A nationalist party might yet come to power in one or more European countries and reverse the demographic crisis. Even if it occurred in only a single small country, such a development would send shock waves across the continent. The elites have good reason to fear nationalist parties.
The Greek political party Golden Dawn has attracted significant support.
But white patriots must adopt new avenues of action as well. Specifically, Mr. Kemp believes they must start building autonomous European communities wherever it is practically possible to do so, and ultimately create a European ethnostate (or states).
The great advantage of creating European communities is that it does not require winning over majorities. Meaningful concrete steps can be taken today by the minority of whites who understand the looming catastrophe. Eventually, such communities could become states. These communities would eventually draw from around the world Europeans who understand the genocidal consequences of multiculturalism. And where else will even liberals find neighborhoods with “good schools” and “low crime?”
The South African town of Orania is a good example of what whites must do. A small minority of Afrikaners have long shared Mr. Kemp’s view that white reliance on black labor was ultimately responsible for the downfall of white South Africa. In 1990, as the demise of apartheid visibly approached, a group of white pioneers bought the deserted village of Orania in the Northern Cape Province for a nominal fee. They chose the town’s barren and seemingly unpromising location for good reasons.
The Northern Cape, with its sparse population, presented the only area of South Africa which could effectively be colonized by Afrikaners with the least amount of disruption to the rest of the country. In 2010, the entire Northern Cape had only 2.3% of the country’s population. Majority Afrikaner occupation could be achieved with only 500,000 or so Afrikaners moving to the area.
A statue of Hendrik Verwoerd, the “architect of Apartheid,” overlooks Orania.
The town was founded on three principles: the Oranians were to have their own land, use only their own labor, and create their own institutions. From around two dozen pioneers, it has grown to a current population of over 1,500. The town boasts two schools and seventy local businesses, and is “possibly the only local authority in all South Africa which actually balanced its books in 2012.”
In 2004, Orania introduced its own currency, the Ora, which is a valid method of payment within the town borders. The Ora trades on par with the South African Rand and is underwritten by the local savings and credit union. The new currency keeps money within the community.
“Welcome to Orania. Pay with the Ora.”
In 2012, the British Sunday Times, a paper not noted for white advocacy, had this to say about Orania:
Building sites are everywhere. Plots of land that went for £1,000 four years ago now change hands for £20,000. There are supermarkets, all manner of other shops, a doctor, dentist, lawyers, architects, two schools and a radio station. Orania has organised many trips to Israel to study Israeli farming techniques—the Israelis too have made the desert bloom. Orania exports jewelry to the whole of South Africa, air-freighted vegetables to British supermarkets and pecan nuts to China. The community is probably the greenest in South Africa: all farming is organic, everything is recycled and alternative energy is used whenever possible. People leave their keys in their cars, live with their doors open and children play, unmonitored, in the street until dark.
A home in Orania with a solar hot water heater.
The Sunday Times reports that the Orania Council pays a £1,000 ($1,600) grant for every child born in the town. Local guide John Strydom says: “Recently growth has become explosive. It’s stretching us in every sinew. Our present land can house 25,000 people, but of course we’ll buy more land.” Not everyone thinks this is the best course; town founder Carel Boshoff says: “Expansion here may not be the right way. We need another Orania on the West Coast.”
The town’s greatest obstacle remains convincing fellow-Afrikaners to give up the short-term advantages of “cheap” black labor. As Mr. Kemp notes, white pioneers outside South Africa would not have this problem.
The official flag of Orania.
Another case study Mr. Kemp recommends is Israel, the world’s only avowed ethnostate. Theodor Hertzel was not the first to advocate a modern Jewish nation, but his 1896 book The Jewish State offered the first coherent plan for one.
The very next year the First Zionist Congress met in Basel to promote colonization. In 1901, the Jewish National Fund was created to buy land in Palestine. At the same time, a formal office for the Zionist Organization was established in Palestine to develop Jewish agriculture, settlement, education, land, finance, and immigration.
In 1917, Britain’s “Balfour Declaration” gave formal recognition at the international level of the Zionist effort and undertook to set aside parts of Palestine for a national home for the Jewish people. By 1923, 40,000 Jews had migrated to Palestine; by 1939 another 382,000 had arrived; several hundred thousand more came during the war and the early post-war period. On 14 May 1948, the state of Israel declared independence. All this happened within 53 years of Herzl’s publishing his tract!
Theodor Hertzel
Whites can learn a great deal from the Zionist example, not all of it positive. Israel illustrates the danger of choosing a territory that requires displacement of a different (and subsequently hostile) group. If the territory we select is not largely empty, like South Africa’s Northern Cape, then it must already have a strong white majority.
On the positive side, as Mr. Kemp notes, the Zionist movement demonstrated good practical sense in providing prospective settlers with economic opportunities.
People—even the most ideologically dedicated—will not move anywhere unless they are able to earn a living. The Zionists knew that once the small beachhead had been established, the very first priority was to create a substantial infrastructure which would provide newcomers with a means to make a living.
Orania, by contrast, got off to a slow start because it did not have anything comparable. For the first several years it attracted only affluent retirees.
What about Europeans?
Ironically, there are more people of European descent alive today than ever before in history. Yet, in the face of hostile non-white intrusion the majority seem capable of nothing more than running away to the ever-diminishing “good neighborhoods” left in their countries. As Mr. Kemp writes, “a ‘mass exodus’ to a European homeland, if it comes at all, will come only long after the formerly European nations are totally overrun.” Even then, many whites would rather disappear through childlessness, miscegenation, or eventual physical extermination by the more violent elements of other races.
Mr. Kemp notes that there are many whites–“ignorant, apathetic, small-minded whites”–we will never save. “Brutally put,” he writes, “we are better off without them.”
The most difficult step in creating a European ethnostate, then, is mustering the will. Once a significant number of whites achieves this, the next step would be the creation of a colonization company that would coordinate fundraising, buy land, create businesses, and organize immigration. Mr. Kemp notes that many professional services can now be delivered from anywhere on earth. The revolution in communications technology means setting up colonies would be much easier than in the Age of Exploration.
After mustering the political will, the second most difficult question is choosing and colonizing a territory. There are two approaches. One is to select a small town or region within an existing threatened Western state. The goal would be to build up a series of towns or regions that could at a later stage form a contiguous, independent state.
Kleinfontein is another Afrikaner enclave in South Africa. It has 1,000 residents.
Colonization efforts should be directed toward filling a region with racially conscious Europeans attuned to the project, not simply relying on an existing white population; there is no use in having a European majority, as in Vermont, for example, that is hostile to the project. For more on this strategy, I recommend John Hunt Morgan’s article “Building White Communities” in the November, 2004 issue of American Renaissance.
The other approach is to target a demographically suitable and receptive nation. Eastern Europe is promising. Apart from significant Gypsy and Turkish populations, non-whites tend to comprise no more than two percent in the region. Russia’s non-European population is significant, but largely concentrated in the South and Siberia. Of course, Eastern Europe owes its freedom from mass non-white immigration to its isolation as part of the Soviet bloc and to its relative poverty. As it recovers and prospers, it will attract immigrants. On the other hand, many of these countries are suspicious of Western liberalism, and some even have governments that are aware of European decline and low birth rates.
Ultimately, as Herzl wrote, the territory will be determined by what can be realistically obtained and by common consensus among those who want to create the ethnostate.
Finally, Mr. Kemp reminds us:
[T]he demand for a European homeland is nothing less than the right which is accorded all other peoples on earth. If it is presented fairly, without hate or denigration of others, it will find accord with reasonably-minded people of all races.
* Arthur Kemp, Nova Europa: European Survival Strategy in a Darkening World, Ostara Publications, 2013, $5.95 kindle download from Amazon, 88 pp.
* Rhodesian-born, Arthur Kemp worked as a journalist in South Africa, where he was expelled from the Conservative Party for opposing apartheid in favor of Afrikaner separatism. He now lives in Britain.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Neo-Nazi Zschäpe 'lovely' says neighbour

A witness described Beate Zschäpe, one of five alleged neo-Nazis on trial for crimes associated with the National Socialist Underground (NSU) terror cell as “a lovely neighbour” in court on Wednesday.The man, who lived in the same building as Zschäpe in Zwickau, said in the evenings she often used to join him and other neighbours in his cellar for a drink, a chat, and a laugh.

“There's nothing wrong with that, it was neighbourly. It's like that in the East,” said the unnamed witness, a labourer in his mid-40s. She was “a lovely, good neighbour...friendly, fun, you could have a laugh with her,” he added.

She had even had her moments of generosity, he said, and told the court how she had once bought them all pizza while the group watched football in the back yard.

Chatting over a beer – Zschäpe herself rarely drank, he said, enjoying only the odd glass of Prosecco or wine – they had never talked about politics, or foreigners, he insisted.

Also, she had never brought up or referred to the portrait of Adolf Hitler casually on display on top of the TV-set in his cellar. The man said he had inherited the memento from a deceased neighbour and protested that it had no political significance.

The friends were close enough to call Zschäpe - who had told them her name was “Susann Dienelt” - by the affectionate nickname “Dienelt Maus” or “Diddl-Maus.” “First of all her name is Dienelt and second of all she's a mouse,” explained the witness.

The man said he'd had little contact with Zschäpe's flatmates Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt, who together with Zschäpe are thought to have formed the nucleus of the NSU killer cell. She had told her neighbours that one of them was her boyfriend, the other her brother – but the witness hadn't known their names and had never asked.

In the end though, the “good neighbour” is thought to have set the whole house on fire - prosecutors say taking the neighbours' deaths, including that of an 89-year-old woman who also lived in the building, as possible collateral damage.

When her two male accomplices died in a murder-suicide in early November 2011, Zschäpe is accused of pouring petrol all over their shared flat and igniting it, setting off an explosion so strong that part of the building's outside wall blew off.

DPA/The Local/jlb

The next generation : UK

Outrage as bananas thrown at Italy's first black minister

Italy has seen an outpouring of disgust after a spectator at a party rally threw bananas at the country's first black minister, who has suffered an onslaught of racist slurs since taking office in April.

Italian Minister for Integration Cecile Kyenge
Italian Minister for Integration Cecile Kyenge  Photo: REUTERS
Integration minister Cecile Kyenge, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was making a speech at the Friday rally when a member of the audience began to launch the pieces of fruit towards her. The bananas missed the podium where she was speaking but the incident drew a deluge of condemnation in the media, where politicians and commentators lamented the shame brought on the country by the actions of the far-right.
"Another shameful and disgraceful gesture. Solidarity with the Minister Kyenge. Now let's just isolate the idiots," Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno said.
"I am ashamed to share the country with people like this," wrote one Twitter user, Eugenio Iannelli, reflecting the dismay of many on the social media network.
The treatment of Ms Kyenge has thrown a spotlight on the ugly racist currents running through some strands of society in Italy, a country grappling with tensions over rising levels of immigration, particularly from North Africa.
Since her appointment in April she has suffered a campaign of harassment from far-right groups angered by her campaign to make it easier for immigrants to gain Italian citizenship.
Shortly before Friday's incident, members of the right-wing Forza Nuova group left mannequins covered in fake blood at the site of the rally in Cervia, central Italy, in protest against Ms Kyenge's proposal to make anyone born on Italian soil a citizen.
"Immigration kills," was written on leaflets left with the dummies - a slogan Forza Nuova has previously used to highlight murders committed by immigrants in Italy.
Ms Kyenge, who has largely maintained a dignified silence in the face of the abuse, issued a restrained condemnation of the act, calling it "sad" and a waste of food, considering the economic crisis.
"The courage and optimism to change things has to come above all from the bottom up to reach the institutions," she added.
The insults directed at Ms Kyenge since she took office have frequently come from other politicians. Earlier this month a senior parliamentarian in the anti-immigration Northern League party likened her to an orangutan and only apologised after a storm of criticism.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

UN urges Czechs to shut pig farm on former Nazi camp

The Czech Republic should remove a pig farm located on the site of a concentration camp where Roma were held and killed during World War II, a United Nations rights watchdog said Thursday.

The UN Human Rights Committee said the issue was a litmus test of the Czech Republic's treatment of its marginalised Roma minority and that the country should "redouble its efforts".

The committee said the country should be "actively engaging in nurturing respect for the Roma culture and history through symbolic acts, such as removing the pig farm located on a World War II Roma concentration camp in Lety".

Between 1940 and 1943, the occupying Nazi Germans and Czech collaborators imprisoned almost 1,300 Czech Roma in Lety, about 70 kilometres (45 miles) south of the capital Prague.

In all, 327 Roma, including 241 children, died at the camp, while more than 500 were sent to Nazi Germany's infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in occupied Poland.

Alongside the six million European Jews killed in the Holocaust, an estimated 500,000 Roma perished at Nazi hands, but their suffering is less widely known.

In 1972-1976, the communists ruling the former Czechoslovakia built a pig farm at Lety, later taken over by a private firm after the regime's collapse in 1989.

Tensions between Czech Roma and authorities have flared over the issue for well over a decade, with the deeply marginalised minority insisting the state purchase the farm, tear it down and build a fitting memorial.

The company that runs the farm says it was built on a field immediately adjacent to the former camp, which had been razed at the end of the war.

Historians, however, contend the two sites overlap.

The Czech Republic, a nation of 10.5 million people, has a Roma population estimated at between 250,000 and 300,000.


The Odinist Creed

1 aytiutitiuy
1. As Odinists, we remember and honor our Divine Ones, and are true and loyal to them, our folk, and ourselves. This is reflected in our actions in a multitude of ways. For example, we enjoy the blessings of regular rituals and fellowship with our Gods, Goddesses, Ancestors, and folk in our holy temples, whether they be made of stone or earth.
2. There are beliefs we share in common which essentially make us one people, but, in general terms, our people embrace true intellectual and spiritual inquiry and freedom, not dogma. We always question, reason, seek the truth, and think for ourselves. Great Odin has sought both knowledge and wisdom, and we follow his example.
3. We strive to work with Nature, rather than against it. In our view Nature is alive, and we embrace it fully. We are free to think, feel and experience any emotion, or have any thought we please, and to seek prosperity and happiness without reference to governments or nationality.  On religious grounds, we do not recognize the authority of any agency to enact rules against free speech, thought or emotion, or to criminalize them in any way.
4. In our religious tradition, the right of association and self- determination for ourselves, our families, and our tribe is ours alone. We reserve the right to send our children to schools run by our own people, or to homeschool them, without undue interference, and the right to choose who to allow into our schools, assemblies, and organizations, religious and otherwise, and who not to include.
5. Our lives are Gods’ given, not government given, and were not meant to be wasted in immoral wars for the benefit of foreign nations and peoples.  We consider cooperation with such aims and the spilling of our sacred blood in such ignoble cause, not only a frivolous waste of energy and effort, but  blasphemy against our Gods and our tribe. We do not fight Brother Wars. We protect and defend only our own people and land, from physical, cultural and spiritual assaults of any kind.
6. Our Gods and Goddesses and Ancestors both love us and have expectations for us. They expect us to go forward towards better things, not regress towards ignorance and de-evolution. We acknowledge our right to live in an environment that promotes and rewards merit and honor, not the reverse. We shall strive to promote these freedoms and responsibilities in whichever part of the Nation of Odin we reside. The time of mandatory Cultural Marxism and the enforced marginalization of our folk is at an end. Affirmative action and the replacement of Nordic people in our own countries by non- Europeans through hostile immigration practices is anti-European discrimination. Our religion is one of sanity and we do not cooperate with attempts to annihilate our race.
7. We seek to be healthy and reject utterly any attempt of any  government  to enforce vaccinations, GMO’s  and other tainted food or drink, such as fluoridated water upon us;  to demand any damaging processing procedures on anything we consume; or,  to require any harmful medications or treatments for ourselves or our families.  In accordance with our religious beliefs, we do not acknowledge the authority of any agency to legislate away our inalienable rights to own land, or water, or to make use of seeds, or any other product of Nature in the way our Gods intended.
8. We refuse to be a tool or slave of any government or of any other ethnic group, or to support alien organizations and peoples in any way, and if such is required by corrupt laws, we will do all we can to overturn them, since the unlawful taking of our resources is in every way unacceptable to any free people.  Apathy is a disgrace to our ancestors and our Gods. If so inclined, we contribute time, funds and other resources to schools, scholarships, Odinist temples, social clubs, businesses, charities, and other organizations and causes that benefit our own people only.  Where possible we should always aid those of our own kind who need help and offer them hospitality. Other people are free to look after themselves and their own people in the same fashion, but it is not our task to do so.
9. The concept of diluting our blood by race mixing is unthinkable to us because to do so would be to sever the connection between us and our Divine Ones, our Ancestors,  and to destroy our own folk. It is the supreme act of ingratitude and a sin against the Gods and ourselves. This is something that no moral man or woman of our kind would ever do, and any who behave thusly will no  longer be recognized by us as part of our folk. The same also applies to other unnatural and damaging vices that our Ancestors did not tolerate in their communities out of simple common sense.  We believe in the protection of the family first, which we hold sacred.
10. We recognize the importance of European culture and religion, which are central to the heart and soul of our people. Odinism is not an accessory or fashion for us. We are a tribal people and our religion is the basis of who we are. We value the freedom to practice our ways and worship our Divine Ones, and to be a people, and we act accordingly. If ever we allow our religion and culture to be destroyed, we also will cease to exist.
11. Men and women are not enemies in our tradition as they are in the Semitic cults. We are beloved companions. We seek the best mates of our kind because we are a people who believe in friendly competition and striving for excellence in all things. A noble and great man should seek to win a virtuous woman who is beautiful in body, mind, spirit and character, while women should seek to be worthy of such regard, and to select the best possible man as a husband. It goes without saying that Odinist men do not tolerate disrespect of worthy women of their own kind, especially by skraelings. We consider children a great gift from our Gods and where at all possible, seek to fully enjoy the blessings of a large family, as the Gods wish this happiness for us. As a tribe, we are all an extended family and  bear great love for one another. We hold consideration of nationality and governments a distant second to the bond of blood.
12. We realize that when we are dealing with other people who wish us ill and have no honor, both aliens, and traitors of our own kind, we must act accordingly, and do whatever it takes to defeat them in their destructive aims with a determination and cunning equal to, or exceeding, theirs. We must act to prevent them from harming our future generations  in mind, body and prospects as well. However, in the sanctuary of our Brotherhood we shall try to preserve that joy of true  companionship and the spiritual bond of honor we have as a tribe. We do not envy those of our people who work hard and excel, but support and honor them and their efforts. We do this in accordance with the idea of arete our Ancestors  and our Gods taught us, not with the Cultural Marxism of the false semitic religion. Each of us gives respect, honor and credit where it is due to our Brothers and Sisters, and strives to back up the noble virtues with action, since it is substance and achievement that matter.
13. We do not avoid dealing with difficulties or consider meekness, or willful ignorance, virtues. If we fail, it assuredly will not be for lack of trying, from not being on our own side, or not taking due effort and forethought so that we are more likely to win. The Divine Ones decide our fates, and we feel awe at the mystery of it. At the same time, although we are a people of great character and fortitude, we are not fatalistic in the sense of being defeatist.
14. Our Gods and Goddesses are not mere intellectual constructs. They are real. They possess great power, and we see evidence of their intervention and creative force all around us. We seek their guidance,  wisdom and strength,  and honor them, and ourselves, by our deeds.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Rest in Pride Dr. William Luther Pierce

Eleven years ago today, the world lost a great teacher; a visionary who formed a monumental organization.  Through the National Alliance, Dr. William Luther Pierce was able reach millions with his important message of hope and inspiration.  Little wonder why some work so hard to destroy the National Alliance.  Perhaps they would have succeeded had it not been for the dedicated few who refuse to believe the rumors, lies and half-truths started by the enemies of our people. 

Though there are many who claim they understood Dr. Pierce, nothing can sum up his beliefs more than the words he spoke during his last public speech available to view here

Stormfront's Derek Black Renounces White Nationalism In An Apology Letter to SPLC

Derek Black, the son of the former Alabama Klan leader who now runs the largest racist Web forum in the world, has renounced white nationalism, saying that he had been through “a gradual awakening process” and apologizing for his past activism.

In an E-mail (pdf) to the editor of this blog this week, Black, 24, wrote that he had come to see the arguments of white nationalism as “principally flawed,” adding that he had realized that American society is marked by an “overwhelming disparity between white power and that of everyone else” and that white nationalism was really about “an entrenched desire to preserve white power at the expense of others.”

“Advocating for white nationalism means that we are opposed to minority attempts to elevate themselves to a position equal to our own,” wrote Black, a junior at the elite New College of Florida. “It is an advocacy that I cannot support, having grown past my bubble, talked to the people I affected, read more widely, and realized the necessary impact my actions had on people I never wanted to harm.”


Nazi hunters(The jewish scum) offer cash in last push for justice

Nazi hunters have put a €25,000 bounty on the heads of the last surviving perpetrators of the Holocaust - in the hope of bringing of them to justice before they die. If Nazi war criminals are still alive, they're likely to be around 90 years old - and could be hiding almost anywhere in the world. As the time left to prosecute them grows short, Jewish Nazi hunters keen to see justice done before the last perpetrators all die off are entering the final stages of their “Operation Last Chance”.

The Los-Angeles based Simon Wiesenthal Centre wants to see justice - and fast. A new German public campaign launching this week promises to give informants up to €25,000 for any tip-offs leading to the capture and conviction of holocaust perpetrators, the Tagesspiegel newspaper said on Monday.

To this end, on Tuesday posters will be put up in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne showing the infamous view of the gate to the Auschwitz extermination camp beneath the caption “Late, but not too late” - urging people with information to come forward.

The bounty will be paid out on a sliding scale, said Efraim Zuroff, head of the Israel office of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, who has spent decades scouring the globe for Nazi criminals.

If a tip-off leads to a charge being brought against a suspected Nazi criminal, the informer gets €5,000. The centre will cough up another €5,000 if the suspect is convicted. On top of that, the informant gets paid €100 for every day that the perpetrator sits in jail, up to 150 days, Zuroff told the paper.

After decades of leniency by the German justice system many former SS members are thought to have remained at home to grow old in anonymity, wrote the paper. Around 50 former Auschwitz guards are thought to still be at large in Germany.

A recent legal precedent means that former extermination camp guards can now be convicted of accessory to murder – giving new hope to those thirsting for justice, wrote the paper.

“Time is running out,” said Zuroff, 64, who has vowed never to give up until he's convinced that nothing more can be done to bring those responsible for the Holocaust to justice. “That's why every positive result is welcome.”

The Local/jlb

Spanish police arrest Hells Angel boss

The German-born, European head of the Hells Angels motorbike gang was arrested in raids carried out by Spanish police on Tuesday. Officers found him in his Majorcan villa. In what was described as a major blow to the island's powerful German mafia, some 200 police and Civil Guard officers made 25 arrests in 31 raids in an operation directed by Spain's National High Court.

The raids led to the arrest of the most important Hells Angels figures in Europe, 49-year-old German Frank Armin Hanebuth.

Hanebuth — considered by German police to be one of that country's most dangerous men according to Focus news magazine— was shacked up in a villa in Lloret de Vistalegre when he was taken into custody.

One local police officer was also nabbed in raids that capped off a three-year investigation, local newspaper Diario de Mallorca reported on Wednesday.

Operation Casablanca targeted alleged drug trafficking, extortion, money laundering, and running of prostitution rings by the Majorca chapter of the notorious motorbike club.

Most of the club's members arrived on the island from Germany after authorities in that country cracked down on the group in 2009. As part of their prostitution business on the island, the Majorca Hells Angels are said to have systematically performed cosmetic surgery on prostitutes.

This was done "to make the product more attractive", according to a report in Spain's ABC newspaper on Wednesday.

The Youssafi brothers apparently kept a tight rein on these operations, capturing women and only granting them a day off when they had earned a specific amount of money.

Several members of the Majorca chapter of the Hells Angles arrested on Tuesday were also wanted for kidnapping and homicide in Germany. The gang has its origins in California after the Second World War and is thought to have between 2,000 to 2,500 members worldwide.

The Local/gm

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

African AIDS scammer in Belfast court

A man who was convicted of an online scam selling products that claimed to 'kill' the HIV virus has been sentenced to 240 hours community service.
Admare Jinga used his base in Belfast to set up a company that advertised and distributed products overseas, particularly to his native Zimbabwe.
In June, he was found guilty of fraud by false representation.
He had already admitted a second charge of marketing medicines for human use without proper authorisation.
The 31-year-old University of Ulster graduate was sentenced at Belfast Magistrates Court on Tuesday.
False claims Jinga, who now lives in Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland, will carry out his community service over the next 12 months.
During the trial, Belfast Magistrates Court had heard that Jinga established a company called Savec Healthcare Ltd in 2007, when he was living in south Belfast.
Up until 2009 it marketed products as alternative forms of treatment for the HIV infection.
They claimed to be able to kill, prevent or stop Aids, according to the prosecution.
In the witness box Jinga said he became involved with pharmacists, a microbiologist and other Zimbabwean professionals concerned with the impact of HIV in their country.
Jinga claimed that no complaints were ever received from people who used his products.
Water The case against him was taken by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
In a statement issued after the sentencing, the MHRA said the case was its first ever prosecution of its kind.
The agency said it took action against Jinga after he was found to be selling a machine and accompanying medicine over the internet that he falsely claimed could cure HIV and Aids.
"There are no known cures for HIV so any claim to this effect is illegal," the MHRA statement added.


Golden Dawn hails poll boost among the young

The Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn, which shot to prominence at last year's elections, is hailing new polling figures showing the strength of its position among younger voters and that it remains the third most popular party in Greek politics.
Golden Dawn, whose rallies feature Nazi style right arm salutes, and which actively promotes hostility to Jews and non-white immigrants, has seen its popularity soar amid the growing social chaos associated with austerity and economic crisis.
According to the most recent poll by Pulse RC, Golden Dawn has 13 percent support, putting it behind New Democracy on 19 percent and top placed SYRIZA on 21 percent. Polling was conducted among a representative sample of voters between July 11 and 17.
Golden Dawn's "International Newsroom" website is also hailing more detailed polling figures on the strength of the party's position among younger sections of the population. Among 18-29 year olds it has 14 percent support. Among 30-44 year olds it has 16 percent. Among 45-59 year olds it has 14 percent and among voters over 60 it has 8 percent.
"From those polls we can see," the website said, "that Golden Dawn is the second party among the age groups of the active population (ages 18-44) and that the old parties (PASOK - New Democracy) survive largely because of the elderly. Additionally, the polls reveal that 11% of New Democracy's voters and 7% of Syriza's voters are moving towards Golden Dawn.
"Hail Victory!"
Analysts say that "victory" is highly unlikely, though there is wide concern across Europe that a neo-Nazi party should remain in such a strong position.
Overall unemployment stands at around 27 percent while youth unemployment in Greece is over 60 percent.
As an indication of the kind of people the party attracts, the person who posted up the article goes by the title "BlueEyesWhiteSlav".

Story source

Monday, 22 July 2013

UK: Hackney council replaces drawing of street because it's 'too white'

A London council has been forced to re-issue the image of an historic street because an artist’s impression was “too white”.
Hackney council published the picture of the Hackney Central thoroughfare to illustrate planned changes to the recently pedestrianised Narrow Way. But after the Black and Ethnic Minority Network pointed out that almost everyone in the image was white, the council took it off their website.
Now you don't: the new image of Narrow Way A page about the Narrow Way on the website now displays an alternative picture.
In a press release entitled “Future of Hackney won’t be whitewashed”, BEMA Network spokesman  Ngoma Bishop said the original image  “revealed Hackney’s transformation into a borough inhabited almost entirely by young white people.”
A spokesman for architects Studio Weave, who produced the image, said it was meant to show the street rather than to represent Hackney and added: “We didn’t want to offend anyone”.

Nazi hunters offer cash in last push for justice

Nazi hunters have put a €25,000 bounty on the heads of the last surviving perpetrators of the Holocaust - in the hope of bringing of them to justice before they die. 

If Nazi war criminals are still alive, they're likely to be around 90 years old - and could be hiding almost anywhere in the world. As the time left to prosecute them grows short, Jewish Nazi hunters keen to see justice done before the last perpetrators all die off are entering the final stages of their “Operation Last Chance”.

The Los-Angeles based Simon Wiesenthal Centre wants to see justice - and fast. A new German public campaign launching this week promises to give informants up to €25,000 for any tip-offs leading to the capture and conviction of holocaust perpetrators, the Tagesspiegel newspaper said on Monday.

To this end, on Tuesday posters will be put up in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne showing the infamous view of the gate to the Auschwitz extermination camp beneath the caption “Late, but not too late” - urging people with information to come forward.

The bounty will be paid out on a sliding scale, said Efraim Zuroff, head of the Israel office of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, who has spent decades scouring the globe for Nazi criminals.

If a tip-off leads to a charge being brought against a suspected Nazi criminal, the informer gets €5,000. The centre will cough up another €5,000 if the suspect is convicted. On top of that, the informant gets paid €100 for every day that the perpetrator sits in jail, up to 150 days, Zuroff told the paper.

After decades of leniency by the German justice system many former SS members are thought to have remained at home to grow old in anonymity, wrote the paper. Around 50 former Auschwitz guards are thought to still be at large in Germany.

A recent legal precedent means that former extermination camp guards can now be convicted of accessory to murder – giving new hope to those thirsting for justice, wrote the paper.

“Time is running out,” said Zuroff, 64, who has vowed never to give up until he's convinced that nothing more can be done to bring those responsible for the Holocaust to justice. “That's why every positive result is welcome.”

The Local/jlb

What happens to an American city when the productive White Population is replaced by black Africans? Detroit happens!

84% of the population from Detroit are blacks.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Recent Golden Dawn New York shipment of donations arrived in Greece, thanks to everyone!

Special Thanks to our brothers in Western Attiki for helping with the receiving.
Thanks to everyone involved in donating! Just recently our comrades in Athens received a huge freight shipment (about 3 tons so far) from us here at Golden Dawn New York.  The items from this shipment will be distributed in Attica Square in Central Athens on July 24th, below is an announcement for the upcoming event.:

We have received donations from all over the US and even as far away as Australia! and we cannot stress enough how much of a difference your donations will make for the people of  Greece and the local neighborhoods around Attica Square!
Like many places in the center of Athens, Attica Square was once a peaceful residential area with many small businesses and families, by around 2007, the area around the square had become infested with mostly Bangladeshi, Afghan and African illegal immigrants, who used the square to sleep in, sell drugs and to rob the elderly people walking near it.  Golden Dawn stepped in and since that time after much work, the area around the square has improved dramatically, and next week this same area will be used to distribute aid to the people Greek politicians care about the least.
We will continue our efforts, and we urge all of you to keep helping with the struggle, we will be announcing a new initiative very shortly and we will continue to fight until the final victory!

from Golden Dawns official website in Greece

Saturday, 20 July 2013


For as long as I can remember I have been what I like to think of as a romantic. A classic romantic, dreaming of performing acts of heroism. There were no princesses to save from trolls or dragons any more (…!?), but I did have a faint hope that I would at least get the chance to rescue someone from certain death in some other context. I was even hoping that someone would be in need of help, like being caught off guard in front of a bus, just to give me the opportunity to jump out in front of the bus and push them out of harm’s way. My own death was not a necessary part of these heroic plans, but I never cared too much for my own safety. Children caught in wild streams, car crashes, air planes on fire, maidens being harassed, whatever; I was ready to act! Now, I did feel a bit bad for actually hoping that others would be in need of help, but how can anybody become a hero if there is no one in distress? These silly, naive and romantic dreams never really disappeared. I am still that fool hoping for an opportunity to help others in dire need of help – the more the merrier. In fact, I think that most European men are – if they are honest enough to admit it – just like me in this context. The self-sacrificial heroic mentality is deeply rooted in our psyche. It is actually a rather typical expression of the European spirit.
On Friday there was a train accident in a Parisian suburb (i. e. an area populated mostly by immigrants), and several individuals were killed and many were wounded. Some were even decapitated in the accident, I guess by flying debris. My wife told me about this, and I responded by saying to her that I didn’t believe it was an accident. I was sure it had happened because of sabotage. The cause of the accident was listed as due to high temperatures in Paris (?). Right… Yesterday evening the French (“French” as in Jewish) media reported that “youth” (i. e. immigrant youth) were throwing rocks at the firemen who came to help the many wounded.
Today the emergency personnel has gone out public and stated that the “youth” had been waiting there when the train crashed, and had then started to rob the wounded and dead passengers when it crashed. They had thrown rocks at the firemen, the ambulance personnel and the police to keep them from aiding the wounded, because they had not yet finished robbing them. There were more to loot, apparently.
The “French” president, the Jew Mr. Hollande, and his Socialist government describe the reports of robbery (told by the emergency personnel at the scene!) as “rumours” and as descriptions of “isolated incidents”. They also seem to fail completely to admit or even contemplate that perhaps the train crashed because somebody wanted it to crash, and actually did something to make it derail and crash. Like e. g. the gang of “youths” standing nearby ready to rob the passengers when it did.
Now, had any European attacked these looters, like e. g. I for sure would have done had I been there, to make sure the emergency personnel could assist the victims, what do you think would have happened to him? Yes, the looters would have, by the Jewish media, been described as “immigrants running to the crash site to help the wounded”, and the European attacking them would have been an “evil racist Nazi thug”, and he would have ended up in jail, possibly for the rest of his life, for “hate crime“.
This is the Europe our parent generation has left us and our children with. We have no protection from the law, but the law does prevent us from protecting ourselves. We have a government who not only imports criminal non-European scumen masse, but who also lies to us about the consequences of this. “Our” media is no better than the media in North Korea, and serves only their Jewish masters in government, and deliberately ignores, hides or explains away the truth. Their sole purpose is to spread anti-European propaganda and to cover up reality.
I am so angry, and I have been the whole day, and I just don’t understand why Europe doesn’t revolt against this. What do they have to lose? They have already lost the protection of the law, the freedom of speech; they are already living like slaves, working not for their own interests but for Jewish-owned banks and Jewish stock holders; the elections are obviously rigged, so there is no political solution in sight, and even if the elections weren’t rigged the media is under Jewish control, so there is no hope for any real political alternative. They have already lost their safety; they are being robbed before or even rather than being helped when they are injured, their daughters are routinely sexually harassed and run a serious risk of being gang raped by immigrants (an estimated 25% of all Swedish girls born today will be raped during their lives), their sons are routinely harassed and beaten, and even stabbed in the streets by gangs of immigrants, and so forth. What will it take for them to say stop and to take action to change the situation? If we don’t we will all be killed, one after the other, and each and every one of us.
Yes, you see; that is what they want! To exterminate Europe, lock, stock and barrel. They hate us! There is nothing they hate more than Europe and everything European, and they want it all gone – and they have been working for thousands of years already to ensure that this will happen. It must stop; we must take actions to end this. Before it is too late.
Hermann calling the Germans to Arms;
For obvious reasons I will not encourage anybody to take any illegal actions to end the European genocide, but there is much you can do that is not yet illegal. Be smart about this, and never give them an excuse to tighten the screw even more. I will suggest that you first of all take action to expose them and their lies to as many as possible – like I do here, but also like you can do elsewhere; in public, in private and in so many ways. You can e. g. make “DestroyZionism.Com” and “ThuleanPerspective.Com” stickers and put them on your car, tell the truth in all possible contexts to as many as you can. Make leaflets and put them in mail boxes in your area. Write “DestroyZionism.Com” or “ThuleanPerspective.Com” on walls. Whatever. Everything helps. Rivers are made from tiny drops of water! Let us together make a river of Truth! Let is wash away their lies and clean the mind of Europe! Let it wash away all liars and traitors, and drown the beast once and for all! HailaR WôðanaR!
Our coward Parent Generation doing what They have always done;
Original text by V. V.


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