Friday, 21 June 2013

Woman struck down in Sweden, for being Swedish.

The 23 year old mother was assaulted during the night because she is Swedish. She has spoke with about the attack and of her feeling unsafe and insecure after the ordeal.

The 23 year old woman had been out at the pub Saturday night. She was out with a friend, but they had parted ways just before the attack on their way home. When she was almost home, three foreign men approached her. They acted/appeared friendly, but suddenly one of the men asked her if she was Swedish.

"I answered yes, and then was immediately struck in the eye. I fell to the ground and scraped my knees. The men stood over me and said that Sweden is not my land," she tells

The woman, who has a two-year old daughter at home, is glad that the men were not armed with knives and did not do anything further to her. She explains however that it doesn't feel safe to live where she does, and that she fears she might meet them again.

She believes they were Middle Eastern, and described them as being dark and having dark hair and dark eyes. There are many foreigners in Oskarshamn, where the attack took place.

Kvinna slogs ner -- för att hon var svenska - Fria Tider

--Suddenly, three young foreign men approached the woman and asked her if she was Swedish. When she answered yes, she was struck down.

The three men then said: "Welcome to Sweden, it is our land now, not yours."

The police are treating the attack as a hate crime.


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