Wednesday, 5 June 2013

The Social Nationalists claim the Municipality of Athens

New poll reveals: The Golden Dawn candidate one breath away from becoming the mayor of Athens.

Golden Dawn will decisively claim the managment of the biggest Municipalities in the country on the elections of May 25, 2014, unless they find a way around this problem. This is confirmed by the latest poll of the Athens University of Economics and Buisness. According to the research, the Golden Dawn, with Ilias Kasidiaris (18,9%) as the Party's canditate, surpases the SYRIZA (18,8%) candidate Sakorafa, and is just 0.5% away from defeating the "New Democracy" (19,4%) candidate and also Minister of Civilian Protection, Nickolas Dendias. If we add to those the "hidden vote" of people that wish to not reveal the party they support, we have new data: Golden Dawn is going to win over Athens.

The three candidates from ND, Golden Dawn and SYRIZA are the only competitors that matter, bacause canditates from all the other parties only get below 5,9%. We should note that the pro-immgrant,  anti-social, and fierce anti-Golden Dawn current mayor of Athens George Kaminis, the one who used riot police against starving Greeks in our May Day gathering, is located just before the bottom of the list with 3%.

Golden Dawn clarifies that she still hasn't selected official candidates for the municipal elections. But we are going to run in the biggest districts and municipalities of the country. The municipal governments will stop being the tool of thieves and corrupted politicians. The Greek People demands political catharsis and change. But mostly it demands clean hands that will govern Greece with consistency and justice, that will uncover the scandals of previous governments and that will lead to political catharsis.

A revolution has started in 2010, when the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, our leader, was elected for the municipal council in Athens, and the revolution will spread its flames all over Greece.



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