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Schutzstaffel, Schwarze Sonne and Schwarze Stein

National Socialism was more than a political ideology it was an entire Weltanschauung, almost a religion and indeed more than a religion.

"Do you understand now the profound significance of our National Socialist movement? Whoever sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement doesn`t know much about it.............It is even more than a religion: it is the will to create mankind anew."[Hitler Speaks]
Like all religions it had an exoteric and an esoteric aspect. Miguel Serrano recognised that the exoteric war had been lost in 1945 but the esoteric war continues and it is this struggle that we are engaged in today.

Like National Socialism the elite organisation known as the SS had both an exoteric and an esoteric aspect.
Externally it was initially Adolf Hitler`s Protection Squad[Schutzstaffel] which later was enlarged by its subsequent leader Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler[ the fourth out of five leaders in total] into a police force and elite military unit.
Its outward trappings became more occultic-two Sig runes for its symbol, its use of the Totenkopf[Death`s Head] and black uniforms, reminiscent of the ancient Teutonic Harii.

SS men were encouraged to relinquish their former allegiance to xtianity and were indoctrinated into Rune Lore and ancient Teutonic heathen rituals to mark the seasons of the year. Fire was also venerated in their night time rituals.

The public and exoteric interpretation of SS[Schutzstaffel] had an inner esoteric interpretation-Schwarze Sonne. This was only known to the higher initiates of the organisation who actively sought to transform it under Himmler`s leadership into a mystical order of warrior monks with their centre at Schloss Wewelsburg.

After the external collapse of the German Reich in 1945 the Swastika symbol was replaced by the Schwarze Sonne and this was to be seen on German fighter aircraft in the closing days of WWII. The golden visible sun[the external Aryan Reich] gave way to the black invisible sun of the esoteric internal Aryan Reich. The war which had been thought on the earth in gross matter was now being fought on other planes of reality in spirit-and still is!

Like the SS symbol the Schwarze Sonne consists of Sig runes but 12 in number, all radiating from a centre. These runes signify the 12 knights of the Round Table, a mystical secret order. They also stand for the 12 signs of the zodiac and as Nigel Pennick has ably shown in his book Runic Astrology[1995] each half month is governed by a rune of the Elder Common Germanic Futhark. Also in many Indo-European mythologies the primary Gods were grouped into 12, such as the Aesir.

"The alchemical metaphor of sol niger[Black Sun] was said to represent occultation, blackening, a sinking into the mystery of self-discovery."[Black Sun, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, 2002].

Karl Maria Wiligut in his writings also referred to the Black Sun which he called Santur:

"Sunur saga santur tvo
Sintyr peri fuir sprueh
Wiligoti haga tharn
Halga fuir santur tvo" [Santur Charm]
The Black Sun became more prominent when Wilhelm Landig published his trilogy of books between 1971-1991.

"The Black Sun shines above the Midnight Mountain. The human eye cannot see it-and yet it is there: its light shines within. The bold and the righteous are solitary but they have divinity.[Rebellen fuer Thule, 1991]

In addition to the Schwarze Sonne interpretation of the double Sig runes I recently identified a third interpretation: Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein[The Lords of the Black Stone], a less well known organisation which features mainly in German literature.
DHvSS was founded by Knight Commander Hubertus Koch in 1221, a Marcionite Order who were privy to ancient Aryan Babylonian and Sumerian[Sumer-Aryan] teachings regarding the Babylonian/German mountain Goddess Isais[Isa-Is] who resides in the Untersberg mountain in Germany and Austria, close to where Hitler had his famous Berghof retreat at Berchtesgaden.

Interestingly the Untersberg as allegedly the mountain into which the German Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa[Red Beard] retreated and who will one day like King Arthor[Ar-Thur/Aryan Thor] return to save his people. The etymology of Berchtesgaden is also interesting. This name could derive from the German Goddess Berchta/Perchta.

According to the teaching of DHvSS:

"The Black Sun is the divine source of energy accessible to initiates through a hierarchy of spiritual intermediaries."[Black Sun]
 The Sig rune symbolises amongst other things, lightning, the power of Thunor, the mark of the Uebermensch and also of the sun, the Sonnenmensch.

"life-force, vitality, the light of truth, human consciousness, rationality...........the chariot of the gods was often depicted among the Germanic peoples as carrying a sun-disc or mandala, a universal symbol for the sun, the higher self, wholeness."[Peterson, 1988]
There appears to be a significant connection between the mythology and secret doctrines of the Aryan elite of Babylon and Sumer and the teachings of Armanism which I intend to analyse in closer detail in future articles along with the significance of the Schwarze Stein.

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