Friday, 21 June 2013

Nikos Michaloliakos: “The rise of Golden Dawn continues, along with the rise in embarrassment of the entire system"

Since the time of June 17th 2012, the political establishment in Greece (both “conservative and Marxist) has not accepted the greatest political defeat ever. This defeat however was the success of the Nationalist People’s movement. On May, 6th 2012 Golden Dawn took 6.97% of the vote and and the whole system with all of its “experts” were confidently betting that by the next round of elections in June Golden Dawn would disappear. The television, the newspapers, and all the journalists for 40 days were swearing up and down that Golden Dawn’s huge chunk of votes was some kind of mistake, some kind of “protest” that would wear off once people calmed down and learned to accept what was being forced on them. Then the results came in, and Golden Dawn got 6.92%, a decline of only a few thousand votes…
The continuous rise
In poll after poll since the fall of 2012, the Golden Dawn is steadily holding as the 3rd largest party in Greece and keeps climbing, now to the point of reaching second largest in an election. This is an unprecedented phenomenon, and shows more than anything the complete and utter failure of the media tyranny and its relation to the Greek people. Nobody is listening to these hacks, these bought and paid for liars, instead the Greeks continue to swell into the ranks of GOLDEN DAWN.  

XA AMERIKI exclusive Translation of Article by Nikos Michaloliakos


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