Tuesday, 25 June 2013

France shuts down two fringe far-right groups

(Reuters) - The French government has ordered the closure of two far-right fringe groups following the killing of a leftist student during a brawl in Paris this month, the groups said on Tuesday.

President Francois Hollande's Socialist government has promised to crack down on far-right groups after 19-year-old Clement Meric died in a clash between ultra-nationalist and far-left youths in a busy Paris street.
The two groups targeted by the ban are the far-right movement known as the "Third Way" and its militant wing, the Revolutionary Nationalist Youths. A group of suspects under investigation for Meric's death had ties to the Third Way.

"The shutdown will not keep nationalism from expressing itself in all possible forms," the founder of the Revolutionary Youths, Alexandre Gabriac, told Reuters in response to the move.
Meric's death followed months of street violence by far-right groups on the fringes of huge demonstrations against Hollande's move to legalise gay marriage.
RTL radio reported on Tuesday that footage from security cameras suggested that Meric had been about to lay into one of the far-right activists from behind when the youth suddenly turned around and delivered a fatal blow to Meric's face.
(Reporting by Marine Le Pennetier and Gerard Bon; Writing by Leigh Thomas, Editing by Gareth Jones)


So an antifa rat attacks a patriot, and when the patriot defends himself - killing the rat in the process - the victim is arrested and his organisation banned!! I thought the UK was a Marxist basket case, but in comparison with France, it seems positively sane!!

Welcome to France?

Yeah, situation is pretty bad here. An update from the minister yesterday announced they wanted to shut down 2 more "far right" groups, "l’Œuvre française" and "Jeunesses nationalistes". First one being one of the oldest movement of this wing, created back in 1968 and never involved in any kind of judicial matter...

The alleged "months of street violence by far-right groups" never existed either.

Official text is here: http://www.interieur.gouv.fr/Actualites/Communiques/Dissolution-de-l-association-Troisieme-voie-et-des-Jeunesses-nationalistes-revolutionnaires

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