Sunday, 23 June 2013

10 Ways to control and Destroy a Nation: (Feel free to add to it)

1 - Identify a strategy that will lead to success. This could be militarily or by subversion. Once identified, set about your plan to implement it.

2 - Infiltrate all institutions, mould them gradually whilst holding the door open for more subversives to join you until eventually, the majority of people running the institutions are singing from the same song sheet and are able to influence and direct public opinion, what is seen on tv, education policy, the economy, politics, domestic and foreign policy and immigration policy.

3 - Instil in the subverted indigenous population a sense of historical guilt with creative history, put it into the national curriculum and have tv programmes reflect your destructive ideology. Re-create history in our image. Remove loyalty and patriotsm to the nation, culture and ethnic group by calling it racist and intolerant to be proud of what you are to call social constructs. Through control of immigration policy, open the doors to mass third world immigration. Encourage miscegenation with non-indigenous populations, the indigenous population who will now through pseudo-science believe that we are all the same and that race does not exist will mix with the non-indigenous groups. This is to be encouraged in tv, music, films, advertising and schooling. Anybody who exposes this is to be called a racist.

4 - Create a myth of oppression surrounding the family environment. Tell women that they are oppressed by males and that true liberty for women is not in the natural family environment but in revolution. Tell them that all men are oppressors and rapists, tell them the family is a social construct designed to enslave them. Break up the foundation of the society and nation, take children into our ideological care, take mothers out of the home and into the workplace. Discriminate against the fathers, create laws that work against them, destroy the role of the fathers in their families. No solid families = no solid nation.

5 - Promote excessive drinking and drug use. Glamourise decadence and present abnormality as normal. Criticise all moral teachings and traditional values as oppressive, create psychological rebellion against the old order. Through education and universities take this to the next level by indoctrinating students with philosophies based on fairytale rather than reality but always presenting it as factual. Send them out onto the streets to do our dirty work, the silly students will relish the opportunity to destroy their country on our behalf.

6 - Gain control of political parties, lead them in a way which ultimately and always advances the agenda. Tell the public what they want to hear to harness their support, but never act upon this unless it is to advance the mission. Learn to dodge questions with confusing nonsense, forget the words yes and no they are not in our dictionary, never give a straight answer. When power is gained and the country is at your mercy, you can do as you please because now you control it. Always repeat the mantra of the destructive agenda when in public, all opposition is to be attacked through government funding for anti-nation groups who are used to keep opposition at bay, but dont worry these anti-nation groups will not be around long once we have total control of the people.

7 - Control the police force at the highest levels. Create new laws to oppress and stifle opposition from any group. Use the police as your ideological enforcer, use them to harass and to forcefully clamp down on dissenting groups and individuals. Do not tell the average policeman on the street about the agenda, they are to be exempt from public criticism and should look down upon all citizens. They are vital to the plan and must become ideologically driven without even realising it.

8 - Have sympathisers in the Judiciary, when individuals or groups are arrested by the ideological enforcers and brought before the court they must be harshly dealt with. Make sure every offence has a tougher sentence for what we are to call racially aggravated or religiously aggravated. Send out a message that if anybody opposes our plan to destroy their country then we will come down on them severely. This will also send a message to population at large not to speak out against us.

9 - Create conditions of mass apathy, keep the masses immersed in blind consumerism in which we alone profit, not only do we get to destroy their country but we get rich doing it. Tell the people through our divide and conquer strategy that the enemy is the rich people ie us, and corporations that we control, but only do this so that the masses turn against what they perceive to be the nation and the state oppressing them when in reality it is us and not the nation state at all. This is a win win for the agenda, we have a hand in both camps manipulating one against the other, the outcome being that the nation has been destroyed through the useful idiots that worked unknowingly on our behalf. When the time comes, the useful idiots can be dealt with and power both economically and over the people of the nation remains in our control.

10 - When total power has been achieved we will rule with an iron fist. All dissenting voices will be rounded up and put into our gulags. People will learn to comply or die. Any resistance movements will be ruthlessly dealt with. At this stage we will have totally subverted, changed and destroyed the country and its people. They will be powerless to stop it, how stupid were they to allow us to do it. Our ideological enforcers will now keep law and order as we tell them too, the job is done, it has been long in the planning and implementation.


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