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“Please, men of Germany. Do something!”

Hello, you can read the newspapers but this video is about the real situation in Germany. I would like to tell everyone about this on Youtube and Facebook. I am almost 16. I would like everyone to know what is going on, what I am authentically feeling at this moment. .

Seasoned Feminist Not So Tolerant After Being Raped By ‘Syrian’ Refugees

Amanda Crosby was like many other Western girls, emotional and completely naive to human behavior as she was taught from a young age that everybody is equal. “I thought, you know…If they just came here they might stop gang-raping women and torturing homosexuals,” she explained to our reporters

Was there really a holocaust

The Holocaust has become the greatest instrument of sympathy which any nation has ever been able to use to gain support for wars, expansion and foreign-aid: This has made Israel the world's sixth strongest military power. .


“In Germany shall divers sects arise, Coming very near to happy paganism. The heart captivated and small receivings Shall open the gate to pay the true tithe.”


The chief of firemen stands in front of a blazing house. A sobbing woman says her child is still in there. She implores him to send a fireman into the inferno to save her child.

Sunday, 30 June 2013

European Religion versus Atheism

by Varg Vikernes

Reading about the European deities should be done with music in the background.
If you look up the term religion on Wikipedia you will find this definition; «Religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to the supernatural, and to spirituality». If you look up the term atheism on Wikipedia you will find this definition; «Atheism is, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. In a narrower sense, atheism is specifically the position that there are no deities». From the same source we can read that; «In traditional belief, a deity is a supernatural being, and who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred».
This Wikipedia definition does not seem to cover the European understanding of what a deity is though. In Europe a deity (i. e. a god or a goddess) was simply a(ny) force working for the good of something. The Germanic term «god» itself means simply «good». A Scandinavian priest was called a gôði and a priestess a gyðja (yes; both words mean simply «good»). Scandinavian gods were commonly called an æsir («spirits»), sg. âss, and bönd («chain», «binding», «obligation»), sg. band. , but were of course also called gôðir («gods», i. e. «good forces»), sg. gôð. All the terms say a lot about these deities and what our forebears meant about them. 
NB! As explained in Sorcery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia as well as here there are no «two families» of gods in Scandinavia, æsir and vanir; there are only one family of gods, but the most beautiful of these gods are called vanir («beautiful»), sg. vanr.
The dangerous forces working to tear down, to break down, to challenge and test the good are called jötnar («hungry», «big eaters»), sg. jötunn. They are not gods, but still forces working in nature. They too are positive though, in the sense that the bad brings forth the opportunity for the good to do its deeds. 
The gods in Europe – not just in Scandinavia – were impersonated by living human beings, the best amongst our forebears, and when doing so they became the deities themselves. The best men were selected for this by competing in games, best known today as the Olympic Games or Knight Tournaments, and the best women were selected for this by competing in games and in beauty competitions. The winner was given an apple. Youthful health, strength and beauty was the merits wanted for these deities, and thus the deities were «forever young» — whenver a deity lost in the yearly competitions he or she was replaced, by soemone even stronger, even more skilled and even more beautiful. So the deities were «immortal». They never died, and were kept young forever by the apple given to the winners every year.
The jötnar were also impersonated, but only during religious ceremonies, and they were killed off after such ceremonies, and the actors were «revived» afterwards, when the gods carried their «remains» to the sacrificial tree, where they had hung their clothes (i. e. their life force, colour and shape), and put back on their clothes. All this is more thouroughly explained in Socery and Religion in Ancient Scandinavia, and actually possibly even better in (a PDF chapter from) MYFAROG. Note though that MYFAROG is a game, so the book has other features too. 
Every man can and must cultivate the gods and goddesses in him, or else the dangerous forces will take over, as explained in Beyond the River Ifing.
If we return to the Wikipedia definition of deities, mentioned at the beginning of this post, it becomes clear that the European belief in deities is in a sense beyond the Wikipedia definition. It also becomes clear that atheism in relation to the European deities is actually the same as nihilism. If the deities are the good and moral in man then atheism is nihilism; a negation and rejection of the good and moral in man.
A European animal sacrifice is a strengthening of the good in those participating in the sacrifice; the animal is eaten normally afterwards, by the humans impersonating the deities and their tribesmen. They know why they are eating this particular animal; it can be for inspiration, for love, for patience, for strength, for beauty or whatever. For something good. No sacrifice was ever made to jötnar! A prayer to a god, a prayer in solitude, is not a belief in some supernatural being and that this being is listening from somewhere; it is a form of meditation and a reminder to yourself. Be good, be just, be victorious, be skilled, or whatever! No prayer was ever said to jötnar! A temple built to honour a deity is the same; whenever you see it, visit it or even think of it you strengthen that deity in you. No temple was ever built to honour any jötnar!
The European religion is simply «an organized form of goodness-cultivation». The deities and also the jötnar are forces working in us and in other places of nature. They are not «supernatural beings». They are real human beings (or rather were…we sadly no longer impersonate them), they are real statues, real ideas, real images and real symbols, all influencing us and our minds directly. What you sense influences you. No atheist can argue about that.
Being religious is not something to be ashamed of, as long as you are in a European way. Being atheist on the other hand is no better than being a nihilist, rejecting all the deities of Europe, and thus also what they stand for. Being an atheist is even worse than being a Christian, because at least the Christians still value those good old Euroepan morals, that they incorportated into their otherwise Jewish faith, when the Jews failed to anihiliate the European morals during the Christianization of Europe.
The Meter
Christianity; 90% European religion, 10% Judaism
Islam; 90% Judaism, 10% Arabic tribal religion
Atheism when rejecting the European deities; 100% Nihilism
Nihilism; 100% Judaism
Judaism; 100% «Satanism» (i. e. the active cultivation of the jötnar in man)
To be European in mind and spirit you have to follow the European religion though, in whatever way suits you. It is no good to drink a beverage that is 90% clean water and «only» 10% pure poison. If you do you will poison your mind, your spirit and also your body. Instead we should all become or at least try to become gods or goddesses, just like our forebears! HailaR WôðanaR!
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Schutzstaffel, Schwarze Sonne and Schwarze Stein

National Socialism was more than a political ideology it was an entire Weltanschauung, almost a religion and indeed more than a religion.

"Do you understand now the profound significance of our National Socialist movement? Whoever sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement doesn`t know much about it.............It is even more than a religion: it is the will to create mankind anew."[Hitler Speaks]
Like all religions it had an exoteric and an esoteric aspect. Miguel Serrano recognised that the exoteric war had been lost in 1945 but the esoteric war continues and it is this struggle that we are engaged in today.

Like National Socialism the elite organisation known as the SS had both an exoteric and an esoteric aspect.
Externally it was initially Adolf Hitler`s Protection Squad[Schutzstaffel] which later was enlarged by its subsequent leader Reichsfuehrer SS Heinrich Himmler[ the fourth out of five leaders in total] into a police force and elite military unit.
Its outward trappings became more occultic-two Sig runes for its symbol, its use of the Totenkopf[Death`s Head] and black uniforms, reminiscent of the ancient Teutonic Harii.

SS men were encouraged to relinquish their former allegiance to xtianity and were indoctrinated into Rune Lore and ancient Teutonic heathen rituals to mark the seasons of the year. Fire was also venerated in their night time rituals.

The public and exoteric interpretation of SS[Schutzstaffel] had an inner esoteric interpretation-Schwarze Sonne. This was only known to the higher initiates of the organisation who actively sought to transform it under Himmler`s leadership into a mystical order of warrior monks with their centre at Schloss Wewelsburg.

After the external collapse of the German Reich in 1945 the Swastika symbol was replaced by the Schwarze Sonne and this was to be seen on German fighter aircraft in the closing days of WWII. The golden visible sun[the external Aryan Reich] gave way to the black invisible sun of the esoteric internal Aryan Reich. The war which had been thought on the earth in gross matter was now being fought on other planes of reality in spirit-and still is!

Like the SS symbol the Schwarze Sonne consists of Sig runes but 12 in number, all radiating from a centre. These runes signify the 12 knights of the Round Table, a mystical secret order. They also stand for the 12 signs of the zodiac and as Nigel Pennick has ably shown in his book Runic Astrology[1995] each half month is governed by a rune of the Elder Common Germanic Futhark. Also in many Indo-European mythologies the primary Gods were grouped into 12, such as the Aesir.

"The alchemical metaphor of sol niger[Black Sun] was said to represent occultation, blackening, a sinking into the mystery of self-discovery."[Black Sun, Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, 2002].

Karl Maria Wiligut in his writings also referred to the Black Sun which he called Santur:

"Sunur saga santur tvo
Sintyr peri fuir sprueh
Wiligoti haga tharn
Halga fuir santur tvo" [Santur Charm]
The Black Sun became more prominent when Wilhelm Landig published his trilogy of books between 1971-1991.

"The Black Sun shines above the Midnight Mountain. The human eye cannot see it-and yet it is there: its light shines within. The bold and the righteous are solitary but they have divinity.[Rebellen fuer Thule, 1991]

In addition to the Schwarze Sonne interpretation of the double Sig runes I recently identified a third interpretation: Die Herren vom Schwarzen Stein[The Lords of the Black Stone], a less well known organisation which features mainly in German literature.
DHvSS was founded by Knight Commander Hubertus Koch in 1221, a Marcionite Order who were privy to ancient Aryan Babylonian and Sumerian[Sumer-Aryan] teachings regarding the Babylonian/German mountain Goddess Isais[Isa-Is] who resides in the Untersberg mountain in Germany and Austria, close to where Hitler had his famous Berghof retreat at Berchtesgaden.

Interestingly the Untersberg as allegedly the mountain into which the German Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa[Red Beard] retreated and who will one day like King Arthor[Ar-Thur/Aryan Thor] return to save his people. The etymology of Berchtesgaden is also interesting. This name could derive from the German Goddess Berchta/Perchta.

According to the teaching of DHvSS:

"The Black Sun is the divine source of energy accessible to initiates through a hierarchy of spiritual intermediaries."[Black Sun]
 The Sig rune symbolises amongst other things, lightning, the power of Thunor, the mark of the Uebermensch and also of the sun, the Sonnenmensch.

"life-force, vitality, the light of truth, human consciousness, rationality...........the chariot of the gods was often depicted among the Germanic peoples as carrying a sun-disc or mandala, a universal symbol for the sun, the higher self, wholeness."[Peterson, 1988]
There appears to be a significant connection between the mythology and secret doctrines of the Aryan elite of Babylon and Sumer and the teachings of Armanism which I intend to analyse in closer detail in future articles along with the significance of the Schwarze Stein.

Wotan's Krieger

Traian Basescu displays again his political originality by replacing the Romanian people with Roma ethnicity

Traian Basescu displays again his political originality by replacing the Romanian people with Roma ethnicityThe Romanian President Traian Basescu has set up a financial and political plan to bring together millions of Roma citizens with voting rights. The common Roma citizens will be incented to "register" with an organization, will be given membership cards and identity documents will be provided to those who do not have. The Personal Numeric Code will be the next step after the membership cards, allowing them to use the ne identity card to vote. The same system is already in place for citizens wishing to obtain Hungarian citizenship. We are 2.6 million less Romanians, while the number of Roma citizens has been constantly growing. According to the most recent census, carried two years ago, there are 619,000 Roma citizens in Romania, which counts for 3.2% of the stable population of Romania. However, according to the World Bank the number of Roma citizens in Romania exceeds 3 million, which makes a quarter of the 13 million Roma citizens in Europe. The significant number of Roma people may represent an useful political mass to any party or political candidate able to handle them in order to obtain their votes, especially if we take into account that more than 80% of the Roma people live below the poverty line.
Traian Basescu is well aware of this fact from his past political campaigns when Florin Cioaba acted as his electoral agent. Currently deprived of the PDL political strength, the Head of State will build a new electoral mass based on the support of the Roma people in the near European Parliament elections, where his own youngest daughter is a candidate. Elena Basescu (EBA) understood the importance of the Roma votes, hence decided to support  King Cioaba in his action to "register" each Roma citizen and grant membership cards. As a living proof of her support to the Roma citizens, Elena Basescu declared at the beginning of this month at the International Roma Congress that the Roma people should have property deeds for their houses. It is not only EBA who is in need of the Roma political support but also other people close to the President who will try to gain a new seat in the European Parliament, such as Monica Macovei and Cristian Preda. The significant mass of voters will serve not only to the potential EP members but also to the members of the "Popular Move" Foundation. This is the method of Traian Basescu to set the ground for all his Presidential Advisors and other people with political aspirations who registered in the "Popular Move", so that they can rely on  millions of Roma votes in the near elections when the foundation becomes a political party. Therefore, Traian Basescu shall have the support of the Roma voters to replace the PDL votes.
Massive Financial Support
A strong electoral mass does not mean too much in the absence of an adequate financial support. Traian Basescu started building a political financial scheme since he was a Minister of Transport, using financially influential people to direct the votes of the ethnical minorities. Gruia Stoica, the brain of the Toflea Roma people, is an example of how a highly influential businessman on the mass of voters may become a good electoral agent in exchange for economic advantages. That is the explanation of the fact that people close to the President pulled some strings to help the Galati-based businessman obtain some good contracts with the State, including with CFR Marfa (Romanian Railway Freight Transport Company). Anca Boagiu, Radu Berceanu and Relu Fenechiu, during their terms as Ministers of Transport, helped Gruia Stoica grow his business. The Galati-based businessman started making money from the scrap iron trade, taken by Roma people from the Galati Steel Works. Although the new Galati Steel Works management stopped the scrap iron sale in Toflea area, Gruia Stoica found other places in Romania where the scrap iron trade is still an easy money method, despite the fact that it is illegal most of the times. Gruia Stoica is also likely to provide financial and political support to Traian Basescu and the people close to him by the potential purchase of the Rapid Football Club, so much liked by the CFR. The financial resources of Elena Udrea matter as well for a potential political group established by Traian Basescu upon his break-up with the PDL. A political relaunch of the President is likely to provide his former protégée Elena Udrea the political support she has been lately deprived of in the PDL Modrogan Headquarters. Elena Udrea, during her mandate as Minister of Tourism and Regional Development, invested heavily in the areas where mass of voters were located, with the sole purpose of using them in the elections. Dorin Umbrarescu, close to the Head of State, recently obtained the ATE Bank management. The banking institution is likely to serve Traian Basescu and the people close to him to running their businesses without too much of a hassle.
Florin Cioaba: "We shall support our members, including financially"
"These membership cards will be issued by International Romani Union organization, with branches all over the world. I have been Vice-President of the Union since 2000 and I have been elected President this year. These membership cards are granted on request to members of our organization. These cards are similar to passports. We shall open support and guidance centres in all European continents as well as on other continents. Should a Roma citizen need guidance in order to find a job, for instance, to obtain some legal documents, for embassy or consulate lobby, emergency support in extreme cases or even financial... we shall vouch for these members, we do not simply give them membership cards, which will be a support wherever Roma citizens are. We currently have more than 100,000 members all over the world. Whoever wants to become a member must have a clean criminal record. No embassy or consulate supports the Roma citizens, that is why we decided to open these centres. The guidance centres in Europe will try to find jobs to our members. The Romanian State is now waiting for European money to issue identity cards to Roma people. This is not normal. We shall raise the funds from our membership fees and donations. We have a committee made of businessmen who own companies and who will support this organization and make donations themselves. There is an 100 EUR yearly membership fee", declared Florin Cioaba for ZIUAnews.
II. Base and his Roma keenness
Foreign Attack
Traian Basescu understood he had lost all domestic power and strings to pull after having used them so cleverly in previous years and that his only chance to maintain his ability to put pressure on the political class and consequently on the Romanian electorate was to use foreign help. His experiment of last Summer worked successfully and the results hereof were outstanding. By having highly situated EPP members in the European Council and European Parliament stand up for him along with a strong media campaign carried by the press close to him and his own EMPs, Traian Basescu managed to force the current Power and to enforce the rules of the game. Thus, he returned to Cotroceni Presidential Palace, despite an impressive number of Romanian citizens having voted him out. Should Basescu be no longer able to make his voice heard in Brussels and Strasbourg through his protégés, his ability to influence the European attitude towards Romania becomes minor. Hence his strong wish to help some of his protégés win EMP seats. Monica Macovei, seen in some circles the symbol of fight against corruption, Cristian Preda and his loud voice or even Teodor Baconschi, all seen as voices of Romanian intellectuals, or even Elena Basescu, despite her multiple previous mistakes, will represent strong voices in the European space. Anca Boagiu, Vice-President of the EPP, is able as well to influence the EPP leaders who are currently holding key-positions in many European bodies.
 Countless Gifts from the Big Boss
One of the objectives of Traian Basescu and his family has been to grow close relationships with members of the Roma minority. The Head of State took all opportunities to attend Roma festivals, to be greeted with bread and salt, to dance an party and receive small gifts. The Roma people also took good care of the wife of the President, whom they dressed in traditional Roma outfits and to whom they gifted gold coins. Mircea Basescu, brother to the Romanian President, also has close relationships with highly influential Roma people. Bercea Mondialu - currently behind bars for attempted murder against his own nephew, for tax evasion, money laundering and scams- declared at some point that he would have liked the Romanian President to become godfather of his own granddaughter. Since he could not get the President, he settled with the brother of the latter, who accepted the task immediately. "I did not meet Mircea Basescu prior to the baptism of my granddaughter. I did not have access to the President, to ask him to become the godfather of my granddaughter", Sandu Anghel a.k.a. Bercea Mondialu said. Although Bercea Mondialu ended it in jail, most of his clan members managed to close dozens of criminal files they were part of. Some of the allegations included money laundering, scams, tax evasion, illegal VAT reimbursement, bribery, attempted murder, rape, theft, wounding with intent, driving without a driving license, driving under influence or with false plates. However, the tightest relationships are between the Roma people and the daughter of the President, Elena Basescu (EBA), who opened her EMP office in Sibiu, the same city where the "royal palace" of Florin Cioaba is located. Not only that Elena Basescu attended the 8th Congress of International Romani Union organized by Cioaba in Sibiu and endorsed his ideas of membership cards, but she also started to lobby in the European Parliament, where pictures were taken of EBA together with the self-claimed king of the Roma people. EBA proposed the European Parliament that all political parties in Romania offer a position for the Roma people in the European elections. More, she suggested that all countries that do not adopt this proposition lack the European attitude. "It does matter how the Roma citizens are treated. That is why I would recommend that, in the next European Parliament elections, all parties provide an eligible position to a Roma citizen. (...) I would like to think that this will be a successful strategy all over the European Union, but seeing the popular and deeply non-European reaction of certain governments when Romania and Bulgaria were proposed to adhere to the Schengen space, I shall not hold my breath", Elena Basescu declared when speaking in the European Parliament. Nevertheless, Traian Basescu showed his real opinion on the Roma people, much less flattering, when he thought he was out of the limelight- the "stinky gypsy" episode. The said episode proved clearly he simply used the Roma people for political gains.
The "Popular Move" Shield
The name was registered with the OSIM (State Office for Inventions and Trademarks) as early as 2011 by Ioana Basescu, eldest daughter of the President. Soon after the public break-up between the President and his former PDL, Presidential Advisor Cristian Diaconescu announced the establishment of the "Popular Move" Foundation, later joined by other presidential advisors as well. Traian Basescu admitted the foundation was his idea and declared he would support it as long as it does not become a political party. It is quite easy to understand the reason of the President: the Constitution bans the President from supporting or becoming a member of any political party. Should the Popular Move Foundation become a political party, there will be sufficient legal grounds for a new impeachment of the President.
III. Good Money for a New Political Construction: Old Gold Coins
The "Locomotive" of Power
Gruia Stoica (pictured below) managed to make an EUR 450 million fortune, taking into account that the revenue of Grupul Feroviar Roman nearly tripled during the PDL Governments. The President would definitely use his support in developing and improving various political constructions he controlled in recent years. It is not only the financial support disguised in donations that the President would find useful, but also the votes the employees of the tycoon may bring. The companies owned and controlled by Gruia Stoica and his brother Vasile Didila currently employ tens of thousands of people, carrying contracts not only in Romania but also in Moldova, Serbia and Hungary, all states politically close to Traian Basescu. By 2001 Gruia Stoica established a network that traded scrap iron from the former Galati Steel Works. The Roma people in Toflea area cut scrap iron and sold it to several collection centres controlled by the Stoicas. As of 2001, when the Galati Steel Works was privatized, the scrap iron business was replaced with the freight and passenger railway transport. Gruia Stoica started Grupul Feroviar Roman in the same year, the same company which later bought the tender book for the auction of the CFR Marfa (Railway Freight Transport Company). During the execution of the contracts between Grupul Feroviar Roman and CFR Marfa, it has always been the private company Grupul Feroviar Roman that was prosperous and the state owned CFR Marfa that buried in debts. Therefore, the state owned company lost several auctions to Grupul Feroviar Roman. Subsequent to winning the auction, the private company hired CFR Marfa as subcontractor, while the private company was busy spending the EUR millions. Gruia Stoica enjoyed the support of the Minister of Transport, regardless the name hereof: Anca Boagiu, Radu Berceanu or Relu Fenechiu.
Fenechiu comes to rescue
Sorin Chinde is the Director General of Grup Feroviar Roman (GFR), part of Grampet Group, and also former Director of CFR Calatori (Romanian Railway Transport), while his wife Cristina Cintia Chinde is the current Commercial Director of the state-owned CFR Calatori. Cristina Chinde is responsible for the price policy of CFR Calatori and, according to information in the possession of ZIUAnews, the prices are always in favour of GFR. When CFR Calatori and GFR both participate in an auction, the privately-owned GFR representatives always know before the auction the offer that the state-owned CFR Calatori will come up with. It is hardly a coincidence that Relu Fenechiu, the current Minister of Transport, appointed in the management positions of CFR Marfa and CFR Calatori people obedient to the former Democrat-Liberal government, like George Micu, protégé of Anca Boagiu, Denisa Filipescu or Cristian ghibu. Another controversial decision made by the Minister of Transport in the privatization of CFR Marfa, so much wanted by Gruia Stoica, was to hire "Musat and Associates", law firm that also represents the interests of the Galati-based businessman. In addition to the favours made to Grampet Group by representatives of the Romanian state, helping Grampet make fortunes and Romania lose good money, Gruia Stoica and his two foundations Toflea and Grampet were given state-owned buildings to use as premises.
Elena Udrea Remains Close
"The King of the Wagons" is a protégé of Udrea-Cocos family. During the mandate of Missis Udrea as Minister of Regional Development and Tourism, between 2009-2012, several companies controlled by Democrat-Liberals gained tremendous amounts from contracts with the state. Some of these companies went as far as to receive advance payments for potential works. More, Elena Udrea was accused of having purchased goods or services for exorbitant prices. Also during the mandate of Missis Udrea several areas of Romania received larger stakes of the state budget than others, sometimes for projects that were not even necessary. Coincidently, these areas are the same areas where the traditional voters of Traian Basescu were amassed.   
Umbrarescu - From King of the Road to Banker
As recent as one week ago, Dorin Umbrarescu, another protégé of President Basescu made a sudden career change. From road rehabilitation works, he switched to banking assets and liability. Umbrarescu purchased 93.27% of the ATE Bank shares, some would say a rather bold step in these times of economic downturn. The potential purchase of the majority of shares of ATE Bank was rumoured last autumn, when a group of ten businessmen, including Gruia Stoica, was said to be willing to take over the banking institution. The majority shareholder of a bank is able to control all financial resources and to work their way in promoting and developing businesses.
Betting on Football
The football teams of Dinamo and FC Brasov have always had the electoral logo of PDSR on their shirts. Ceahlaul, football team controlled by Pinalti, changed their colours from yellow-black to orange. Traian Basescu could not have missed the emotional and media impact of the football matches and went out in the limelight twice. In his own chameleonic and effective way, the President initially supported Rapid football team, while Mircea Lucescu was the coach of the team under the Grant bridge. We still have from that period the VIP part of the stadium and a legend according to which President Basescu attempted to land himself a plane that was flying to Bacau, courageous action due to the "liquor" hospitality of Rapid Football Club owner, George Copos. The President later supported another football team that was very successful in 2006, Steaua, by publicly displaying himself along with Gigi Becali at Golden Blitz restaurant while celebrating the qualification of the team in the  UEFA Semifinals. At this moment the situation tends to repeat, the President starts supporting a football team again, through Gruia Stoica, who conducts at this moment advanced negotiations with George Copos for taking over Rapid football team. It goes without saying that such a move would make the numerous Rapid fans support the resident of the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.
From restaurant tables to the masses
Basescu is once again in the situation to gather votes from football tribunes. He initially tried it with Steaua and at this point he moved to Giulesti. It is a deeply surprising move, considering it is so illogical and such a display of opportunism that football supporters will definitely punish. The President acts the same way in the football tribunes as he does with his fellow politicians: inconstantly and unscrupulously. The large mass of football supporters has been loyal to the same football team for generations, inheriting the passion from parents and grandparents, thus making it likely to reject Basescu due to their emotional inertia. No supporter of Rapid football team will like Basescu if they keep any memory of the sudden change of former sailor Basescu, when he switched from the Rapid cherry-coloured shirt to the red-blue Steaua shirt. In the times when Basescu strongly needed the support of Steaua fans, he declared publicly that he was a Steaua supporter. His sudden and risky move is a clear sign that the President finds himself in offside after losing his traditional supporters, and now sees no way out.
Money + Votes + Influence = POWER
According to his own declaration, Traian Basescu will remain in politics upon completion of his mandate. However, after the break-up with the PDL, it became impossible for Basescu to perform at the high level he aimed. Thus came the need for a new political construction. The plan that the President is said to have thought is unique and extremely well thought, the first goal being to obtain European Parliament seats. Gruia Stoica and other influential Roma businessmen, who have run highly profitable businesses with the state in recent years, are able to provide the financial support of the political construction. It is worth mentioning that most people who ran the Ministry of Transport were protégés of Basescu, like Radu Berceanu or Anca Boagiu. The so-called "purchase" of a commercial bank by another controversial character who also benefitted from state contracts and the establishment of very discreet low-profile foundations also indicate a potential money route. The expected votes are likely to come from the Roma community, controlled by the organization run by Florin Cioaba and thoroughly verified through the "passport type membership cards". The votes of football supporters, due to the purchase of football clubs, as well as the employees of companies like CFR Marfa, will also count to a significant extent. The outcome of the vote will also depend on the influence of politicians like Teodor Baconschi or William Branza, who are likely to bring votes from Romanians living abroad. The four ladies who will bring in their contribution are Elena Basescu, Monica Macovei, Elena Udrea and Anca Boagiu, by being the visible part of the political construction. Monica Macovei and Anca Boagiu will be also able to influence important European leaders, Elena Udrea is likely to be the representative of the President in the domestic political world and to control a series of highly profitable businesses, while EBA may be used as the fresh face of the new party. It is also worth mentioning that President Basescu still holds great influence on the Foreign Intelligence Service, unlike his now damaged relation with the Romanian Intelligence Service. Once Basescu manages to obtain the desired number of trusted European Parliament members, he will be able again to take a seat at the negotiation table, making it possible for the Popular Move to become a shelter for all the people close to Basescu after the presidential elections of 2014.
The Hungaro-Moldavian Precedent
The "scheme" so carefully put together by President Basescu is inspired from a similar manoeuvre of the Hungarian orange government. In January 2011 a law became effective in our neighbouring state, aiming at a massive increase of the Hungarian citizens. According to the new law provisions, any citizen of the world that speaks Hungarian and is able to prove that they have a Hungary-born ancestor prior to 1920 or between 1938-1945 is entitled to be granted Hungarian citizenship. More than 300,000 Romanians have so far applied for Hungarian citizenship. Traian Basescu similarly created a significant number of voters, making it very easy for many citizens of the Republic of Moldova to obtain Romanian citizenship. Certain European bodies harshly criticized the initiative and several states, including France or the Netherlands, considered the initiative a fair ground to delay the adhesion of Romania to the Schengen area.    
The Police is by our side
As of the beginning of the first mandate of Traian Basescu as President of Romania, each Minister of Interior, irrespective of the political parties he was coming from, enjoyed privileged relationships with the President.  During this time there were numerous scandals between the gypsy clans. The civil society reacted, accusing authorities of lack of reaction. There were also European reactions when a leader of the Roma people in Italy, Costica Argint, wanted by Interpol, had a friendly chat with the Romanian PM, Minister of Interior and Minister of Foreign Affairs during a trip to Italy of the Romanian Government members, aimed precisely at lowering the number of Romanian citizens crimes. Ioan Rus - despite being a member of a political party "rival" to Traian Basescu, the leader of the "Cluj Group" is seen by many of his party colleagues as the protégé of Traian Basescu. Vasile Blaga- "The Roma people are Romanian citizens and, should they possess legal travel documents and not be accused of having violated the French or Romanian legislation, we think that they enjoy the full freedom of movement within the EU." Traian Igas- "We are deeply concerned by the problems of the Roma community. I believe the Roma issue to be an European issue. Romania is a member state of the European Community, aiming at a future adhesion to the Schengen area. The issue should equally concern the destination countries of the Roma citizens. I think these countries as well should attempt to integrate the Roma citizens in their communities, should the Roma citizens have the legal status allowing them to live and work in the destination country", Igas said. Marian Saniuta and Gabriel Oprea were also much liked by President Basescu while they ran the Ministry of Interior. Cristian David, Liviu Dragnea, Dan Nica or Gabriel Berca, who did not enjoy privileged relationships with President Basescu, did not manage to run the Ministry of Interior longer than a few months.

Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster

An unsettling report prepared by the Emergencies Ministry (EMERCOM) circulating in the Kremlin today on the just completed talks between Russia and the United States in Washington D.C. says that the Obama regime has requested at least 15,000 Russian troops trained in disaster relief and “crowd functions” [i.e. riot control] be pre-positioned to respond to FEMA Region III during an unspecified “upcoming” disaster.
According to this report, this unprecedented request was made directly to Minister Vladimir Puchkov by US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Director Janet Napolitano who said these Russian troops would work “directly and jointly” with her Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), part of whose mission is to secure the continuity of the US government in the event of natural disasters or war.
Important to note, this report says, is that FEMA Region III, the area Russian troops are being requested for, includes Washington D.C. and the surrounding States of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, “strongly suggesting” that the Obama regime has lost confidence in its own military being able to secure its survival should it be called upon to do so.
In his public statements, yesterday, regarding these matters Minister Puchkov stated, “We have decided that the US Federal Emergency Management Agency and Russia’s Emergencies Ministry will work together to develop systems to protect people and territory from cosmic impacts,” and further noted that his meeting with DHS Director Napolitano also covered other kinds of natural emergencies, such as recent years’ extreme weather in both Russia and United States.
In this EMERCOM report, however, Minister Puchkov notes that the Russian troops being requested by the Obama regime would “more than likely” be paired with US-DHS troops who last year purchased nearly 2 billion rounds of ammunition and just this past month placed and emergency order for riot gear.
As to what “upcoming disaster” the US is preparing for, this report continues, appears to be “strongly related” to last weeks assassination of American reporter Michael Hastings who was killed while attempting to reach the safety of the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles, and as we had reported on in our 20 June report Top US Journalist Attempting To Reach Israeli Consulate Assassinated.
Further to be noted about Hastings assassination by the Obama regime is the continued US mainstream propaganda news cover-up of it, though many freelance reporters continue to uncover the truth, such as Jim Stone whose investigation noted that the rear portion of Hastings car was blown open and shredded with the rest of the car nicely intact, which runs counter to the “official” story that this vehicle has hit a tree.
Not mentioned in this EMERCOM report is any suggestion that Russia would comply with this request from the Obama regime, especially in light of the horrifying information being given to Russian intelligence analysts from Edward Snowden who has been labeled as the most wanted man in the world.
According to one Federal Security Services (FSB) bulletin on their continued debriefing of Snowden, and analysis of the information he has provided Russian intelligence officers, his father, Lonnie Snowden, was an officer in the US Coast Guard during the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States who had “direct knowledge” of the true events that occurred and whom the real perpetrators were.
Being directly affected by the events of 9/11, this FSB bulletin says, Snowden “self initiated” a multi-year effort to gain access to America’s top secrets, a mission which when recently completed led him to contact various international reporters, including Hastings, whom he believed could be trusted with disseminating the information he had obtained.
Though known to us directly from our Kremlin sources as to the exact connections Snowden’s information proves regarding 9/11 and both the Bush and Obama regimes, and the even more horrific event soon to come, a June 2013 Defence Advisory Notice (DA-Notice) prevents our being able to…at this time.
Likewise, and as the assassination of Hastings clearly shows, the Obama regime claims a legal right to kill anyone it so chooses without charges or trial they believe may threaten US national security, and what Snowden’s information reveals definitely falls into that category.
What can be said though, there is a critical reason billionaires all over the world have been dumping their stocks, and fast; and those who are not able to read between the lines will soon find themselves in the most dangerous situation they’ve ever encountered.
Forewarned IS forearmed.

Ireland - White Flight & Immigration

Oslo Holocaust Center wins more funding

At a time when many museums in Norway are struggling with budget cuts, the Holocaust Center in Oslo has been granted NOK 20 million. The funding is four times greater than the amount the center itself originally requested.
The OSSE delegation reacted most to a survey by Norway's Holocaust Center on Bygdøy, which works to build knowledge of genocide and discrimination and was itself funded by the state as part of wartime reparations, when most of Norway's Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps and never returned. PHOTO: HL-senteret
Norway’s Holocaust Center on Bygdøy, which works to build knowledge of genocide and discrimination, was itself funded by the state as part of wartime reparations after most of Norway’s Jews were sent to Nazi concentration camps and never returned. Now its funding has been increased. PHOTO: HL-senteret
Oslo’s Centre for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities (Senter for studier av Holocaust og livssynsminoriteter, or HL–Senteret)  has been allocated the funding, equivalent to around USD 3.3 million, in the revised state budget. It originally applied for the more modest sum of NOK 5 million (USD 860,000), to be awarded over four years, but has been awarded NOK 20 million as a lump sum, newspaper Aftenposten reported recently.
The HL Center has been housed, since 2005, in “Villa Grande,” a mansion taken over to be the Oslo residence of Nazi collaborator Vidkun Quisling during World War II. The center is located on the Bygdøy peninsula in Oslo.
The center’s director Guri Hjeltnes described the funding as “exceptional” and said that the museum will modernize its Holocaust exhibition, making it more interactive. A new single-story building will also be built to house an exhibition on minorities, and the bunker built by Quisling during World War II, which lies four metres underground, will be developed to house exhibitions.
The bunker will also have a new underground entrance and lift, connecting it to the other two exhibitions, and making it easier for large groups of school children, among others, to go around the museum. Around 200 school children currently visit the center every week.
Education Minister Kristin Halvorsen visited the center last month and told Aftenposten that “when we see the attitudes after the July 22 terrorist attacks, we cannot vaccinate ourselves strongly enough.” She described a school class that she met on her last visit to the center, as “pretty blank about the Holocaust” and said that there was so much that they needed to learn so that history would not repeat itself.
Halvorsen of the Socialist Left Party (Sosialist Venstre or SV) has been criticized herself because of her party’s support for the Palestinians and boycotts of Israeli products. She has previously funded courses on tackling anti-Semitism in schools.
The new funding comes at a time when Norway is striving to overcome accusations of intolerance, and politicians are debating how the country should be handling the problems posed by migrant beggars. Many of the migrants are Roma folk, one of the most discriminated minorities in Europe.
The HL Center  contributes new research, arranges education and information activities, and holds exhibitions and conferences on the holocaust and on genocide, as well as the conditions for minorities in today’s society. It has previously conducted research on anti-Semitism in Norway.
A total of 771 Norwegian Jews were deported during the war years, from the time of the German invasion on April 9, 1940 until liberation in May 1945. Only 34 returned to Norway. Last year Norway’s director of the state police made an official apology for the police role in the deportations.
Views and News from Norway/Elizabeth Lindsay

Explosive CNN Panel On The N-Word: ‘There Are Some Things’ White People Can’t Say! ‘Still Gonna Sing In My Car!’

Race has been a big topic of national discussion in the last few weeks, from Paula Deen getting fired for saying the n-word to Rachel Jeantel saying the phrase “creepy-ass cracker.” CNN’s Don Lemon decided an “honest and difficult conversation” was needed, and so that’s just what he did, the end result being a very direct and honest discussion about the taboos surrounding the use of the n-word in popular culture and how it led to the firing of celebrity chef Paula Deen.
Human behavior expert Wendy Walsh provided context to the history of the n-word and how people are punished for merely saying them. She said, “The more they become taboo, they more they keep their power, and we get even more nervous about using them.” Lemon marveled at how the n-word was perfectly acceptable to say on television in the 1970s, but not in the present day. Marc Lamont Hill said it’s perfectly fine to use the word in context, but white people should “absolutely not” use it.
RELATED: Chris Hayes And Linguistics Expert Break Down Rachel Jeantel’s ‘Articulate’ Use Of Black English
He said, “You just have to accept that there are some things in the world, just, at least one thing, that you can’t do that black people can!” Walsh countered that white teenagers might use it with their black friends because they listen to hip-hop and consider it more a term of endearment, and questioned why white people can’t merely “sing along” to rap lyrics. An exasperated Hill asked, “Why are white people fighting so fiercely for the right to use the n-word? Just let it go!”
Buck Davis explained the important historical difference between the n-word and “cracker,” adding that a lot of people aren’t able to “connect with the pain” black people feel when they hear it. As they went to commercial, Walsh said, “I’m still gonna sing in my car to music I pay for!”
After the break, Walsh explained that when she and her kids sing along, they just replace the n with a w and say “wigger.” She brought up “the c-word” as an example of a word that personally offends her, but argued that “the power to harm is in the ear of the listener.” Davis suggested people rallied behind Paula Deen because they also use the n-word and if she’s a racist then so are they. Hill said he’s not surprised at Deen’s cultural blindness because she’s “exploiting” her brand on the backs of black labor, “treating us like the n-word.”
Lemon argued Deen should not have been fired, it should have been up to the marketplace to decide. Hill claimed it did, but Lemon called him out and said “corporate America decided” to let her go. Hill shot back, “Because they thought it was bad business, Don!” and cited the millions of people on Twitter who criticized Deen. Lemon responded, “People on Twitter hate all the time.”

Zimmerman Trial Issues With Race Don Lemon N-Word Racists | Mediaite

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Birobidjan: The Story of the First Jewish State made by Stalin

In the 1914 there were approximately 7 million Jews in the Russian Empire, mostly in a region annexed from Poland-Lithuania at the end of the 18th Century known as the Pale of Settlement. (Wischnitzer) Though they were normally prohibited from leaving the Pale, the disorganization caused by the German invasion  in WWI allowed them to flee it, Westward, into the rest of Russia.In the beginning, Lenin was initially sympathetic towards Jewish persecution; he saw their victimization as a diversion to prevent the workers from focusing on the universal source of oppression- the Czarist regime- and gave addresses to that effect. (Lustiger 47) The new Soviet government even launched an extensive campaign against anti-Semitism in the early part of the regime. (Lustiger 55)
The victimization of which Lenin spoke was the attack of Jews because they are members of the Jewish nation. Persecution of Jews was still acceptable, however, when it was due to their Jewish ideas and thoughts that prevented them from fully immersing in the Soviet way of life. Nonetheless, Lenin largely ignored the first form of persecution so as not to alienate the persecutors. Only a very few czarist style pogroms were perpetrated, mainly during the initial chaos of the revolution and mainly by frustrated fragments of other armies that had become absorbed into the Red Army; those responsible were usually punished severely. (Wischnitzer)
In a continuation of the theme of persecuting harmful Jewish ideas, Jewish schools, publishers and theatres were closed down. By 1927 23% of USSR synagogues had been shut down and by 1939, there were very few synagogues left. (Lustiger 51)
This anti-religious movement was spearheaded by Jewish Communists who took upon themselves the task of freeing the Jews from the shtetles, tearing off their medieval trappings and building them up as a modern Soviet people. The divestment from religion was directed as religion in general and not solely at the Jews. It coincided with the Great Purge, which lasted from 1936 until 1939 in which Stalin ordered mass arrests and executions of party leaders, intellectuals, wealthy people, dissidents. Ironically, many of the Jewish Communists who bravely liberated the Jews were themselves incarcerated, shot or sent to gulags. Most of Birobidjan's local leadership was executed. (Lustiger  67)
Stalin shut down the Jewish and Yiddish institutions in Birobidjan, as well as outlawed the “fan clubs” such as KOMZET and OZET. According to Weinberg, the reason Stalin did this is that the Yiddish culture was no longer appealing to the young assimilated Jews and its presence might have a hindering effect on subsequent assimilation.  This move effectively killed the precarious Birobidjan project. Stalin was left with a the task of recruiting Jews, who no longer saw themselves as Jews, to move to a desolate, backwater region of Siberia on the basis that they are Jews and the region was their cherished homeland for which they had no strong feelings or loyalty to whatsoever. It was if Stalin had a butterfly and he tried to protect it from wind by crushing it between two pieces of glass. Birobidjan did not see positive immigration until after the second world war, when for a short time the fragments of the Jewish community drifted in in search of a place of identity and solace. The region reached its population peak in 1948 (JewishEnc.) and suffered a rapid exodus when those fragments saw Birobidjan for what it was and left for the more promising state of Israel.
It was the practice for all citizens to have their nationality listed on their identification papers. Though the Jews were not recognized as a distinct nationality within the U.S.S.R., “Jewish” was used as a nationality for this purpose. Except within the Jewish Autonomous Oblast, the expression of Jewishness was outlawed. The successful establishment of the Jewish state of Israel in Palestine was a public humiliation for the planners of Birobidjan; their Soviet-approved version of the Jewish homeland could not compete with the genuine success of Israel and a resurgence of Zionism resulted from the obvious disparity. The Soviet government lashed out at such expression and restricted the freedom of Jews even more, in particular applying their previous round of tactics in Birobidjan with the goal of complete assimilation. Citizens were generally limited in their freedom to emigrate and Jews, especially after 1948, were exceptionally limited.
During the second world war, the Red Army utilized the practice of “scorched earth” that is upon retreating, utterly destroy anything of value to reduce the value of victory for the enemy. The Germans followed a policy of demoralizing and deculturalizing the Russian people and destroyed schools, libraries and places of socialization. They also destroyed valuable things that the Russians missed. As a result, the territory captured by the Germans was concurrently subject to the policies of both the Wehrmacht and the Red Army and was utterly ruined. The effects would cripple the industry and agriculture for years.(Service 298) The Soviet government's lumbering command economy7 hindered recovery efforts and ordinary citizens became disillusioned with their leaders. At the end of the war, many returning soldiers with experience with their democratic allies came back with a stark contrast of the two regimes and ways of life in their mind. One prominent example that would be easily communicated between soldiers (as opposed to bilingual discussions of economic theory and Thomas Paine) is that British and American officers would not shoot their own troops for adopting defensive positions or retreating, but the general message absorbed was that the Soviet Union was too repressive for their tastes. The Soviet government became more paranoid and repressive during this period. The rise in dissidence was countered with an increase in repression.
Between the founding of the state of Israel and 1959 nearly 16,000 Jews left Birobidjan (JewishEnc.) and  the already paranoid and xenophobic dictator Joseph Stalin became concerned with the possibility of crossed allegiances amongst the Jewish population and issued a polemic was issued against “rootless cosmopolitans”, a word which was in reference to non-assimilated Jewry. Jewish contributions to the movement, even pertaining to Karl Marx's background were suppressed. Public or literary figures who were, or recorded to be, in favor of anything Jewish were suppressed. Jewish nationalism on the part of scientists was the stated cause of backwardness and Jewish nepotism was retarding the Russian economy. After this trend begun, Jews were purged from military, government and every other genre of prestigious position. As the development of nuclear capability was of paramount importance, Jews working on atomic bomb projects were spared. Even the Jewish Communist party was shut down. The entry on Jews in The Soviet Encyclopaedia was all but scrapped.  (Lustiger 200). One of the few references that were allowed to stay was the fact that the Mensheviks, who opposed the Bolsheviks after the revolution were the chosen party of the Jewish Communists and that Leon Trotsky, Stalin's nemesis, was also a Jew. The Birobidjan library was purged of its Judaica section; over 30,000 books were burned. (Weinberger)
In the final years of Stalin's life, he became convinced that his physicians were trying to kill him- a very believable scenario. Stalin was the exceedingly unpopular ruler of an exceedingly unpopular country with enemies both inside and outside its borders. Even fellow communists did not like him. Tensions were brewing with Albania, Hungary and China and Stalin was in a feud with Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, having sent several assassin to kill him; the Yugoslavian secret service intercepted them all and Tito warned Stalin to stop or he would send one to Moscow and would not need to send another. (N.W.E.)

EDL Zionist Leader Robinson Arrested Amid Tribute Bid

Two English Defence League leaders have been arrested in London as they attempted to march to Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed in May.
Tommy Robinson shouted, "You are enforcing Sharia law", at officers who held him on suspicion of obstructing police as he tried to enter the London borough of Tower Hamlets.
The EDL had previously announced plans to walk through part of the capital before gathering outside Woolwich Barracks, near where Drummer Rigby was hacked to death in broad daylight .
But the Metropolitan Police put conditions on the march which demanded that it ended at Old Palace Yard, opposite the House of Lords.
As well as planning to lay flowers in memory of Drummer Rigby, Mr Robinson and EDL co-leader Kevin Carroll, who was also arrested, were walking to raise money for a young girl fighting cancer.
Sky Correspondent Tom Parmenter said: "They'd walked six miles when they were arrested outside Aldgate East underground station.
"Police had been tracking the walk across London and had regularly spoken to them about their route.
"The EDL leaders had been warned not to go past a large mosque in east London or enter the borough of Tower Hamlets.
"As they approached the boundary of the borough they were warned again by officers who told them they may be arrested."
Mr Robinson and Mr Carroll repeatedly asked if they would actually be arrested before another man approached the pair and assaulted Mr Carroll.
Parmenter said: "As police officers tried to deal with the situation the EDL leaders continued to walk forward and then a senior policewoman placed the pair under arrest."
The pair, who were wearing T-shirts bearing the words "support our troops", were led into a police van in handcuffs while complaining about their treatment. They were taken to Wandsworth police station, in southwest London, and two other men were arrested over the assault.
At the start of the walk in Hyde Park, Mr Robinson had said: "There's two of us doing a charity walk.
"They're (police) saying it (Tower Hamlets) is a Muslim area but to me there is no Muslim area, there are just areas of my capital city that if I have to walk from A to B then you have to walk through."
"Obviously I don't want to get arrested and I don't want to get in trouble so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it."
Scotland Yard said the conditions were imposed because of fears the march and the gathering would result in "serious public disorder" and it had warned that a breach would lead to arrest.
The Met said it had attempted to work with the EDL to facilitate the march and gathering and offered them two alternative routes that avoided the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which is home to the East London Mosque.
In a statement posted on the EDL's Twitter feed, the group said: "Tommy Robinson & Kev Caroll arrested for obstructing the police and carted off."
The statement claimed "negotiations" for their release were taking place and that the pair still hoped to walk to Woolwich to lay flowers.
Mr Robinson earlier replied to a tweet asking him what weather he was expecting for Saturday: "ill be in a cell by lunch time so won't matter. Ha ha"
The EDL campaigns against what it says is the spread of radical Islam, but it has been accused of Islamophobia and previous rallies have ended in clashes with anti-fascist groups.
Earlier this week, two American political activists who founded an anti-Muslim group were banned by the Home Secretary from entering the UK following reports they were to attend this weekend's march.
Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, who set up Stop Islamisation of America and run the website Jihad Watch, have been forbidden from entering the country on the grounds their presence would "not be conducive to the public good".
The police also banned the British National Party from marching from Woolwich Barracks earlier in June and ordered it to move its protest to Westminster.

Jet Black British Barbie sentencing postponed

A WOMAN found guilty of beating up a man in a racist attack is to be sentenced on July 3.
The uncommonly named Miss Jet Black British Barbie admitted one count of racially aggravated common assault.
The 31-year-old, of Woodford Green, northeast London, attacked Ramin Sasani on May 2 in Harlow, Essex.
British Barbie was supposed to be sentenced yesterday at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, but the hearing was adjourned with unconditional bail.
She will learn of her sentence at the beginning of next month in the same court.

UK gov: Man can be "wives" and women can be "husbands"

A man can be a “wife” and a woman can be a “husband,” the UK government has decided, overruling the Oxford English Dictionary and effectively putting an end to the traditional meanings of the words for marriage partners.

The move has been denounced as the vocabulary of “cloud cuckoo land” and “gobbledegook” by critics who believe that the terms ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ should have their traditional meanings preserved.

Updated explanatory notes in The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill being considered by the government is causing it to have to redefine the two terms, “clarifying” what it means.

“‘Husband’ here will include a man or a woman in a same sex marriage, as well as a man married to a woman. In a similar way, “wife” will include a woman married to another woman or a man married to a man,” says the new footnote.

However, the traditional male-only meaning of husband and female-only understanding of wife could return in some cases – to “ensure that gender-specific terms such as ‘husband’ keep their gender-specific effect.”

“The term ‘husband’ will in future legislation include a man who is married to another man (but not a woman in a marriage with another woman); and ‘wife’ will include a woman who is married to another woman (but not a man married to another man) unless specific alternative provision is made,” declares the drafted legislation. Critics stated that they had anticipated the legal confusion the government would run into while trying to eliminate ‘gender specific’ terms, which have to be introduced as the UK tries to establish gay marriage laws, meaning marriage terms will be ‘outdated.’

“We always knew the government would tie itself in knots trying to redefine marriage, and this shows what a ridiculous mess they’ve created,” a spokesperson for the Coalition for Marriage, which campaigns against the change, told the Telegraph.

“This mangling of the English language shows what happens when politicians meddle with marriage. They’re in cloud cuckoo land,” they said.

Debates over the new definition also sparked irritation before a final decision was made.

“It sounds not merely like gobbledegook but the reversal of the natural and normal meaning of words,”
said Lord Tebbit in Parliament.

Parallels have been drawn in the British media with a recent example of Spain. The socialist government introduced gay marriage in 2005, when it was announced that the following year Spanish Birth certificates would read ‘Progenitor A’ and ‘Progenitor B’ instead of ‘mother’ and ‘father,’ in a move termed ‘Orwellian’ by UK officials.

The practice of gender nonspecific terms has spread far beyond Europe: Ambiguously gendered people were given the option in 2011 of listing their gender on passport applications as ‘X’.

Source: RT.com

Friday, 28 June 2013

German court blocks release of secret files on Nazi Holocaust mastermind Adolf Eichmann which would reveal how western spies knew where he fled after the war

Germany's foreign intelligence agency can keep secret some of its records on Adolf Eichmann, the man known as the mastermind behind the Nazi Holocaust, a court ruled today. 
It vetoed a bid to open up classified files which would reveal how western spies knew where the killer of six million Jews had fled to after the Second World War.
Eichmann was the chief organiser of the Nazi extermination programme - from his office at Gestapo headquarters in Berlin he organised the railway transports that took six million Jews to their deaths.
The files are also thought to contain details about his spectacular kidnapping - perhaps even collusion between Israel and West Germany - in pulling it off.
The Federal Administrative Court ruled that the intelligence agency was within its rights to black out passages from files sought by a journalist.
Thursday's ruling followed a decision last year in which the court said the Federal Intelligence Service had to release some material it had previously kept secret.
Israeli Mossad agents abducted Eichmann in Buenos Aires in 1960 and took him to Jerusalem for trial. Eichmann - in charge of the deportations of Jews across Europe - was found guilty of war crimes, sentenced to death and hanged in 1962.
The mass-circulation Bild daily, whose reporter sued for the files' full release, has reported that West German intelligence knew as early as 1952 that he was in Argentina.
There has long been a suspicion in Germany that the post-war Adenauer government wanted to prevent his capture in case he revealed highly embarrassing details about the Nazi pasts of high-ranking figures in the West German government, judiciary and civil service.
Distributing: Nazi leader and war criminal Adolf Eichmann (second right) smiling while German officers cut a Jewish prisoner's hair locks in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp
Architect: From his office at Gestapo headquarters in Berlin Eichmann organised the railway transports that took six million Jews to their deaths
In 2006, the CIA released documents showing that it contacted West German intelligence officers in 1958, claiming it had information that Eichmann 'is reported to have lived in Argentina under the alias 'Clemens' since 1952' - both his correct whereabouts and only a slightly different alias.
He actually went by the name of Ricardo Klement.
The German intelligence service said most of the files on Eichmann are 'already public' and only a small portion still needs to be blacked out. It said that the need to do so stems from laws on 'protecting state security interests' and data protection laws.
A lawyer for Bild said it reserved the right to take the case to Germany's highest court. Christoph Partsch said in a statement that Germany's interests would be 'harmed by redacting the files, not by releasing them.'
War crimes:
War crimes: Adolf Eichmann pictured in the box during his trial at the Jerusalem Supreme Court in Tel Aviv
Fled: The aging cardboard passport used by Adolf Eichmann. He fled to Argentina in 1950 under the alias as 'Ricardo Klement' with a passport issued by the Red Cross
Insight: A page from the diary of Adolf Eichmann - he wrote the lengthy diary in prison after he was nabbed in Argentina by Israeli secret agents and brought to Israel to stand trial for crimes against humanity
The documents may also contain information about Eichmann’s abduction and possible cooperation between Israel and Germany.
Attorneys representing Germany’s intelligence service claim some of the data in the files was obtained by a foreign intelligence agency and argued that exposing it could damage ties with intelligence organizations of other nations.
Eichmann was once interviewed in Buenos Aries during his long years as a fugitive by an extreme neo-Nazi journalist.
In the interview he claimed he would go to his grave a happy man knowing that he had caused the deaths of millions of Jews.
At his trial he was famously branded the ultimate example of the 'banality of evil' as he came across as a finicky little bureaucrat with no conscious; just a man who claimed he was obeying orders from higher authorities.
Source: http://www.jewishmail.co.uk/

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bye Bye White Race ! Our childrens will live the White Nightmare -Must see the video-

Kanye West releases his most anti-white rap song ever

Kanye West is a big name rap star. He is famous for disrupting three different live televised events to go on racial rants. First he disrupted a live Mtv awards show in Germany to accuse Mtv of “racism.” He vowed to boycott all future Mtv award shows. Next he disrupted a live red cross telethon being watching by millions to say “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Then he reneged on his vow against Mtv and attended another live award show only disrupt it again. He charged the stage and seized the microphone to express his displease that country star Taylor Swift won an award instead of a black singer.

Kanye West spoke before the Nation of Islam [NOI] in 2005. The NOI preaches that an apocalyptic race war is coming and all white people in North America will be exterminated.

Meanwhile West continously insults black women by rapping about his sexual preference for white women.

His new song is called “New Slaves,” and is about how the white man is somehow still keeping blacks under their thumb. Kanye West has been touring the country showing outdoor screenings of the crude sexually explicit song, which is full of profanity and racial slurs.

The song starts out with:

My momma was raised in an era when,
Clean water was only served to the fairer skin
Doing clothes you would have thought I had help
But they wasn’t satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself.

The song ends with a very crude sexually explicit description of performing sex acts with “Hampton wives.” This is obviously meant as a euphemism for rich white women.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Jewish veterans of Soviet Red Army suffering in solitude

Once a year, Israel's Jewish war veterans don suit jackets and uniforms dripping in Red Army medals, the shiny bronzes and silvers pinned to their chests in tight rows like armor.
About 500,000 Jews served in the Soviet Red Army during the Second World War. Most of those still alive today - about 7,000 - are said to live in Israel.
Every year on Victory Day, which falls this year on Thursday, they parade in uniform throughout Israel to celebrate Nazi Germany's surrender to the Soviet Union.
Afterward, they return home to their modest apartments, where some tick off the days in solitude - and poverty.
"The ceremonies are beautiful. People like to come and say nice words. But nice words don't put food on your plate," said Abraham Michael Grinzaid, 87, head of an association of Soviet war veterans. "The rest of the year, no one thinks of us."
About 1.5 million Jews fought in Allied armies, including 500,000 in the Red Army, 550,000 in the American army, 100,000 in the Polish army and 30,000 in the British army, according to Israel's Holocaust museum Yad Vashem.
Some of those who fought in the Red Army served in the highest levels of command. About 200,000 Soviet Jewish soldiers fell on the battlefield or into German captivity. Those who survived built families and careers in the Soviet Union, until the Communist regime collapsed and many of them ended up in Israel.
They formed a veterans' association, opening 50 chapters across the country. Today, most of them are nearly 90 years old, but they gather regularly for lectures and concerts. Some sing in the 42 veterans' choirs nationwide.
Israel is home to the world's largest population of Holocaust survivors. Memorials to Holocaust victims and underground partisans are aplenty. But only in recent years has the Jewish state begun to salute its Jewish war veterans.
That's mostly because many of the veterans immigrated just two decades ago and key war archives are only now being opened, allowing researchers to discover the full extent of Jewish soldiers' role in fighting the Nazis, said Red Army scholar Yitzhak Arad.
It wasn't until last year that Israel erected its first monument to Soviet Jewish soldiers who served in the Second World War. A museum dedicated to Jewish Allied fighters is still under construction.
Grinzaid, of the veterans association, complained that some Soviet war veterans in Israel receive government stipends amounting to just $50 a month, a pittance compared to the financial support Israeli Holocaust survivors receive.
But Roman Yagel, the head of another group of Soviet veterans, countered that veterans receive generous Israeli support. He accused Grinzaid of securing stipends for undeserving veterans who did not fight on the battlefield with weapons in hand - one example of bitter political infighting within the Soviet veteran community.
Holocaust survivors are frequently invited to speak about the horrors they experienced. But Soviet war veterans arrived in Israel as pensioners and most never learned Hebrew so few Israelis know their stories.
Grinzaid was 17 when he enlisted in the Red Army. He was a paratrooper and served in an intelligence unit, earning five medals for his participation in battles across Europe. When Russian President Vladimir Putin came to Israel last year, he shook his hand.
Another Soviet veteran, Matvey Gershman, 87, helped liberate the Majdanek concentration camp in Poland. He remembers walking past storerooms filled with women's hair and children's shoes.
Suddenly, he stumbled upon a woman sitting and crying.
"I said, 'Grandmother, why are you crying? It's all over,"' Gershman recalled. "She lifted her head, looked at me, and said, 'I am 20 years old."'
Gersham used to march in Israel's annual Victory Day parade before he had heart problems.
One year, he walked to the parade with his daughter and grandson, wearing his dark brown uniform featuring gold buttons, blue shoulder stripes and a cascade of medallions. Israeli teenagers on the street pointed at him and laughed.
"They treated him like he was a clown," said his daughter, Rimma. "He doesn't want to go out with these medals on anymore. He's embarrassed. They don't know what it is at all."

Source: Haaretz

College apologizing for Holocaust slurs, swastikas used before 1978 game

WELLESLEY, Mass. (AP) - Babson College plans to offer a formal apology for anti-Semitic actions taken by students 35 years ago before and during a crucial soccer game with Brandeis University .
The Boston Globe reports that Babson President Len Schlesinger will apologize Wednesday. He'll also announce a partnership with the Anti-Defamation League on a program to eliminate bigotry.
The ADL says that in November 1978, several players at Babson, a private business school based in the Boston suburb of Wellesley, hung a sign in the gym that read "Happy Holocaust" during the game with Brandeis, a school in nearby Waltham with a large Jewish population.
The ADL says Babson players also wore swastikas during the final practice before the game and yelled "Holocaust!" and other anti-Semitic slurs to boost morale.
A statement by the ADL says the "insulting and ignorant actions left a bitter taste in the mouths of everyone at Brandeis."


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