Monday, 27 May 2013

Riots in Sweden are about race, not religion

Yes, this is a strong title.
Yes, on a basic level, the riots are about religion.  Many  of the Third World immigrants who are burning and looting Stockholm are Muslim.  And, yes, despite what our elites say, Islam is not a religion of peace.
Nonetheless, there is much more going on than mere religion.

Most Westerners tend to think of religion in universalist terms, since Western Christianity for the past few centuries has become an ideological, universalist religion.  But this is not the historical norm.  Throughout almost all of human history, ethno-religion has been the norm, as ethno-religion provides one of the most powerful group identities. (Just ask the Ashkenazis.) Even early European Christianity was an ethno-religion.
Many culturalist critics of Islam (such as the EDL) seem to think that racial groups are fungible and that somehow Islam has descended from the stratosphere making otherwise peaceful Middle Easterners, Africans and South Asians violent.
What these people fail to realize is how much HBD and religion are intertwined.  Islam didn’t descend from the stratosphere; certain groups of people created this violent religion and certain groups of people are drawn toward it.
We know now that much of violent behavior is genetic, so, even if these people cease to be Muslim, they will continue to be violent.
As we saw in the Paris riots in 2005, many of the North African rioters were secular.  Many wore American “gangsta” style clothing (e.g. NY Yankees caps turned sideways) and many were flashing American gang signs at the cameras.  After an expensive investigation into the cause of the 2005 riots, French authorities could not determine the cause.  It seemed that Africans just wanted “to tear shit up.”
Obviously, we don’t want the West to become Muslim, but there’s a much deeper problem here:  If you import the Third World to the West (regardless of their religion), the West will become the Third World.
All these people should be deported.



If White people had a country of our own, this wouldn't be happening...

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