Friday, 3 May 2013

Police use Tear Gas on Golden Dawn at Easter Gathering

Written by CorshamCrusader

goldendawnflagsmallJust a quick article as news has just reached me regarding the latest attempt by Golden Dawn to distribute free food to help ease the suffering of their people.
As our people go to the polls today and attempt to stick two fingers up to the LibLabCon by voting in large numbers for the globalist's safety valve UKIP, the Greek Golden Dawn continue to rise in popularity, according to the latest Poll.
As the Greek government continue to sell Greece and its people down the river on the orders of the Zionist bankers, the Golden Dawn are busy taking care of those Greeks who can't afford to eat by handing out free food to them through their now well known food drives.
Yesterday was no exception as they gathered in Syntagma Square where the Greek Parliament is located, to celebrate Greek orthodox Easter and hand out food parcels to the poor.  The square is the symbolic heart of political life in Greece and after managing to give some food out the NWO riot police moved in and used tear gas to prevent activists from distributing any more food parcels from their lorry.
Riot Police at GD food distribution 500 x 277
 Riot police move in on Golden Dawn Food Drive

Mayor Giorgos Kaminis said

no party could use the square for such purposes and vowed to prevent "thuggery"
So let me get this right, handing out freed food to the poor in your own country is “thuggery”?, according to the Mayor.
Mayor Kaminis also said that Thursday's police action was

a victory for the democratic state

According to the Greek newspaper Kathimerini he was also quoted as saying that

Thuggery will not prevail in this city as long as I am mayor
Here is a short video of the police moving in.
The good news is that later on that day the Golden Dawn managed to continue with their food handouts elsewhere in the city.
Well done to the Golden Dawners.  I'm sure they won't let state interference distract them from their mission and will be back on the streets soon to continue handing out food parcels to the poor.
Now I think I'll go and sit in the sun for a while and drink a cold beer before I get too depressed.
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