Monday, 20 May 2013

Neo-Nazi' gang bloodies victim in bottle attack

A group of eight 'neo-Nazis' attacked three youths in the Spanish city of Valladolid, breaking a bottle over one person's head before kicking him on the ground.

Three youths walking home in the early hours of Sunday morning were violently assaulted by a group of 'Neo-Nazis' in Valladolid, the capital city of the autonomous region of Castile and León in Spain.
Online journal últimoCero reported that the attack was focussed on two of the three victims.
A witness recalled that, "They broke a bottle over one person's head, then started kicking him on the ground."
"They also pushed and punched another person but the third avoided the aggression."
The alarm was raised by a worker in the area who saw the incident which he described as "started by the neo-Nazis."
According to the witness, the victim struck with the bottle was "bleeding profusely from the head."
"His clothes were soaked with blood and his trousers were ripped from being on the ground."
The witness expressed his astonishment that when police arrived, only one of the two officers present got out of the squad car.
"The first thing he did was to go over to the kid who had his head split open and his clothes soaked with blood and demand to see his ID."
An ambulance arrived while the policeman took details of the incident and transported the injured youths to hospital.
Official sources confirmed that the two hospitalized youths had not filed a police complaint but did not rule out the possibility that others in the area may have done so on their behalf.
The same sources also noted that the two victims "had not referred at any time to being attacked by neo-Nazis" but that they "confirmed that their attackers were dressed in black and wearing a well-known brand of sports shoe."
The attack coincided with the end of a neo-Nazi meeting in the nearby headquarters of the far right National Democracy party.
A presentation titled "Indo-European Spanish Nationality" had concluded only hours before the incident.
ÚltimoCero reports that this is not the first attack in Valladolid attributed to neo-Nazis in recent weeks.
A musician was stabbed by a neo-Nazi youth on April 27th.
The perpetrator of the stabbing, who is under 18 years old and has a history of similar offences,  is known by the nickname of 'Heineken'.
He was later arrested at a youth detention centre in Zamora where he was already incarcerated for his role in a third incident.
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