Monday, 20 May 2013

Golden Dawn-N.G. Michaloliakos about the Greek Genocide of Pontus[VIDEO]

Nikolaos Michaloliakos ( N.M. ), Leader of the Golden Dawn : Ladies and Gentlemen! Fellow nationalists! Proud Pontians! We thank you wholeheartedly for your presence here today. I would like to say that by seeing this proud war dance ( he is reffering to the Pyrrichios dance, an ancient Hellenic war dance that has survived to this day, primarily in Pontus ) I remembered what I've read in history about what you have lost. It was in 1924. Smyrna was burnt. Hundreds of thousands of Hellenes had been slaughtered. But there, in the mountains of Santa there were warriors who never bent their knee! It was Captain Euclid Kourtidis and his lads who danced the Pyrrichios along with death! Today is a sad day. The bells of the churces should have been ringing in sorrow all across Hellas. But Hellas isn't free. Across all army encampments there should be mourning for the hundreds of thousands of Hellenes who were slaughtered by Kemal Ataturk and Topal Osman in Trapezous, in Sampsous. But their blades never reached the souls of the Hellenes of Pontus who built a new living in Hellas. But that doesn't mean we will forget : PONTUS IS A HELLENIC LAND! PONTUS IS A LAND UNDER TURKISH OCCUPATION!
N.M. : The troubles begun, as you already know, with the famous Work Battalions. Those caravans of death that carried old people, women and children to the depths of Asia to have their throats slit by the mongol's blade! From hardships and hunger! Then the lads of Pontus rose up to dance the Pyrrichios, and all the mountains were filled with soldiers who were expecting their homeland to sent aid, for they only had some old and rusty rifles! Yet nothing arrived. But they never surrendered their land and soul! They were slaughtered and skinned! They remained Hellenes! Long live Pontus! The troubles did not end there. They continue to this day. And to prove how corrupt the present day system is : The new famous Anti-Racist law that was recently voted by the parliament contains an article-pay attention to what I say for it is absolutely true-that says that no prosecution will take place against any muslim organization that believes or claims that there was no genocide against Hellenes in Pontus and Asia Minor! They will not be punished!
Crowd : Scum! Traitor politicians!
N.M. : Before you, you can see many banners with the Imperial gold colour and the proud eagle. It is the eagle of House Comnenos which fell battling the Turks after Constantinople was taken! It is the eagle of Pontus, which one day shall fly freely over Trapezous and Sampsus, where there is a grand Hellenic church! The second biggest after the Hagia Sophia! The Panagia Soumela where there are Hellenic graves! Hellas shall stretch once more to where it was! This is our goal! And we shall succeed! We will give it to our children and they will give it to theirs! And the proud eagle of House Comnenos shall fly over Trapezous once more! Long live Free Pontus!
Crowd : Long live!


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