Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Golden Dawn gives their own blood to the Greek people, while Leftist complain

It’s evident from witnessing the type of causes Leftists take up that they are only interested in anti-social activities, rather than contributing anything productive. Not a single Euro has been spent on any kind of program to feed our people by Syriza or KKE, who instead prefer to steal from the public banks and power company, and simultaneously worsen our economic conditions with their “No Pay” (blocking payment to bus tickets) movement.  The parliamentary allowances given to Golden Dawn are redistributed at the peoples will , the Greeks, while the systematic Left prefers to agitate for violence and pocket their tax-free parliament salaries to continue living a life of luxurious hypocrisy.
The Anti-Greek, nation-retarding behavior of the Marxists was on full display on April 27th, when the Golden Dawn blood bank had a drive at a hospital at Tripoli, Peloponnese. Outside of the hospital, were thugs from the Communist Party organ PAME, who try to sabotage every attempt to do something to alleviate Greece’s problems, but never contribute anything themselves.  Apparently, the protest was in regards to Golden Dawn’s philosophy that Greeks in Greece have a natural right to be served first, but the Marxists would prefer that Greeks in need of blood die, because their affiliation was always as agents of the Soviet Union and never with their own people.
The crisis of the Greek blood shortage is not well-known, but a desperate reality. Every year the Greek state must pay 4 million Euros in order to import blood from Switzerland, which fetch about 133 Euros a bottle.  That is 4 million Euros that are needlessly being spent to make Switzerland wealthier, instead of invested in the Greek people. Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg, there is evidence of an extensive black market in Greece where certain rare blood types cost thousands of Euros to obtain for individuals in emergency need. Golden Dawn is the only party that has stepped up to the challenge to provide our own blood to our own people, for no cost, a progressive and patriotic act of solidarity. We wonder if the same communists who are so enraged at the idea of Greeks helping Greeks, would be protesting if it was Jews giving blood only for Jews? Or a special George Soros blood bank that only gives blood to illegal immigrants? Of course not, the war of the PAME, Anarchists, and KKE is not against all ethnic solidarity, only against Greeks, they are pawns in the global usurers war to wipe Greeks out as a unique race and culture. When that same capitalist media the reds attack as bourgeois and elitist is patting them on the back for attempting to attack a blood drive for Greeks, that should start ringing alarm bells of suspicion to the college students that compose these groups. 
Most shocking of all however, is the notice signed by a Syriza parliament member that would shield the doctor at the Tripoli hospital who brought illegally the leftist circus to try and disrupt a health event (interesting how the media reports Golden Dawn going to hospitals to give out food as “invasions”, but nothing about foaming at the mouth Leftists trying to provoke a violent confrontation).   The irony is this particular doctor who Syriza is trying to protect is not facing discipline for bringing in the communists, he is actually facing charges for the possession and distribution of drugs after over 100 doses of heroin were found in his home!
Here is the character for those truly of fair judgement. Golden Dawn gives blood to save our people, and the people who have a problem with it are worshipers of Mao led in by a heroin trafficker, who further is defended by Syriza.  The fact that the “center-right” and PASOK quietly agree with these useless asocial, amoral people is a testament to how urgent it is to change the current establishment. Greece is for Greeks.


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