Sunday, 14 April 2013

Women in Hungary protest Gypsy crimes.

The demonstration has been organized on a community portal and about 250 people mostly women showed up to take part in the protest. Some of the protesters carried signs like “Take care of each other!” Fidesz and Jobbik members of parliament including János Kővári and Zsolt Németh also joined the protest.

The protest has been organized by 20 year-old university student Andrea Csizmadia who attended the same event that the 20 year-old daughter of the mayor of Pécs who after the party was brutally assaulted by a repeat offender gypsy criminal, Zoltán Nyerges, as she was walking home from the party.

Police still looking for the dangerous gypsy criminal who has already spent time in jail for several violent offenses.

In recent years, several violent crimes shook public confidence in Hungary's third largest city. Last summer, a 25 year-old psychologist was sexually assaulted and murdered during the night as she was walking home from a birthday party by a repeat offender gypsy criminal. Last week, the daughter of Pécs city official was brutally assaulted as she was walking home from a university party, and the perpetrator was once again a gypsy criminal.

The organizer of the demonstration Andrea Csizmadia said to the media that the gypsy showed up at the party, but he was thrown out because of bad behavior.

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