Friday, 26 April 2013

We Salute You Rudolf Hess !

"I do not propose to argue about charges
that are concerned with the internal affairs of Germany,
with which foreigners have no right to interfere.
I make no complaints about statements,
the aim of which is to discredit and dishonor myself and the entire German people.
I regard such statements coming from enemies as confirmations of our honor.
It has been my privilege to serve for many years under the greatest son
to whom my people have given birth in its thousand years of history.
Even if it were possible for me to do so,
I would never wish to wipe this period of service out of my life.
It fills me with happiness to know that I did my duty toward my people.
I regret nothing.
Whatever men may do to me,
the day will come when I will stand before the judgment seat of the Eternal:
to Him I will give an account of my actions,
and I know that He will pronounce me innocent."
Last statement by Rudolf Hess to the International Military Tribunal in Nüremberg (August 31, 1946)


Happy Birthday Herr Rudolf Hess! Du leibst weiter in unseren Herzen!

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