Thursday, 11 April 2013

This is the dirty war against the Golden Dawn

Wednesday night to Thursday, shortly after 12:00, appeared on websites and the situation was then extended to other, identical the following news:

Man with the Golden Dawn tattoo rang police.

"The police arrested a man who brought the Golden Dawn tattoo for assaulting and slightly injuring a police officer. The 30-year old with tattoos, was arrested Wednesday evening. The incident occurred at the intersection of Smyrna Chrysostomos and Lambrakis in Nice. The arrested man was traveling on a motorcycle, which police stopped the group to make DIAS control. The offender then attacked and struck one of the police injuring him slightly. The men's team Dias was arrested and led police to the area where it is held. ".

Who and what gave way ready to dirty this news to journalists? Reveals about the journalist of "Step" Dennis Vithoulkas, in an article with the reasonable question "The Katehaki fakelonei and tattoos?". We present the whole to see where we live and what dirty means using the sad pareoula Antonakis and Dendias to hit the Golden Dawn. So dirty and protofanerota the country's history, making even the regime's newspaper reporters to be indignant. Behold ... the abominations of constitutional arc:

"The Minister for Public Order and Citizen Protection, Nikos Dendias has often spoken out against the Golden Dawn and the neo-Nazi's beliefs and practices, either by step session of Parliament, either through his statements in the media, like the whole of the political world.

But in the corridors of the seventh floor of the ministry Katehaki Avenue seems to have understood something wrong. I guess the Police Headquarters has them puzzled. II as otherwise explain the following message, which arrived at 23.57 in the evening Wednesday, mobile phones police accredited journalists: "Time 21.20 at the junction of Ch. Smyrna and Lambrakis Nice Austrians arrested 30-year old, who has tattoos given political space, because in a control, and resisted violently when police team DI.AS. ».
And raises the obvious question: What work has the reference to tattoos, which - as they learned who asked - referred to the Golden Dawn, such a story? Add the What-If it was a racist attack perpetrator, who then "whistled kleftika "to act, he was understood, would be evidence for his motives. But as a citizen (immaterial what his beliefs) responded to a police check, even if violently against the police?

I guess the Police Headquarters would do the same if the tattoo of the alleged offender depicting a different symbol, political or religious - the hammer and sickle, the sun of PASOK, the royal crown and the initials of Jesus Christ. Unless you intend to do in the future. But then it will not be overzealous with singular; "profiling" more like. "

Further comment is not required. I think that says it all, Mr. Vithoulkas. Ratio now belongs to the parliamentary group of the Golden Dawn for further!


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