Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Jobseeker sues Virgin Atlantic over 'name racism'

A JOBSEEKER is suing Virgin Atlantic for £55,000 — claiming he was refused an interview due to his African name.

Max Kpakio says after reapplying for a call-centre post as “Craig Owen” the firm invited him to the selection process.
He insists Sir Richard Branson’s airline initially rejected his CV on race grounds.
Dad-of-three Max, 36, who has a degree in international relations, claims he is not after a huge payout — but wants “justice and change”.
Richard Branson Dita Von Teese Virgin Atlantic
Denies claim ... Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic
He added: “I provided a good CV. I’d offered advice over the phone before so believed I was a good candidate.
“The CV and equal opportunities form clearly identified me as someone not born here, a black African. I was rejected because of my ethnic origin.”
UK citizen Max, who fled civil war in Liberia in 2002 and now lives in Swansea, told a Cardiff tribunal that he decided to “test” Virgin by reapplying with the name Craig Owen.
He said he answered three main questions “very similarly” to the original application and was contacted by the airline “seven or eight times”.
Virgin “strongly denies” race discrimination and said Max had included five years of valuable customer-based work history on the Owen form which was NOT on the Kpakio CV.
It says it couldn’t tell he was African from his CV. The hearing continues.


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