Saturday, 27 April 2013

France: Paris court faces with anti-white racism case

France has found itself in a very unusual situation. In Paris court will be held a trial that can awake controversy in some quarters, reported Voice of Russia. What is the case about?

cekic sudije
A man will have to answer in the court of law on Friday for the charges of carrying out a violent assault motivated by not more or less, but “anti-white racism”.
The attack itself took place in the Paris Metro. It dates back to the night in September 2010, when two young men approached the (white) victim and asked him for a cigarette. After he refused to give them, they first began insulting him shouting the words “dirty white” and “dirty French”, after which they attacked him physically with broken bottles and left him seriously injured.
For the French prosecutors, the attackers’ words were not ordinary insults but a clear sign that the beating was racially motivated.
However, one fact makes the case peculiar and may cloud the issue, and that fact is that the man who carried the assault is a white himself, reported French Daily le Parisien.
With the accused attacker were two more assailants, but they have never been found


I hope this raises some awareness

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