Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Chch white supremacist group targets Auckland

A Christchurch white supremacist group plans to distribute anti-Chinese immigration flyers in Auckland.

Auckland City Council ethnic panel member Bevan Chuang, who is Chinese, was made aware about the Right Wing Resistance leaflet drop by a friend on Facebook.

Concerned, she alerted the police.

"We obviously don't want anyone to get hurt, that's my main concern," she said.

Chuang also received "extreme" neo-Nazi posts on her Facebook page.

"I deal with racism everyday as part of my job, but they're some of the worst [comments] I've ever seen."

One described Chinese as "the cancer of New Zealand".

Another said: "Go back there, we don't want your rubbish communist politics in our free country", as well as

"Tell your Asian mates they ain't welcome, spread it around like Chinese whispers we don't want you here".

But it is not the first time the group has distributed similar flyers in Auckland.

Two years ago, "Stop the Asian Invasion" flyers were distributed in suburbs with a high Asian population.

This time, the group plans to drop leaflets in Titirangi, Manurewa and Onehunga.

A Right Wing Resistance spokesman said the main purpose of the leaflet drop was to "spread awareness".

He said it would also recruit new members in the process.

But University of Canterbury gang expert Dr Jarrod Gilbert believed the group would struggle to recruit members and spread their political message in Auckland.

"Skin head and white supremacist groups are always more common in the South Island because of demographics.

"In parts of Auckland entire communities are made up of largely Maori and Pacific Island communities, they're not going to tolerate these types of gangs."

Gilbert said other gangs including Black Power, the Mongrel Mob and Head Hunters would made also "stomp out" any attempts to gain ground in Auckland.

He said this was the case with white supremacist group Unit 88 in 1997.


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