Sunday, 28 April 2013

Anti-White Meme Goes Viral

Let’s just say I have this friend.  My friend has a client.  The client is a lovely White, professional woman of child-bearing age.  There’s only one problem.  The client is a race-mixer.
She married a negro.  While she worked and went to school, he was the “househusband”.  He became a raging alcoholic.  He shoplifted even though they had money to buy the items he stole.  He PUNCHED the dog repeatedly when he has detoxing from alcohol.  When he wanted to punish himself for drinking again, he shaved half his head.
Okay so even after kicking him out of her life, she is not racially aware.  My friend has brought up a couple of topics in the hope that she can wake this chick up.  (I know, you guys don’t want her back, but my friend is thinking about White children)
Now, this is the good part and what I hope you all will take away from this article.   What is really interesting is that this chick used the term Pro-White to describe people like us when talking to my friend.
When even a mudshark is using the correct term for our philosophy, you know the memes are getting out there.
Congrats to the BUGSTERS, Bob Whitaker and Horus the Avenger for making “pro-White” and “White Genocide” household words.

Aryan Street


I started ranting about cultural appropriation and systematic oppression. Then I realized that white hicks aren't that bright. In addition to that I'm not really one to spread hate. With that said your people smell like wet dogs when they get their hair wet. You have absolutely no culture so your children choose to be vultures of my culture and everyone else's. Please pray for white people. They need it.

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