Monday, 18 March 2013

"The skinheads want to kill him so they can have bragging rights," said the insider. "They want the badge of honor as the guys who got O.J. Simpson!"

In a world exclusive, The National Enquirer reported Tuesday that former Heisman Trophy winner, O.J. Simpson recently survived a well-orchestrated vicious murder attempt from a group of white supremacists.
According to The Enquirer, the attack took place on Feb, 16 at the Nevada Lovelock Correctional Center, the facility where Simpson has been locked up since 2008.
Sources believe that the two "hit men" belong to a group of inmates with "white power" ideologies that are simply looking for "bragging rights" for taking down the former NFL star.
The incident began when 50 inmates staged a riot to divert the guards' attention, while two killers charged the 65-year-old with "shanks."
"The skinheads want to kill him so they can have bragging rights," said the insider. "They want the badge of honor as the guys who got O.J. Simpson!"

However, Simpson survived the attack, walking away with a slash across his face, thanks to a gang of homosexuals who have devoted their lives to protect him, provide him with back massages, and call themselves "The Girls."
"I don't want to die," he cried as he told a friend. "They want me dead and they almost got me. They came so close I could feel the wind as they swung their knives at my face and neck. I was thrashing my arms and trying to protect my face as I pushed and shoved to get away. Those knives would have ripped me up good."
Simpson, who requested to be among the general population in spite of his celebrity, was relaxing in the prison yard when the sudden riot broke out. The Enquirer’s insider can only, and best describe what happened next:
"The guards sounded the sirens from the prison towers and rushed in with tear gas guns and other firepower. At first, O.J. was watching all this from a distance and didn't even notice that two inmates were approaching him.
"Then, one of 'The Girls' spotted a flash of metal. It was sunlight reflect­ing from the blade of a knife wielded by a skinhead rushing at O.J. At the same time, another one of 'The Girls' saw an attacker coming from the other side.
"The two skinheads charged toward O.J. They lunged at him and slashed at his face, coming close to cutting him. Luck­ily, they were blocked by his girly-man buddies. They may act like chicks but, believe me, they’re darn tough."
But while one insider claims that this attack was merely a chance for bragging rights, other inmates believe that Simpson has brought some of this hatred on himself.
It is also reported that "The Juice" receives special treatment from some of the guards, which is cause for resentment among many of his peers.
"Some inmates are furious at how O.J. has been pampered," the insider reveals. "He has a big screen TV in his cell and even hosted a Super Bowl party. His girlie buddies give him massages and he buys special food from the prison store that most of the other inmates can't afford. He's a celebrity, but he’s not supposed to be treated like one. Yet he is and it adds up to some of the inmates resenting the hell out of him."
Simpson is eligible to go free on bail as he’s scheduled to attend a May hearing to determine if he should get a new trial for his 2008 armed robbery of a Las Vegas hotel. Having that said, the former first-overall NFL pick now has to make sure he can stay alive for that long.
"O.J. was badly shaken by the attack," added the prison source. "He was so scared afterward, he was actually crying. He told me, 'I'm so close to having a chance to get out of prison, and I might not make it. Somebody doesn't want me walking the streets again. I'll be lucky if I get out alive.'"


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