Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Skilled Indians flocking to New Zealand

India is now the largest source country for skilled migrants settling in New Zealand according to recent figures from Immigration New Zealand.
The new figures show that in the 2011/12 migration year 3,291 Indians became permanent residents of New Zealand through the country’s skilled immigration stream, driven partly by students staying on to become residents.
India has overtaken the UK as the largest source country for skilled arrivals, with just 3,183 Brits arriving in NZ as permanent skilled workers last year. The figures also show that the number of skilled British people arriving in New Zealand annually has decreased dramatically in recent years.
In the mid-2000s around half of New Zealand’s skilled newcomers hailed from the UK. In 2004/05 11,665 Brits moved there, making up 49 per cent of all skilled migrants.
The just over 3,000 who moved there last year accounted for just 17 per cent of all the country’s skilled newcomers.
The number of migrants moving to New Zealand has been dropping in the past ten years, following a real growth in numbers during the early 2000s due largely to the popularity of the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
However, the large scale building and redevelopment projects currently taking place in Canterbury following a deadly series of earthquakes in the region during the past few years is set to see an increasing number of skilled migrants entering the country over the coming years.
“Demand for New Zealanders will be high, and training is under way to get young people in particular into jobs in Canterbury, but nonetheless we are likely to need more migrants if those skills cannot be readily met from within New Zealand," said Sankar Ramasamy migration research manager at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment
Many of these new permanent migrants are expected to be overseas students currently studying at NZ universities, many of whom are Indian – so don’t be surprised to see India remain as New Zealand’s number one source country for skilled immigrants for the foreseeable future.


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