Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scottish Defence League is a Nazi piece of work

A LEADING member of the sinister far-right Scottish Defence League is today unmasked as a vile racist with links to outlawed neo-Nazis.

The Scottish Sun can reveal hate-filled bigot Paul Newlands is a major driving force behind the prejudice and tensions stirred up by the extremist faction.
He was snapped in Berwick last month at an SDL demo now under investigation by police over sickening racist chants. And the tattoo-covered rabble-rouser uses Facebook and Twitter to spout his bile.
Organisers of the SDL — an offshoot of the English Defence League — insist it is NOT racist, but is a protest group opposing immigration and Islamic fundamentalism in the UK. But our investigation has uncovered widespread racism within its ranks — including links to banned Nazi outfit Combat 18 and Greek fascists Golden Dawn.
Newlands, 39, regularly attends SDL rallies across Scotland and has close links with far-right groups in England such as the EDL and the North West Infidels.
He proudly shows off his tattoos of the Combat 18 logo and the fascist swastika symbol on Facebook and has ‘SDL’ inked on the back of his shaved head.
Before last month’ s march he boasted on Twitter of hooking up with equally-warped pals at the rally, writing: “I go anywhere to defend my white race.”
He says of one Asian target: “The p*ki b*****d needs hung.”
Newlands’ page on the site is overflowing with revolting abuse, including twisted mock-up photos showing US President Barack Obama and his wife as monkeys.
There are swastika pictures, images of the Nazi ‘Sieg Heil’ salute, videos glorifying Hitler, a badge from American white-supremacists the Ku Klux Klan, and a foul cartoon captioned: “Around blacks, never relax.”
He also refers to a black woman as a “f*****g n*****” and shares a tweet posted by another racist cruelly mocking Comic Relief, which says: “Help the struggling African... I say die with flies round your eyes.”
Paul Newlands
Terror ink ... Combat 18 tattoo
Newlands makes fun on the site of the tragic death of Northern Ireland cop Philippa Reynolds, 27, who died in a car crash last month — and tells followers: “Today like every other day I will abuse the #golliwog at work.” He is also revealed to be a fan of Golden Dawn, which has risen to prominence in riot-torn Greece.
Scottish Sun reporters traced Newlands to his home on Edinburgh’s Muirhouse scheme — and watched as he strolled over to an Asian-owned store and joked with a worker unloading his van.
But when we confronted him about his political views he said “F**k off” — then flashed a Nazi salute before yelling: “Sieg Heil.”
Newlands was among around 50 far-right fanatics who descended on Berwick on February 16 — where he was pictured alongside SDL organiser Graham Walker.
Walker has whined about the group being dubbed bigots, moaning: “We’re branded racist but we are not — extremists are not a race.”
The SDL was joined in the English border town by a handful of EDL idiots who drank and chanted rowdily before facing off anti-fascist campaigners.
A Saltire said to be in memory of Glasgow lad Kriss Donald — slain by Asian race-hate thugs in 2004 — was passed around members, who posed for snaps.
Border patrol ... cops tackle trouble at Berwick demo
One young girl brandished a placard saying ‘Never forget Glasgow Airport’ — a reference to the 2007 terror attack.
The gang were confronted by the Berwick United Against Fascism group, who shouted: “Nazi scum off our streets.” SDL members retorted: “You can shove your f*****g Islam up your arse.”
After listening to speeches by their leaders, they headed back to the pub to carry on boozing.
Northumbria Police made five arrests on the day and are investigating claims of racist comments at the rally.
Assistant Chief Constable Steve Ashman said: “A number of people failed to live up to their responsibilities. We acted immediately to head off any trouble.
“People expressed concerns to us over potentially racist language used. We’ll review information received and appropriate action will be taken where offences were committed.” Cops said of the five arrested, one was cautioned for being drunk and disorderly, two were freed after being held over alleged breaches of the peace, and one was given a penalty notice for disorderly conduct.
No further action was taken against another who was allegedly caught in possession of cannabis.
Another SDL member, who can’t be named for legal reasons, was at the demo days after he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on a charge of alleged racial hatred.

Who are the SDL?

Demo ... SDL boasts 4,000 members
THE SDL is an offshoot of the English Defence League, set up in 2009.
Both are opposed to what they say is growing Islamic extremism in the UK — and both insist they are NOT racist.
SDL leaders boast of up to 4,000 members — but true numbers are thought to be far lower. They also play up links with soccer thugs including Hibs’ notorious Capital City Service.
Scots police footie intelligence officers are believed to have worked with English counterparts to identity SDL yobs.

Leaders 'feed on the poor'

THE Scottish Defence League was accused of preying on poverty-stricken Scots to spread its vile views.
Top academic Dr Alastair McIntosh branded the SDL a “noisy minority” who use immigrants as figures of hate.
Dr McIntosh, of Glasgow’s Centre of Human Ecology, said: “They feed on people feeling hard done by. When people are hurting, which a great many are with benefit cuts, it’s easy to turn that feeling into a hatred of anyone from the outside.
“The current economic climate is ripe for these views to grow. These right-wing groups exploit concerns that people have. What is ugly is they draw attention to themselves when Scotland is considering its political future.”

Fuhrer's fan club

NEO-NAZI terror group Combat 18 was set up in England in 1992 — but its racial hatred has spread across the globe.
The gang is associated with Blood and Honour and the National Front.
Its 18 name comes from the initials of Adolf Hitler — the first and eighth letters of the alphabet.
Founder Charlie Sargent — who left over allegations he was an MI5 spy — was jailed for life in 1997 for murder.
Golden Dawn is a right-wing Greek outfit which won a council seat in Athens in 2010. It was involved in the Greek riots of 2010-11.


Racial Socialists and Nationalists think commies and libtards and anti-nazis are vile. We are right, and we will win. Losing is a sin.

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