Friday, 15 March 2013

On this day March 15th: Remember Kriss Donald

On this day March 15th:
44 BCE-Julius Caesar, Aryan Dictator of the Roman Republic, was stabbed to death by Roman senators on the Ides of March.
1391-Monks in Seville Spain encouraged people to attack Gentile hating Jews
1813- English physician John Snow, was born in York.
1906-Rolls-Royce Limited, the British car and aero-engine manufacturing company was founded by Henry Royce and C.S. Rolls.
1916- President Woodrow Wilson sent 4,800 United States troops over the U.S.-Mexico border to pursue murdering Mexican bandit. Pancho Villa and his cutthroat gang. Today Villa and his ilk would be given citizenship and benefits!
1917-Czar Nicholas II of Russia abdicated the Russian throne as a result of Bolshevik revolution.
1938- Hitler adressed hundreds of thousands of cheering Austrians in the Heldenplatz, Vienna who were now free from the evil forces of international finance.
1939-As his country descended into lawlessness and potential civil war, Czech leader Hacha signed an agreement asking for the protection of Nazi Germany. Hours later German troops entered Bohemia and Moravia, meeting practically no resistance
1943-In the Third Battle of Kharkov: The Waffen SS reconquered the city of Kharkov from the Bolshevik army in bitter street fighting. It was the last major victory for the Germans on the Eastern Front.
1944-The Soviet 1st Ukrainian Front broke through German defenses and reached the river Bug , the starting point in 1941 for Operation 'Barbarossa'.
1971-Colin Jordan of the BM, top British National Socialist, made a speech in Wolverhampton.
1976-The driver of a London Underground train was shot dead while chasing an IRA gunman who detonated a bomb on his train in East London.
2004-15 year old Kriss Donald was abducted by a gang of muslims in Glasgow. He was tortured and mutilated, doused in petrol and then set on fire and left to die.


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