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Hitler Should Have Killed All Jews’: Dutch TV Airs Shock Interview with Muslim Immigrants

Dutch TV Airs Video of Muslim Immigrants Proudly Hating Jews and Praising Hitler
Dutch youths laugh and smile as they express hatred of Jews and love of Hitler (Nederland 2 screenshot)
A Dutch researcher was visibly exasperated during an interview he conducted with a group of Turkish Muslim immigrant teenagers when they repeatedly and unabashedly expressed to him on camera their hatred of Jews and admiration for Hitler.
During the interview that aired on Nederland 2 last month which has now been subtitled in English, the Muslim boys proudly describe how they feel about Jews, even though none appears to know any members of the Jewish faith. One even says, “Hitler should have killed all Jews.”
Their words are particularly troubling considering the majority of the country’s Jews were deported to concentrations camps during the Nazi occupation of Holland. The interviewer asks the boys what they know about Anne Frank, the Dutch Jewish girl famous for the diary she kept describing her life while hiding from the Nazis for two years in Amsterdam. At least one of the boys knew she died of typhus in a Nazi concentration camp.
Addressing the Holocaust, one boy says, “On the one hand, I’m satisfied with what Hitler did with the Jews. I am being really honest.”
His friends – who look around the same age as Anne Frank was when she died – echo that they agree.
The boy smiles as he says: “What Hitler said about Jews is that there will be one day when you see that I am right that I killed all the Jews. And that day will come.”
Dutch TV Airs Video of Muslim Immigrants Proudly Hating Jews and Praising Hitler
A second boy tries to justify the anti-Semitism expressed by his friends:
Boy: The hatred for the Jews is because they will try to steal somebody’s country like in Gaza. They kill a lot of people.
Interviewer: Is that why you hate Jews?
Boy: Yes
Interviewer: So you think it’s justified that Hitler killed millions of Jews?
Boy: Yes, because now millions of Palestinians are being killed.
Interviewer: No, not millions. Who tells you this?
His friend sums up his view: “As far as I’m concerned, Hitler should have killed all Jews” (other boys laugh).
Acknowledging they have no Jewish friends, the teen adds, “You don’t have to know any Jews to say something about them.”
Insisting even native Dutch teens in their school hate Jews, one of the Turkish immigrants says, “Nobody in our school likes Jews. Come to our school I mean it.”
Despite the offensive words spoken, the interview is jovial in tone, interspersed with smiles and laughs.
Dutch TV Airs Video of Muslim Immigrants Proudly Hating Jews and Praising Hitler
Here’s another part of the exchange:
Interviewer: So you use the word Jew as a part of name-calling?
Boy 1: Yes, it is a cursing word.
Boy 2: If you call somebody names, you really wish them bad things. For example: cancer. People curse with the word cancer because you wish them the worst. It is the same with the word Jew. ‘Jew’ equals evil. That is why we use the word.
Interviewer: How can you say stuff like that? You shock me.
The interviewer, Mehmet Sahin, is a researcher at Vrije Universiteit who aims to reeducate Turkish youths in Arnhem in the Netherlands, according to Arutz 7.
Calling them “pathetic boys,” Sahin challenges them that they will think differently a year from now. They say he’s wasting his time but shake his hand nonetheless, accepting the challenge on a 50 euro bet.
“I hate Jews period. You can’t get that thought out of my mind,” said one of the youths. The researcher clearly has his work cut out for him.
In the wake of the broadcast, a Jewish group is now calling on the government to investigate anti-Semitism in Dutch high schools. “Anti-Semitic biases seem much more widespread than earlier presumed among children of immigrant families, as well as native Dutch pupils,” the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) wrote to Education, Culture and Science Minister Jet Bussemaker.
Here is the subtitled video:


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