Sunday, 10 February 2013

White and Proud!

There is a lot of talk these days about Black pride, Jewish pride, Hispanic pride -- even "gay" pride. In fact, there is only one major segment of the population which is not encouraged to take pride in its heritage and in the achievements of its Ancestors. That group is the White race.

The lack of White pride is truly a sad and strange thing, because no other group has more to be rightfully proud of than the White people of the world. The glories and greatness that the men and women and women of our race have won over the centuries should serve as a source of eternal pride and inspiration to White people everywhere.

Since the dawn of history, we have been a mighty race of builders, explorers, artists, warriors, inventors, philosophers, and cultivators.

We have sailed the seas, explored vast wildernesses, scaled tall mountains and journeyed to the depths of oceans and into the cold void of outer space. We have built great civilizations and created sublime works of beauty and made the deserts bloom.

The technological achievements of our people -- from the megalithic calendar of Stonehenge to the moonwalk of the Apollo astronauts -- are unequaled.

We have devised profound philosophies, created the noblest works of art and music, conquered deadly diseases and performed soul-stirring acts of heroism and self-sacrifice.

We are the race of Shakespeare, Leonardo, Beethoven and Homer. We are the sons and daughters of Leif Ericsson, Columbus, Magellan, Amundsen and Lindbergh. We are the folk of Alexander, Caeser, Arminius, Roland, Fredrick, Napoleon, Washington, and Lee. We are the heirs of Sophocles, Heraclitus and Plato; of Rembrandt, Rubens and Durer; of Dante, Goethe and Gutenberg; of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart Wagner. We are the descendants of Pythagoras, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton and Nietzsche.

Just to list the great achievements of our race would require the work of a lifetime.

No one has more to be proud of than we do!

In order for an individual to be psychologically healthy, he or she must have a clear-cut sense of identity and self-worth. And for our race as a whole to be strong and healthy, White people everywhere must develop a sense of racial identity and racial worth. There is no better way to attain this very necessary level of racial awareness than in having pride in your people and its accomplishments.

S take pride in your race -- pride in what we have achieved in days gone by, and pride in what we shall yet accomplish as we reach for the stars.

Be White and proud!


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