Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rejects Italian MEP Fiamma Nirenstein's motion

The Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly rejected Italian MEP Fiamma Nirenstein's motion that called for the exclusion of Jobbik MP Tamas Gaudi-Nagy and Golden Dawn MP Eleni Zaroulia from the European body. Nirenstein argued that the two representatives are racist and entertain anti-semitic sentiments.

The committee announced that the two MPs mandate can't be challenged because both were elected by democratic procedures and therefore, they have the rights to participate in the Assembly's work. The Commission also pointed out that political differences of opinion should be clarified through democratic discussions rather than exclusion.

In his address to the Assembly, Gaudi pointed out that MEP Nirenstein's motion was a violation of democratic principles and the right to freedom of expression. Such initiative can only invoke more hostility against those who use anti-Semitism as a weapon against those who can't be attacked by other means. There are individuals who are unable to digest the fact that ordinary people are waking up to reality and expressing strong opinion on issues like the lack of social justice, national indebtedness, austerity measures, multinational corporations' colonizing policies, unemployment, slave labor, the failed Roma policy, and vulnerability to rising crime.

Gaudi also pointed out that there are certain forces in the world that try to narrow the concept of human rights to the issue of terrorism; as a result, they attack and discredit everybody who raises other issues like the right to national self-determination.

It is extraordinary that in the autumn of 2006, after a bloody police crackdown by “Gyurcsányist” henchmen on peaceful demonstrators in Hungary no one in the European institutions spoke up against the mass human rights violations by the Gyurcsany regime. The policy of double standard once again manifests itself in the fact that when there is no credible argument against nationalist groups, globalists use the time tested weapon of accusing them with anti-Semitism, especially when those groups criticizing Israel for violating the human rights of Palestinians. Jobbik is the constant target of these attacks; but this time, the globalists not only failed to exclude us from the democratic process, but they also helped awakening more people to reality said Gaudi.



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