Saturday, 9 February 2013

Second family accuses Disneyland of racism after Donald Duck refuses to hug their son

The second family in as little as a week has come forward with allegations that a Disneyland character snubbed them because they were black.

The day was going well until Razzi White, 5, walked up to a performer in a Donald Duck costume at the park's Main Street. 'He was sitting there with his arms open, saying, 'Donald, Donald!' said mother Nastasia White. Nastasia claims that rather than play with her son, Donald deliberately walked away from him to play with a white baby in a stroller. The Whites said they waited patiently for their turn - long enough that even the baby's parents urged Donald to play with Razzi - but Donald ignored them. Nastasia asked for picture, but says Donald instead went to a young white girl on a bench on hugged her. White told reporters at ABC 10 News that Razzi asked her: ''Why didn't Donald want to take a picture with me?' Inside, I wanted to cry. This was discrimination.'

Source: Jewish mail

Is it cos they are quack?


Blacks like to make up these stories.

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