Sunday, 20 January 2013

Man Against Time

by Ron McVan

How do I soothe this lions heart? How do I quench my rage? I'm a man out of time in a valorless world, I'm a tiger in a cage! The gray men with their lunch pails, live out life as a working drone, they toil and sweat and in the end they get, old age and the nursing home!

Profiteers they crave wealth and power, closing deals and raising bids, building fortunes to their very last hour, to be squandered away by their kids! O they say let's build a great nation. "America" it's everyone's home! Tell me how do you build a great nation, when the cultures are not your own?

You tolerate greed and corruption, rampant crime and impending doom, you live out each day while freedom slips away, lockstep to your controllers tune! Through my blood flows the wealth of ages. Through my blood live both peasant and king, and my soul cannot be fettered, and my spirit still soars on the wing!

There's a price O yes, for what you do, and it will be your final distinction! For the reward that you've earned my misguided friend, is the prize of your own extinction! And I roar in defiance like a lion! My rebellion won't diminish with age, and I'll claw and I'll bite, FOR FREEDOM I WILL FIGHT! Like a tiger in his cage!


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