Sunday, 13 January 2013

Islamists protest in London against French Mali role

Around 60 Islamists including women in veils protested outside the French embassy in London on Saturday against France's military intervention in Mali.
The demonstrators held placards reading "French army, you will pay, the Muslims are on their way", "United Nations, go to hell" and "Sharia is the only solution for Mali".
French President Francois Hollande sent troops on Friday to help Malian forces hold back an advance by Islamist rebels, and on Saturday Paris announced that a French military pilot had been killed.
"Francois Hollande, you are a Satan," one of the protesters, Abu Shaafehi, said in French through a loudspeaker. "Sharia for France!"
The protest was divided into two groups, separated by several metres, of men in traditional dress and women in veils.
A group of British police stood guard outside the embassy but the protest dispersed peacefully.


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