Thursday, 17 January 2013

Greece Wants Germany to Pay for WWII

Greece’s National Council for the Claim of German Debts is demanding 108 billion euro ($143.6 billion,) not including interest, as compensation for the destruction of the infrastructure of Greece during World War II, as well as 54 billion euros ($71.8 billion) for the occupation loan.
Aristomenis Syggelakis, member of the secretariat of the council, made the announcement in a speech in Thessaloniki during the presentation Greek Holocausts 1940-1945. He also said that the council claims the compensation for damages of the archaeological treasures and certainly for the victims.
The album includes in its pages the black history of the atrocities against Greeks during the war. “This book aims at keeping alive these regions that marked Greeks’ ordeals, in the memory of the younger generations, as a tribute to those who fought as well as the innocent victims of Nazism and Fascism,” the Head of the Municipality of Pilea-Hortiatis Council, Mihalis Geranis noted. A few months ago, Thessaloniki joined the list with the Martyred Cities and Villages.


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