Sunday, 6 January 2013

Enoch Powell widow 'furious' over 'ludicrous' slur that portray her husband as a Nazi sympathiser

The widow of Enoch Powell has criticised as ‘absolutely ludicrous’ a novel that portrays her husband as a pro-Nazi sympathiser.
Pamela Powell said his depiction in the bestselling book Dominion was an ‘unacceptable distortion’ of the late Tory MP.
The book is a historical ‘what if’ which explores what might have happened had Britain sued for peace after Dunkirk in 1940. 

The work is set in 1952 and Britain is portrayed as a puppet state under the control of the Nazis in Berlin.
Author C. J. Sansom included real-life figures in his fictitious pro-Nazi government, including Powell as Secretary of State for India.

But his widow said Powell, who died in 1998, had ‘totally opposed’ Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler.

‘The idea that he would be in any pro-Nazi government is absolutely ludicrous,’ she said.
‘When Enoch went to Australia in 1937 as Professor of Greek at Sydney University he told his first lecture that when Britain went to war he would go straight back to join up and that is what he did.’
She added: ‘A novel is a novel  and I don’t suppose I shall get it or read it.’
Historian Andrew Roberts said: ‘Powell was an ardent anti-Nazi from the earliest days even when other Tories were pro-appeasement. I suspect the author is trying to make some sort of modern-day equivalence between Enoch Powell’s views on immigration and fascism and that is so intellectually debased as to be moronic.’


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