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Are We a Conquered People?

by Teutonic Viking

Pondering the Consequences of Being Politically Correct or Having Your Identity Forbidden (or White People are a conquered people today)

The real reason I wish to discuss race issues in a benign or neutral way - without any name calling or emotions - is I see serious problems ahead for us white people. Please be open-minded as I lay out the issues with you. I assure you, what I detail below IS NOT ABOUT THE THREE(3) THINGS THAT MOST UNEDUCATED LIBERALS ASSOCIATE US WITH: 1. hating other races, 2. suppressing them, 3. maintaining superiority over others. Again We are NOT about those three!!
By the way, understandably, a big fear is that anyone discussing race or racial differences
is only doing so as a prelude to advocating violence and discrimination. I assure you, this is NOT the case. Again, please approach the issues I place before you with an open mind: <p>
My concerns – described in a nutshell here:

White people, that is, people descended wholly from European ancestry, are becoming an endangered race. Indeed, White Americans are declining morally, culturally, physically,
emotionally, spiritually, economically, politically and numerically. The prospect of being a white minority has been on my mind constantly (daily) for several years now. The USA went from nearly 90% white as late as 1970 to about 55 to 60+ percent today (though the US census and other “official sources” say we’re around 65-70+ percent white). What the hell happened??? Additionally, the same thing is happening in Europe (& Canada/Australia/NZ) as those white
countries are importing third-world people, too. For example, when I visited Sweden in 1989, it was nearly 100% white. Today, a Swedish white man tells me it’s now about 70 % white and the percentage is dropping with time. (g-a-s-p !)

In 1900, Whites were about one-third (30-35%) of the world’s population. Today, we whites are down to about 7 to 12 % of the world’s population. Quite a drop. And White women of child-bearing age <i>are only</i> about 2 to 3 % of the world’s population. Why aren’t our leaders telling us to reproduce so we can have more white kids?

In fact, our tax policies quite specifically create a disincentive for making children. First, married people are taxed more – it's called the “marriage penalty.” Second, the tax exemption for children has failed to keep up with the rate of inflation. Right now it is less than $4,000
per child, when, to even keep pace with what it was in 1950, it would have to be
$12,000. This, combined with welfare, biases reproduction in favor of our least
productive societal members.

Such legitimate concerns received a frosty reception from my white family members and friends and most whites. Then it has dawned on me why. Most whites are repelled upon hearing the word white, which often times is a dirtier word than “nigger”, thanks to the controlled mass media
conditioning of today's white people to avoid discussion of certain taboo subjects such as race in a media-created politically correct climate. Also, our educational system has helped to create this climate. As a result, most people have lost the capacity for independent thought and are conditioned to look first to equally-conditioned leaders and experts for politically-correct

(Again, I remind you, this article is NOT about 3 most common myths most whites have been conditioned to think of us free thinkers who wish to discuss race issues openly and fairly - i.e. we are NOT interested in 1. suppressing , 2. hating, and 3. maintaining superiority over other races. Please throw that thinking to the nearest garbage can! )

Attempts by free thinkers to discuss politically incorrect subjects are often met with apathy or hostility. For example, any mention of racial differences or organized Jewry will likely trigger accusations of bigotry and Anti-Semitism. However, these subjects must be considered in a search for causes and their effects in the decline of white countries. If there are no frank discussions about these subjects, we cannot solve problems. A frank discussion of problems should not be confused with advocacy of harm being brought to any group of people. A big fear is that anyone discussing race or racial differences is only doing so as a prelude to advocating violence and discrimination. This need not be the case.

I have been interested in understanding racial issues. Hence I studied racial issues extensively on my own time in the past 10+ years. We need policies based on a realistic understanding of race, not on fantasies.

Here is the summary of what I found in my studies:

• People of all races pay lip service to the ideal of integration but generally prefer to remain apart. This is only in historically white countries. A Japanese in the U.S. will pay lip-service to integration, but a Japanese person in Japan will reject the idea of integration as laughable.

• Study after scientific study suggests that racial identity is an inherent part of human nature.

• Diversity of race, language, religion, etc. is not a strength for America but a source of chronic tension and conflict. (One Harvard study showed that the more diverse an area is, the less people trust each other – even others of the same race – and the less investment they make in social capital.)

• Non-whites — especially blacks and Hispanics but now even Asians — openly take pride in their race and put group interests ahead of those of the country as a whole. This is important. Other groups clearly pursue group interests which means that: a) the groups EXIST b) the pursuit of group interests is MORAL and c) that the interests of the group DIFFER from those of society as a whole. If the latter weren't true there would be no basis for the existence of La Raza or B'nai B'rith.

• Only whites continue to believe that it is possible or even desirable to transcend race and try to make the United States a nation in which race does not matter. Whites have little sense of racial solidarity, and most whites strongly condemn any signs of it as they have been conditioned to do so. Another thing to consider is that such behavior can only exist for whites who feel they can afford it – that is, in a time of relative economic surplus. Starving white people wouldn't have the luxury of believing such absurdities.

• Immigration from non-European countries is changing the United States in profound ways, many of which whites find disagreeable. This is proven by the continued flight of white people from areas that become majority non-white such as California.

The study done by the late Dr. Phil Rushton, simply showed how different the three major races are. Despite the ‘leftist’ propaganda, we aren't equal!! Physical equality should be distinguished from moral or political equality. Racial differences are more than skin deep! Forensic scientists can easily tell the race of any skeleton unearthed from the ground just by looking at the bones! Hence racial differences are bone deep. Racial differences are quite pronounced in many other categories. Genetics is the name of the game in every category! That includes intelligence, as study after scientific study show it to be a major factor in determining IQ. The IQ of the people determines the level of civilization – it is explored more below. (Also see the book “IQ and the Wealth of Nations".)

I wish to point out that Mr. Eric Holder, our American Attorney General, has stated that Americans are cowards when it comes to race issues. Popular media tells us why – because we whites are guilty of any past historical injustices such as slavery. (By the way, only 5% of the southern whites owned slaves prior to Civil War but 100% of whites gets the blame and subsequent guilt today). I'll say the real reason why we white Americans are cowards:

We Whites fear that any departure from carefully scripted opinions about race – to suggest, for example, that the very fact of multi-racialism (or multi-culturalism) gives rise to serious problems no matter what the whites do – will be met with charges of racism. And they are right. Charges of racism are not form of debate; they are meant to silence debate. Accusations of racism are often transparent attempts to choke off honest discussions. And the definition of “racism” has become extremely fluid.

We have to understand race relations as they are, not as we might wish them to be. We cannot understand the world we live in if we refuse to rethink assumptions that may be wrong. Nor can we make progress if we are knocked off course for fear that others may call us names.

In addition, even though we may choose to believe a lie, we are not protected from the consequences of the truths covered by the lie. Thus, more white people have been killed by black people since 1965 than died in WWI. (Please see Jared Taylor's “The Color of Crime” report.) Denying the fact that non-whites specifically target whites for violent crime doesn't bring dead people back.( In my original article, I cite Dept. of Justice statistics showing black men raped white women frequently (over 34,000 rape reports), whereas there were virtually ZERO rapes (less than 10) by white men against black women for the year 2005.)

Re-examining our assumptions about race could have far-reaching consequences, which I explained in my original letter to you. Disturbing as such a reexamination may be, it will help us understand the choices our nation faces today and the choices we made in the past. We can continue down a path that is likely to ensure tension and social dislocation or we can reorient policies in more realistic directions.

We need to understand racial identity, something most people who are not white take for granted. They come to it early, feel it strongly, and make no apologies for it. Most whites do not have a racial identity, but they would do well to understand what race means for others. They should also ponder the consequences of being the only group for whom such an identity is forbidden and who are permitted no aspirations as a group.

Indeed, I’ve also noted that only white people have been deracinated, while other races have not abandoned their racial consciousness. Hence, non-whites are not likely to reciprocate becoming as deracinated as whites.

Most importantly, what do you think is going to happen to our political rights once we lose our majority status, given the fact that the American public (including non-whites) has been bombarded for decades in the schools and the mainstream media with continuous information blaming whites for every single injustice??? Non-whites in positions of power don't always see us whites as good/nice people and will treat us accordingly, as evidenced by anti-white statements by guys like Attorney General Eric Holder.

Secondly, whites are precluded from organizing along racial lines – why is it white people are NOT allowed to form our group identity and civil rights support group, let alone any organizations for whites? There are hundreds of non-white race-based organizations and societies for blacks, Hispanics (their big civil rights group is called La Raza – which is Spanish for The Race), Hindus, East Asians, Arabs, Filipinos, Jews and every other non-white ethnicity under the sun.

But, if we whites decide to join something as innocuous as White Engineers (or Teachers) Society, liberals and their Jewish friends would probably take us to the court, as they did in other white countries. Do you realistically expect blacks, mestizos, and other non-whites to fight for the rights – of white people????!!? If whites do become a minority, would we whites be allowed to form our own white organizations?

Greg Johnson puts it this way: We whites are the race that dare not speak its name.

We whites are supposed to pretend that we do not exist as a people, but only as adherents of the abstract “color-blind” ideology of human equality. In the name of that ideology, we have to give away our wealth and power, debase our standards, corrupt our culture and institutions, and reduce ourselves to a minority. We have to do this any time members of selfish, race-conscious groups like Jews, blacks, Mestizos, etc. demand something from us, as long as they cloak their demands in the language of equality.

What kind of people has to surrender everything to others, upon demand? A conquered people. We whites have to behave as a conquered people in our own country. If we persist in this long enough, of course, we will physically cease to exist as a people. We will succumb to miscegenation, demographic collapse, or outright mass murder, as conquered and enslaved peoples often do. (From )

It is the genetic nature of the non-white races to be ethnocentric and favor their own. Every race out there is out for its own kind, except for whites, who by their nature are individualistic and concerned with universal principles of fairness. Though white people are less inherently ethnocentric than other groups, what ethnocentrism we have is specifically targeted by our educational system, our media, and a system of severe penalties to be over-ridden so that even when we act in an ethnocentric way (as the millions who have left California) we will justify it in politically acceptable ways (e.g. for better schools, lower crime, etc.). Do you think that Arabs are concerned with issues of fairness with regard to Jews? Are the Chinese concerned with fairness with regard to Black Africans? Are Mexicans or Blacks concerned with fairness with regard to Whites?

I've studied history. History tells us of formerly white countries that have been taken over by nonwhites. There's Haiti, ancient India, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa. Non-whites have turned those countries into 3rd world countries. Once whites abandoned leadership of South Africa it has become the rape capital of the world. When whites left Haiti, it went from prosperity to a hell-hole. Portugal was a leading white country in 1400-1500's – until they brought in blacks from Africa and mated with them. So there's a considerable black blood in some Portuguese peoples. As a result, Portugal went from top to bottom among European countries in many categories (IQ, health, wealth, education, scientific/economic development, etc.). It is no mistake that immigrants seek entrance into European countries in preference to all others.

Additionally, these three great White civilizations - ancient Greece/Hellene, ancient Egypt, ancient Rome - those three civilizations basically fell when genetics of the people changed. In every fallen civilization there had been a racial change from the original founding population. The racial group that built the original civilization lost its dominance, often its genetic integrity. Civilizations declined because the inherent makeup of its creators had changed. The racial quality of the people had declined. One historical study done by a French scholar, Count Arthur de Gobineau, showed that the ruling race of most great civilizations that fell, the most intelligent and productive citizens, had the fewest children, while lower elements were extremely prolific.

For example, let's take a look at Ancient Greece, and why it fell apart:

Ancient Greece was probably the most culturally and artistically advanced civilization the world has ever seen.

Probably 98 percent of Greek art has been lost over the last two millennia, yet we still marvel at the magnificence of their architecture, sculpture, paintings, poetry, songs, plays, philosophy, and literature. Not only were the Greeks great thinkers and artists, they were also great warriors, having conquered almost all of the known world. Alexander the Great, actually an Aryan Macedonian, at one time in his short life had even expanded the Greek empire as far as the plains of India. The Greeks accomplished all this although the total population of Athens and Sparta combined never exceeded 250,000 people.

Greek civilization is called the Golden Age, and the Greek people were described as a golden people because of the presence of so many blondes. Greek literature is full of descriptions of fair-complected, light-eyed people. Their sculptures record their physical traits, for they were a tall, magnificent people who attended to the health and beauty of their bodies just as they did to their creative minds.

The Greeks, much as the Spanish in South America, were few in numbers but conquered and administered over vast populations and land areas. Alexander decided to deal with the problem by urging his soldiers and sailors to marry the ruling-class women of the countries Greece ruled. On one occasion, 10,000 Greek soldiers married 10,000 Persian women in a mass ceremony. Although those unions were later voided, they symbolized the Greek strategy for their imperialism. Alexander thought he was binding the loyalty of the nations he subdued and simply creating more Greeks.

Other Greeks came home with their foreign brides initiating a process that undermined their whole civilization. Non-Greeks from all over the Mediterranean world immigrated to Greece for the same economic and social reasons that Mexicans cross the Rio Grande. Much like the great trading cities of the world today, Greek cities became a melting pot of diverse races. Over the centuries few Greeks retained the physical characteristics described in the Odyssey and captured for eternity in their preserved sculptures we marvel at today. A people were lost in an alien genetic flood, and the vitality of the civilization ebbed away, only to be found in the writing, remnants and ruins of the past.

Since the fall of the Greek civilization, the peninsula has been replenished frequently by migrations from the north, and there are still genes of the original Greeks in some of its citizens today. The nation, though, is a shadow of the splendor of what once was, and still finds its highest meaning in its glorious antiquity. (From the book, My Awakening by David Duke)

Another aspect of this to consider is that culture develops simultaneously with race in order to nurture and forward that race. Even a race of higher IQ would have other differences and be unable to thrive in another race's culture without changing it.

My conclusion, based on many years of study: We whites must exercise the same rights as other groups — that we whites must be unafraid of considering their own legitimate interests. If we do not defend our white interests we will be marginalized by groups that do not hesitate to assert themselves, numerically and culturally. We will end up like the South African whites are facing today, and fall like ancient Egypt/Greece/Rome did when our white genetics get diluted by miscegenation.


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