Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Zionist Supremacists Boast: “We Have Stopped Non-Jewish Immigration to Israel”

Zionist Supremacists in Israel have held a ceremony—which included the  handing over of certificates and other exchanges of congratulations—to mark the stopping of non-Jewish immigration into Israel.
The ceremony, attended by Israeli president Shimon Peres and prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was held at Peres’ residence in Jerusalem. Supposedly to give three awards to women who opposed human trafficking—a crime for which Israel is famous.
Netanyahu took the opportunity to announce that what he called the “problems of illegal immigration . . . have been solved.”
According to official Israeli TV coverage of the event, “no more than a few dozen illegals” have managed to enter Israel in the last few months and that “for all intents and purposes,” the Israeli “government had managed to put an end to illegal immigration.”
According to Netyanahu, “Human trafficking, human torture, and murder of children were phenomena that accompanied the parade of illegals that entered the country. From the moment we stemmed this flow, with the intent of stopping illegal workers from entering the country, we were able to stop these phenomena as well.
“A year ago, there were thousands arriving here, and the rate of arrival was increasing. We strengthened our borders. And last month, just 40 illegals entered the country, and none of them reached the cities.”
The halting of non-Jewish immigration into Israel stands in marked contrast to Jewish Supremacist behaviour in other nations, particularly the U.S., where they have always been advocates of immigration abolition and have been at the forefront of “open borders” movements.
The sheer and blatant hypocrisy of the Jewish Supremacists is becoming more and more widely known and obvious to all.
Their plan is becoming more obvious by the day: make sure that no other people on earth have a right to maintain their identity, while ensuring that only the Jewish people retain theirs.


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