Sunday, 30 December 2012

Very Nazi Wedding 1963 (VIDEO) Colin Jordan and Francoise Dior

GV Coventry Registry Office. SV Pan, crowds lined up outside registry office waiting for arrivals. SCU Girl in crowd gives Nazi salute. SV Guests arriving getting out of car. A man gives Nazi salute and walks in. GV Bride and groom's car arriving outside registry office. British Nazi leader Colin Jordan gets out of car. Zoom in to Jordan standing beside car. SV Colin Jordan standing beside car as his French bride Francoise Dior, niece of Christian Dior, gets out of car and both walk into registry office, & SV. Zoom back to police holding back crowds. SV Interior, Colin Jordan signing the register.

GV Exterior, crowds waiting outside registry office. SV Lady Godiva statue with Coventry Cathedral in background. AS Lady Godiva statue. LV Crowds breaking up and demonstrating. CU Policeman grappling with man on ground. SV Interior, bride and groom in registry office with guests standing around giving the Nazi salute. CU Pan, bride and groom as they turn to walk out of building. GV Zoom in to bride and groom leaving registry office, both give the Nazi salute as they walk towards their car. Zoom in as they get into car, pan as police hold back crowds. Pan as car drives away. SV Pan, two policemen dragging away a demonstrator. CU Policemen grappling with another demonstrator, & STV.

SV Exterior, at night, of the National Socialist Movement Head Quarters in Prince Dale Road, Notting Hill, London. SV Name on front door. SV Police waiting in case of disturbance in truck. STV. Francoise Dior leaving the headquarters wearing black leather jacket. She gives the Nazi salute followed by Colin Jordan also giving Nazi salute. SV Four policemen dragging away a demonstrator. CU Pan, bride and groom drive away in taxi.



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