Monday, 24 December 2012

Nature and National-Socialism

Many religions and many philosophies do not accept that Nature is alive, or that there is a creative force inherent in Nature. Instead, many religions posit God as the Creator.
Ethical National-Socialism, however, accepts as a fundamental principle that this creative force, in Nature, exists and that Nature is a living, changing, being. It further accepts that the evolution of species is one of the most significant ways in which Nature works. This evolution is and has been, toward diversity and difference. Insofar as we ourselves are concerned, Nature has made us a unique species. Within this species, there are various folks, which are distinct from each other. Even these folks have evolved in different ways and at different times so that there are many distinct sub-folks with their own distinct culture. Thus, Nature has produced, over thousands of millennia, distinct and different peoples, and within those peoples produced individuals, of differing character. Fundamentally, Ethical National-Socialism is an acceptance and celebration of the difference and diversity that Nature has produced, and it wants to nurture that diversity and difference and so keep alive, and keep evolving, those things which make us unique and 'human'.
We affect Nature because we are Nature made manifest - we are an expression of Nature's change, Nature's evolution. That is, we are a living nexus. We who follow the way of Ethical National-Socialism revere Nature because we know, understand or feel how Nature exists in us. Nature exists in us through our folk, our ancestors, and through the motherland, the homeland, where our folk dwells or where it settles. What lives in us, as Nature, is our culture, our folk, our motherland; in a special way we are the land of our motherland, as we are our folk - we are part of the organic, living whole which includes our folk, our land, the soil of the land, the trees growing in the soil, the creatures, the animals, the life, which exits in or upon this land. We even are the climate of our land - the sun, the rain, the clouds, the wind, the changing seasons.
Because of this, we do not fundamentally exist as separate individuals. Our very existence, as individuals, is bound-up with our folk and our motherland - with our own Blood and Soil. Our folk, our motherland - Nature herself - depends upon us to keep these things going, to keep them healthy, to nurture them and help them grow further. Thus are we born from our folk and our motherland, and thus do we when we die return to them.


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