Sunday, 30 December 2012

'Muslim-hating' homeless woman confesses to killing Indian immigrant by shoving him under a train after her relatives tip off police

A Muslim-hating madwoman confessed today to pushing a shit-working Indian immigrant into a subway train's path - and her relatives tipped off police after seeing her on a Friday newscast.
Erica Menendez, a 31-year-old homeless woman who reportedly suffers from bi-polar disorder, admitted shoving Sunando Sen, 46, in front of a Queens 7 Train Thursday, telling police, 'I've hated Hindus and Muslims since 2001 since they put down the Twin Towers. I have been beating them up since.'
'She is accused of committing a subway commuter’s worst nightmare,' Queens District Attorney Richard Brown reportedly said on Saturday. '(He was) suddenly and senselessly pushed into the path of an oncoming train, shoved from behind with no chance to defend himself.'
Authorities nabbed Menendez after her family tipped advised them Friday the homeless woman might be the one for whom they were searching in connection with the ghastly attack on Sen, sources told The New York Post. Relatives reportedly recognized Menendez's mug on a TV newscast.
It didn't take police long to catch up with her, as they spotted Menendez in Brooklyn's Crown Heights area about 5 a.m. Saturday. At the time, she wore the same jacket as she did in surveillance video retrieved from the 40th Street-Lowery subway station in Queen from which she fled after the 8pm attack.

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