Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mexican Supreme Court declares heterosexual marriage law “unconstitutional"

MEXICO CITY, December 7, 2012, ( - The First Chamber of Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice has ruled unanimously that a law of the state of Oaxaca defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman is “unconstitutional,” claiming that “it offends the auto-determination of people and the right to free development of their personality.”
The ruling is the first step in the process of creating a precedent that would be binding on the whole federal court system, and could ultimately mandate the creation of homosexual “marriage” throughout Mexico’s 31 states.
Currently, homosexual “marriage” is only officially recognized in Mexico’s ultra-leftist Federal District, also known as Mexico City, where the killing of the unborn on demand is legal and state subsidized during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy as well.
However, the unanimity of the ruling, which included conservative judge Jorge Mario Pardo in addition to the two others making up the chamber’s tribunal, does not bode well for the future of marriage in Mexico.
Although the current ruling applies only to the particular case brought by a homosexual couple, two more such rulings will create a precedent that is binding on all federal judges throughout the country, effectively imposing homosexual unions in every state.
Article 143 of Oaxaca’s civil code defines marriage as “a civil contract celebrated between only one man and one woman, who unite to perpetuate the species.” The law was cited by the state’s civil registry as the basis for denying a “marriage” to a lesbian couple in 2011, who appealed to the federal judicial system, joined by two other couples. 
A lower federal court ruled against the statute in August of this year, but the case was taken up by the Supreme Court, delaying the ruling’s enforcement.
As a result of the ruling, the state of Oaxaca’s Civil Registry has been order to register the marriages of the three couples, reports Mexico’s El Informador.
The ruling creates “a new form of activism where political convincing or favors are no longer necessary,” said Alex Ali Mendez Diaz, attorney for the Front for the Respect and Recognition of Sexual Diversity.


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