Friday, 7 December 2012

Jew: “It must be illegal to Resist Total Jewish Control, but must remain legal to bash Islam”

Enemy Jews forge alliances with traitorous muslims whenever muslims can help Jewish interests and aid Jewish subversion and destruction. The back-stabbing muslims are tolerated by their community, which lets everybody know the degenerate state of the “Ummah”. The muslims who pretend to be so hardcore, and fanatic, are in reality unable to purge their ranks of those who shake hands with pedophilic mass-murderers…
Jews have opened the gates of Europe and imported millions of muslims. The Whites must be exterminated, according to the Jewish master-plan. At the same time, Jews lead the anti-islam counter-jihad movement, so that they can use both groups against each other. That way, Jews can make sure that those who reject the mass invasion, never turn on the Jews, who orchestrated the anti-White genocide. But even when Jews and muslims sit together and plan how to conquer and destroy Europe, the Jews lets the muslims know, who is the boss, and who is the good little doggy.
Prasquier meanwhile sought to differentiate between Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, which he argued have increasingly been incorrectly used in the same breath to describe prejudice against a minority due to his heritage. “It should be prohibited to criticise Muslims because they’re Muslims, just as it should be prohibited to criticise Jews because they’re Jews”, he contended.
Both equal up til now. But here it comes, they let the islamic errand boy of Zion know, that Europe will not be shared equally between muslims and Jews.
However, he argued, criticising Islam, as denoted by the term Islamophobia, was a different phenomenon altogether. “The right to blasphemy should be preserved,” he insisted, adding that “it’s a tradition that, if not respected, would tamper with our freedom of religion.”
Source: – Jew leader in France predicts new “Holocaust”
European Jewish Press – French Jewish leader: ‘Banning circumcision would eliminate presence of Jewish life in Europe’
Hassen Chalghoumi (L), imam of Drancy, France, listens to Richard Prasquier, head of CRIF, the umbrella group of French Jewish institutions, who addresses a seminar at the European parliament in Brussels on freedom of religious practices, racism, islamophobia and anti-Semitism.



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