Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Holocaust museum honors Landau memoir

Abraham Landau's Holocaust memoir, "Branded on My Arm and in My Soul," was chosen by the Holocaust Awareness Museum and Education Center in Philadelphia as December Book of the Month (
"We are honored to have 'Branded on My Arm and in My Soul' as part of our library collection and to be featuring it as Book of the Month," said Phil Holtje, the center's program director. "Many people visit the Holocaust Awareness Museum website every day so this will be great exposure for the book."
According to Spinner Publisher Joseph Thomas, the memoir "reminds and teaches us about the consequences of systematized hate, racism, and tyranny, and the deprivation of civil liberties and basic democratic principles." Learn more about "Branded on My Arm and in My Soul" by visiting
Landau's journey is a bittersweet story of survival, a study of the strength of the human spirit and a graphic portrayal of man's inhumanity to man. Born in April 1922 in Wilczyn, Poland, Landau would endure the dehumanizing conditions of 13 labor and concentration camps instituted by Hitler as his "Final Solution" to the Jewish race. Landau's nightmare begins in 1939 with the Nazi occupation of Poland, the pogroms, and Kristallnacht.
In March of 1940, the Landau family were ordered to evacuate their home and were sent to the infamous Zagorow ghetto. From a Jewish population of approximately 18,000, only six people were known to have survived Zagorow by the end of the war. Being one of the survivors, Landau's testimony of this place alone takes on a special historical significance. Like many survivors, his story of near-annihilation evolves into one of successful rebuilding and adaptation.
Spinner Publications is a non-profit, independent publishing house located in New Bedford which publishes books about the history and culture of people and places in Southeastern New England. "Branded on My Arm and in My Soul" is another volume in Spinner's ongoing study of important events of the 20th century.


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