Wednesday, 5 December 2012

"Diversity push for Australian cricket"

Australian cricket chiefs are considering implementing affirmative action at the lower levels of the game in a bid to increase diversity in the sport.
The move comes at the same time as Pakistan-born refugee Fawad Ahmed has granted permission by the government to stay in Australia, so that he can work and play cricket for the country.
Ahmed, who left his home in the border region near Afghanistan to come to Australia on a short-stay visa to play cricket in 2010, was granted his wish to stay last week after the personal intervention of Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.
Cricket Australia Diversity Manager Juhi McInerney has told Radio Australia's Connect Asia program at the senior level Australian cricket is still predominantly Anglo-Saxon, but the push is now on to change that.
"That's why we're looking at this strategy, so we can get a more diverse grass-roots base, and hopefully in the future we can have more diverse talent coming through the pipeline," she said
"When people look at the type of Fawad and other people coming through - Usman Khawaja, Lisa Sthalekar - we really want to make sure that people can see a reflection of themselves when they look at the sport."
Cricket Australia is developing a diversity and inclusion strategy for Australian cricket over the next three years.
Ms McInerney says the lessons of dealing with diversity in cricket for other countries like South Africa and New Zealand are being taken on board, but Australia's approach is likely to be based around growing the base of participation.
"Our vision for Australian cricket is really to be Australia's favourite sport," she said.
"And what that means is that we want to be a sport for all Australians and we really want to reflect Australia's demographics today in respect of our fans, our participants, our coaches [and] our staff at all levels."


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