Thursday, 20 December 2012

Adolf Hitler: "One Group for One Goal!"

Fellow National Socialist comrades,

This thread is being written and presented to you by two committed National Socialists, because we want to talk to our comrades at large about a problem which is slowly sealing the death of our race. This problem has been around ever since the generally recognized heroes of our cause - George Lincoln Rockwell, William Pierce, Bernhardt Klassen, Savitri Devi, and others - have died and left us to fight through this darkness for ourselves.

The problem about which we speak is, of course, the terrible disunity and egotism that has led to the creation of innumerable splinter groups. Even the enemy puts out constant reports showing that the number of White Nationalist groups (or "hate groups" as they like to call them) is constantly on the rise. While this may initially sound like a good thing, it is not, for it indicates that each man wishes to be a leader within this movement. Each man thinks he can do so much better than any other. Each man desires to place his ego and his personal ideas ahead of the good of the race, while not recognizing that his founding a new movement, instead of serving as manpower for an already-existing one, is actually detrimental to the race. Many leaders leading small groups can in no way accomplish as much as one, huge organization with thousands upon thousands of members.

The main problem that has caused this disastrous situation is the fact that everyone has petty disagreements or squabbles with almost every leader in this movement. We could also state the problem in another way: Our movement lacks militaristic discipline. If an officer in the Army has a problem with the way the Army is being administrated, does he resign his commission and attempt to found a new military body? No, of course not. He executes his duty, fulfills his oath, and follows orders, because to splinter the Army over every petty dispute with one's superiors would be a disaster and would result in civil war. If he truly wishes to change the Army's functioning, he rises in rank, until he attains a position of influence, and then he is able to bring his vision to the table, fairly and honestly. With this latter path, he has been able to bring the ideas that he thinks are right into play without fracturing his organization and bringing chaos to his country.

Comrades, this approach is what we need in our movement today. The splintering must stop. We must all bite our tongues, close our mouths, and fall into line behind an established organization. If we see a problem, we fulfill our duty, gain a leadership position, and work to change it. We do not fracture and divide ourselves. The mantra of the jew is "divide and conquer" - how pathetic that we accomplish their task for them! Unity is power. We must, therefore, unite!



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