Sunday, 2 December 2012

01-12-2012 Stop the Genocide of the Boer people (Farmers) in South Africa!

At the UN International Crime Court in The Hague (Netherlands) over 30 nationalist activists from the Netherlands, Flanders and South Africa faced the cold rain, to protest against the genocide of the Boer people (Farmers) in South Africa. The Boer people lives under an immense pressure. On a daily basis people are killed and the cultural genocide is also at a peak. There are many examples of these abuses, but unfortunately the media, governments and most humanitarian organizations remain silent. Meanwhile the ANC continuously incites hatred towards the Boer people, this has to stop!

The "Verkennerbeweging" in South Africa laid a complaint at the UN International Crime Court against the ANC and accuses them of genocide. Ruben Rosiers and Henk van den Graaf, who flew in from South Africa, gave speeches followed by traditional music. After about one hour the manifestation was dissolved and a commentary was held afterwards at a local catering facility.


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