Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sex and WN

With all the things white nationalists disagree on in terms of sexual morality I think there is a few things we can all agree on.

1. Sex is a natural and healthy part of human existence.

2. Procreation is the key to ensuring the existence of the White race as well as animals and plants.

3. Heterosexuality assures that life will continue.

4. Homosexuality is not consistent with nature. Although it does occur in nature it is not consistent with the natural function of procreation. Even plants need male and female components to germinate in many cases

5. Sex should not be something that is cheapened by the pursuit of it as a casual form of recreation for people to just do.

6. Sex has value. Emotional, spiritual and physical which brings two people together as intimately as nature will allow physically.

7. Sex should be an expression of passion and caring for another person even when not done with the intent of procreation. Regardless if one believes in marriage or is ready to commit to one.

8. Mutual respect between men and women requires that sex does not serve one and not the other. This is why it is an expression of caring and passion between two people.

9. Monogamy is a viable defense against std's and social ostracism

10. Strong monogamous relationships between lovers lead to greater stability and possibilities to procreate and raise strong and healthy children who wont fall into miscegenation, promiscuity and homosexuality.

11. young people who see homosexuality displayed in pornography. On tv. In movies. In magazines and on the internet . Comics and other forms of media they digest on a regular basis causes exposure to something that may confuse them at a time when they are vulnerable to social pressures to be tolerant and too open-minded to things they never even thought about. Therefore unfairly puts ideas into peoples heads they never would of thought of on their own if left alone by it.

12. The same goes for young white women being exposed to interracial media.

13. This proliferation of media has started to attack small towns where these sort of things never were before and is degrading the culture of the small town from the inside mostly though the internet.

14. Homosexuality is a choice. Perhaps the mentality is not. However acting on such thoughts or suggestive media is a choice.

15. Selfishness in sexual courting in terms of not taking care of the other person's needs is an indicator of a unhealthy relationship.

16. A committed relationship is the best kind two white hetro-sexual lovers can have.

17. Passion and romance are more important than simply using each other to "get off."

18. Something spiritual happens during sex that makes it special for both parties.

19. A white woman's right to say no to a sexual advance shall always be respected as long as there are white men on this earth.

20. Nature is against miscegenation.


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