Friday, 23 November 2012

Rudolf Hess march 2013 (USA)

On August 17th we will be gathering in Washington D.C to honor one of the greatest sons, our beloved race has ever produced. This man gave everything for his beliefs and we should look to him for inspiration. In true unity all pro-white groups and individuals are welcome to attend. We are going to be working on this most worthy cause to the remembrance of this man. If we do not come together for unity, if we are divided we will hang separately, we have too many enemies in the world to stand divided as we are. Hope to see you all there!


Its always good to see some street level activism. Are there details for this yet? Dates, times, contact info? I wouldnt mind reposting this on my websites to help get the word out about it- but would want to include some more info about it first before I wrote the article.
If you want to get details to me, Im @MAfreedom on Twitter, is my email, or you can contact me through my websites contact screen at

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